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    Quote from MadGunnerPlays97


    Dude you don't need to spam your application I've seen 6 times now you were in the voting and weren't voted in. Spamming your application everywhere does not improve chances of getting into the vote choose 1 place to apply and do it there is no reason to send it on here, then send it via email,and then both spots on the website once is enough.

    Everyone else please only apply in ONE location only I get it in my emails no matter where you choose to apply and seeing one application multiple times slows it down for everyone and if i see it enough times I won't even look at it and skip you over in the vote. I keep record of each vote, the people chosen, as well as how many applications I receive from the candidates just keep that in mind going forward if I see your application a ridiculous number of times it will be skipped over.

    Also I notice more and more are applying with only 1 or 2 videos on their youtube this simply doesn't work we need content on there so we can see your work and personality. Please try to only apply if you match or are very close to matching the requirements on the first post. Before anyone says "I didn't see them" here they are

    Quote from Vuzok

    - Good Audio Quality
    - 480p+ Video Quality
    - Good Commentary Skills
    - Entertaining Gameplay
    - Nice Channel Art and Custom Thumnails (If used)
    - Uploaded over 20 Minecraft Commentaries
    - Have Uploaded regullarly over the past 2/3 Months
    - Use Tags, Video Description, Ect...

    Thank you,
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    Alright! So a few things.

    First our 2 new members will be announced tomorrow at 1pm EST.

    Secondly we now have a public teamspeak server setup with 3 public chat rooms that anyone can use i will add more if needed you can connect to it with the adress ts.minebunch.com i'm usually floating around in there if i'm online.

    And finally I am working on getting a public survival server setup for everyone to use just wondering if anyone will use it might be a good way to play with me/us so we get a feel for who you are. Details on that will be shared if there's enough interest if not i will use the second server for something else like the events etc for the main server. But would be nice to get a good community on both the Youtuber and public servers could do events against each other etc.
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    Quote from JJ69YT

    YouTube URL: www/youtube.com/user/JJ69YT

    Skype: jjccooldude

    Age: 16.5

    Country: Netherlands (Am actually British)

    Minecraft Username: jjccooldude

    Idea for a Prank: Blow up someones base!!!! (JK I would make a dungeon in someones house with cobwebs and make it dark so mobs spawn I think that would be pretty cool)

    Idea for a Shop: JJ's Shope of Bits and Bobs

    Idea for a Mini Game: Tag

    MineBunch Episodes per week? (No Pressure): probably 3-4

    I meet all of the Entry Requirements (YES or NO): Yes

    Are you lying about your age?

    Quote from JJ69YT

    Age: 15

    Cause this post that you made says you are 15 so unless a year and a half has past in the 43 days between posts doesn't make sense.
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    we've reached our 1000th post! (ps 1000th post thief FTW)

    I can't believe how much this post has taken off since the server opened way back when I was just a wee little invite to the server. Since then this topic has exploded with support, applications, and more. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted and to those who will post in the future the server will continue to grow and new members will be voted in each week!

    We still need a few more votes to close the polling but if they aren't in by Wednesday I will tally them and announce our news members!

    Again thanks for all the support
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    Hello everyone the voting has closed and we have a new member of the MineBunch!
    I will post the results around 6pm EST (its currently 20 after 3pm)

    I want to thank everyone who has shown interest in the server keep those applications coming so we can get you into the next vote!
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    Server applications can be submitted here on the website http://minebunch.com or sent directly to myself at [email protected]
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    posted a message on Microphone Picking Up Everything?
    Start>Control Panel>Sound>Recording>Click on your mic then properties>Custom>Uncheck AGC see if that fixes the issue
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    Quote from xSteelerstlHD

    But will it play BF3?

    no but this will http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=96-705-134
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    This is my beast rig
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    (I mean if your going to skip this at least read the important stuff)

    It's white listed 20 open slots looking for people who will play on it i will add more if it can cope with this many it is 24/7 and i plan on keeping it running for quite some time

    Basically can do what you like within reason build with friends make new ones or spread out and claim your own land

    Teamspeak server has been retired.

    I live in EST timezone so keep that in mind if you need my help for anything i am also looking for people more around my age (21) this doesn't mean i will ignore posts by anyone older or younger but i do ask that those who apply are mature.

    Me and a friend may record a series on here as well anyone else who is a youtuber may do the same i have no rules against it just be respectful if someone is recording.

    EDIT: i should also add that we use the honor system on the server meaning there is no chest or land protection plugins installed as bukkit plugins don't play as nice with FTB as they do with Tekkit i hope that those wanting to join will treat this server seriously and not steal or grief as it is structured with white-listing. I'd rather not have to add plugins as they sometimes distract from what the SMP of Minecraft is all about: working together to survive and create something amazing not trying to ruin others fun

    EDIT2: Another banned player for using a duplication glitch i really don't like banning players from having a good time but if you know you shouldn't be doing somthing or it feels wrong it probably is and i will do what i have to so that my good members feel secure on the server.

    Ban Count: 2

    1. Be nice i don't want petty fights breaking out
    2. Don't destroy others work
    3. Dont steal from eachother
    4. Don't kill people we are all friendly

    In game name:
    FTB Experience:
    How active will you be?:
    Do you make videos for youtube?:
    Your username may appear in others videos does this bother you?:
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