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    posted a message on Preparation for Indev Multiplayer
    I like the idea of increased strength for crafted blocks. Cobblestone sounds great for a tier 1 defense since it's a direct result of mining stone. However I think you need something else in there... I'll say refined stone block, which would represent a large stone slab usually used to make a castle wall. Made in the same way a metal block is but with stone. That would be your tier 2 defense and be somewhere in between iron and cobblestone.

    Brick sounds alright however I don't see it standing up too well against TNT. Much as we'll need something blast resistant, I think Iron would be a good enough counter to such a labor intensive siege device.

    If we're going into siege-craft, you'll need siege engines. Probably a cannon to blast away at the walls or a catapult.

    I think gold tools should remain useless for the most part as I'm sure gold will pick up another use later on and it kinda makes sense seeing as gold is a fairly weak metal.
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    I think it will become more and more useful as the natural resources of a map are depleted and people need to travel further and further away from population centers to mine. Gold would be useful as a currency because there isn't a need for it. Iron is needed to actually make tools so trading it away would actually reduce the amount of crafting materials you had. Golds also uncommon enough that not everyone would have massive stockpiles just sitting around. Or at least shouldn't. And when you do amass a fortune, you could wear your fancy set of gold armor to flaunt that you have enough wealth to spare on useless suits of gold armor :smile.gif:

    Historically gold was valuable because it didn't tarnish like other metals.
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    posted a message on Give me a reason to settle down
    I bring along my house wherever I go. I just disassemble it with an axe and bring along my crafting station and smelter. I wander around and set it up just before night time, throw my iron in the smelter and then I dig a mine shaft until daylight. pack up and wander some more. only problem is I'm light on storage so I often find myself throwing away half used tools and not have a cache of blocks like I'm used to in indev.
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    posted a message on I dare someone to make this...
    It would make for an interesting game if you scaled down the particle blocks. However you'd need to make an exponentially larger number of calculations and program another dimension of possible combination of particles and results.

    To me it sounds simple enough to do as a concept. Just putting in the hours and hours of programming would suck, and for the most part you'd miss most of what was going on because everything is happening under the surface. Not to mention the insane amount of processing power needed. Dust regularly sucked up 50% of it on my systems.

    Don't mean to crush your dreams.
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    posted a message on How many blocks do you estimate you've mined...
    1. 2500
    2. 10000 <- lots of waste
    3. I'll go out on a limb and say.... 100,000?

    Usually I kill a couple hours a day o
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    posted a message on Could Notch release infinite maps on creative early?
    infdev seems kinda explody to me right now. I'm gunna go out on a limb and say the amount of traffic going through a network to tell everyone's computer what everyone else is doing and which blocks are where in an infinite environment... probably still needs to be worked out. The more short term goal would be MP survival, since the network concept and the gameplay seem to be in place already.
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    ...two 160 metre high guyed masts...

    Your math is right you just read the wrong numbers. Also they're only about the same distance apart judging from several photo's. Anywho...

    Your math gets us the line he's viewing the towers from. But not much else. To get the distance you'd need an angle somewhere. If we got the bearing to the towers it'd be easy. I looked at the picture some myself. I figure if I knew how far away Notch was from the window I could get you the mils and the distance.

    The window frame is approximately 2 feet across (60.96cm) (because contractors like round numbers). So halving it and counting pixels we can extrapolate the two towers are 10.85cm across in the window. Using some fancy mil scales... you get

    10.85cm X 10,000cm
    D to Notch

    Which will give you the mils. I tried some average numbers but nothing makes much sense. I've gotten everything from 11km to 200m.

    From just eyeballing it I'd say he's about 2 kilometers away somewhere in Bagarmossen on a 3rd floor window looking through an uncommon window frame. Most of the ones I saw wandering through virtual Sweden had some sort of division through them.

    K, I'm done being a stalker now.
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    posted a message on Your planned playstyle?
    I'll be the hermit just on the edge of town who hands out quests to people, which I shall reward with either delicious soup, or a block of TNT to the face!
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