About Me

Hmmm... Oh, you wish to know about me? Well, um... All you need to know is... What's cool about me.... You know.... Oh bogger, I really don't have a clue of what to say. Try this: I love dragons, and I think there are not enough mods about them. See, I said something! Oh, you want more? Well, I love comics and anime (wich I call "japenese cartoons" just to annoy people), and my favourite characters ever are Snake from Metal Gear Solid (both Solid and Big Boss), Spiderman, Batman and Goku... Not in that order, though. Megaman is pretty cool too. What else... Oh! I also am 20 and still consider myself a manchild... Wait, I shouldn't say that, it is a bit embarrassing. And I also think potatoes are the ultimate source of power.


Videogames, Comics, Anime.... Pretty much all that geeky stuff.