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    The MCAlagaesia Project
    Recreating Eragon's world of Alagaesia in Minecraft

    Server Site

    The MCAlagaesia Project aims to recreate Christopher Paolini's Alagaesia in Minecraft, complete with all structures. The complete map will be hosted on a server with unique plugins that add magic, thirst and the ability to ride draggons, among other things.
    The map is based on the fantasy world of Alagaesia from the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

    New gameplay mechanics such as thirst, magic and dragon riding courtesy of our developers, Minecraftthing and Azza005.

    A giant map for you to explore. There's no set story line: Create your own adventure and shape the future of Alagaesia.

    Fun-loving and welcoming staff and community.

    Additional credit
    The MCAlagaesia project has been contributed to by an amazing group of individuals. See the entire staff list here.
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    I just have to say, I love the simplistic design of your website system. I'd be interested in applying, however our network is still in development and therefore we can't apply. Perhaps in the future! :P
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