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    Aerocraft Banner

    "It's better with friends!"

    About Us

    Aerocraft started off as a private realm in 2016, but has since evolved into a bigger, more mature, and laid-back community of friends that transcends beyond Minecraft. Our Minecraft server, however, remains the biggest attraction, and there is a little something for everyone!

    Server Features

    Semi-vanilla Gameplay

    Players are free to enjoy both PvE and PvP with additional bonuses, thanks to our vanilla tweaks datapacks, such as multiplayer sleep, player head drops, mob head drops, and more!

    Mayoral System

    The Mayoral System is inspired by Hermitcraft and is one of our defining features. It not only encourages roleplay, but it acts as a check for the economy from going out of control.

    Special Events

    Every now and then, players will be able to freely participate in special events to earn prizes. Our most recent, for example, Storage Wars, was a live auction of loot to players who bid the highest.

    How to Apply

    The easiest way to apply is to join our discord server directly: https://discord.gg/jvqh6b2

    Alternatively, you can read the server rules below, then fill out our whitelist application in your post:

    Server Rules

    1. No Griefing, Raiding, or stealing from builds and/or others chests. Pranking is allowed, just make sure that the prank does not result in the destruction of another player's build or loss of their items.
    2. Be Respectful. Remember that your friends in-game and fellow community members are real people who are affected by the words you say and write. It’s essential to keep in mind the feelings and opinions of others, even if they differ from that of your own. Please show respect to your fellow community members. Anything said or done that’s hurtful, mean, cruel, rude, or destructive in any way will not be tolerated on Aerocraft. Be careful with humor and sarcasm.
    3. No hacking, cheating, or using any mod that gives you an unfair advantage is allowed. Auto-clicking is permitted for AFK mob, item, & block farm usage only.
    4. No racist, religious, or political talk.
    5. No spamming chat.
    6. Do not be destructive.
    7. - Please respect the aesthetic of our world by replanting trees when in the wild.
      - Do not mindlessly place and destroy blocks as you explore the world or spam water/lava.
      - Do not build machines that place undue stress on the server (lag machines).
      - Do not spawn kill/spawn trap others.
      - Please fill in terrain damage caused by explosions that were not purposefully inflicted.
      - Community farms are welcome for all to use, please repair any damage to farms that is caused when you are present.
      - If you leave an area, please do your best to remove any visible traces that you were there.
      - You may engage in PvP activities by turning on PvP status /pvp <on/off>
      - Don't build within 200 blocks of spawn or someone else's base unless they agree to it.
      - No building Nether portals near important areas (portals system will get messed up).
      - Please Fight the Wither at the Wither fighting area (The Nether).

    8. Please report any cases of wrongdoing to a staff member upon knowledge of said wrongdoing. (e.g. someone steals your stuff, etc.)
    9. Please actually read the rules!

    Whitelist Application

    Post your Minecraft Username, Age, Timezone, and a sentence or two about what you enjoy about survival Minecraft. Are you a Builder, Explorer, Redstonist, or do you enjoy PvP or combat challenges? Tell us about the aspects of Minecraft you enjoy!

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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