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    There's something I've always felt was missing from Minecraft's wolves, and while I found an awful lot of wolf suggestions while searching, I couldn't find any with this particular idea: Why not let wolves regain health when they kill a (passive) mob?

    Think about it - wolves are natural hunters in reality, and in Minecraft they roam about chasing and killing sheep before you tame them. And yet once you turn them into dogs, they become entirely dependent on you for food. I do understand the game balance need for this. Entirely self-sufficient tame wolves would be too overpowered. However, I think my suggestion is a good compromise between "completely dependent" and "unstoppable self-healing god-dogs".

    It would work like so:

    - The player strikes a cow or pig, setting it as a target for his wolf to aggro on.
    - The wolf attacks and kills the cow or pig.
    - The cow or pig drops items as normal for the player to collect. The wolf, if it was injured at all, will regain some health.

    The idea is that Steve? is able to glean a certain amount of usable meat from the carcass, while the wolf eats some of what he's left behind. (After all, an adult cow definitely contains more than two or three steaks' worth of meat...) To make it more balanced, this ability would not work when attacking hostile mobs: skeletons aren't very nutritious, spiders are mostly crunchy exoskeleton, zombies' decaying flesh is hard to get a good mouthful of, and creepers taste like gunpowder and death. This would prevent your wolf from being an unstoppable juggernaut that heals itself in combat, while still leaving open the option of hunting trips where both the player and the wolf benefit directly.

    For me, this would be an enjoyable addition, and it could encourage players to go hunting with their wolves more often. It would make the wolves feel more natural and believable, make it a lot more fun to go hunting with them, and ease the trouble of having to carry meat to heal them.

    Of course, this could easily make wolves overpowered - never worry about feeding them again, just go punch a cow! To mitigate this, perhaps it could be more effective to feed them a steak than to have them kill a cow. They would be eating the leftovers, after all, rather than the choice cuts. Maybe you would have to sic your wolf on five cows to get the same healing potential as one steak?

    Tell me what you think. Thoughts and suggestions on how to balance this idea are welcome.
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    Doing this challenge twice over! I'm doing it casually and in between other projects on my multiplayer server, and ultimately hope to join forces with another dryad spriting it up. It's coming along rapidly, mostly because I took a stack of bones from my underground city with me when I started. I also have plenty of wood for tools, since I picked a tree right in the middle of a forest.

    On my first singleplayer world, I'm doing it a little more strictly - I started with one wood axe (justified to myself as the last vestiges of my dryad character's original tree), and one block of glowstone (to put on top of my heart log), and I picked a tiny tree at the very top of a high cliff reaching almost to cloud level. There's some trees a short distance away, and a forest at the base of the cliff, but it'll take me a while to expand my tree to where I can harvest the slave wood. Especially since my initial tree only dropped one sapling...

    In both cases, I'm playing with the following rules:

    - No meat, agricultural products only
    - Wood from the mother tree goes towards building the mother tree; all other wood is for charcoal or planks
    - I can leave the tree to get drops, but only to get drops
    - Diagonal connections do count when extending roots, though it's still best to thicken them up later
    - Resurrection is fine as long as my heart log survives

    I also have NatureOverhaul on, for the purpose of making food easier to get on my SP game where I just HAD to pick the meekest, littlest tree I could find to bless. Also the Bellthorn mod, so we'll see if any of those spawn nearby. :3

    It's been really fun so far! It's nice to not be juggling a million different objectives, and it's surprising how easy it is to get into the "tree" mindset.

    EDIT: Well, that ended badly... creeper exploded directly next to my heart log. Whoops. Time to find a new tree!
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