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    So the poll is open for 2 days. The winner will be gifted a copy of Minecraft for themselves or the person of their choice. You the community will judge of the submissions. I'll contact the winner as soon as I get internet next week. Good luck all!

    EDIT: Sorry, obvious flaw in the post is lack of submissions. So here they are...



    Hug Love

    A Minecraftian was mining late night searching for precious diamonds.
    Deep in his mine he heard crying, eager to see who was crying he destroyed rock and gold in his path.
    He saw a creeper edging closer and closer to the lava trying to end it's life, tears streaming down from the creeper's eyes falling in the boiling lava.
    The creeper slowly put down it's foot in the lava and yelped with pain.
    The Minecraftian could not see more, he yelled "STOP"
    The Creeper looked at him "Can you hug me I want to feel love but I have no arms?" the creeper said sadly.
    The minecraftian hugged the creeper and gained a new friend, the only friend he had together in the harsh world

    The minecraftian fed the the creeper with grilled pork and bandaged the creeper's leg with wool from the sheep.
    "I want arms so I can not only feel love but share love" said the creeper watching the sunset.
    The mincraftian thought that made sense so he abandoned his jobs and set out to find a creeper some arms.
    He gave the creeper some sticks but they snapped to easily while hugging.
    He gave the creeper some rock but they were to heavy to hug with.
    He gave the creeper some gold and gold was great not too heavy, not too weak.
    It was great gold does have a purpose thought the minecraftian.
    He and the creeper glad they had each other.

    They explored caverns, mountains.
    On a long exploring trip, the mincraftian yelled "Race you to that hill!"
    The minecraftian ran, the creeper hopped.
    Suddenly giant spiders ambushed them, one of the spiders bit the minecraftian but he didn't care you never can kill a spider without getting bitten.
    They slaughted the spiders with teamwork.
    But the minecraftian felt ill and collapsed venom from the spider slowly killing him.
    His last words were "You have felt and shared love, everything you wanted and deserved"

    If you see a creeper with golden arms don't be afraid he just wants a hug.

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    Down with the Ontario Provincial Police!
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