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    After claiming he was captured and had been a prisoner on the ship for two weeks, the guards of the fort released him and sent him on a boat to the nearest town, Flan.

    Being careful not to mention his pirate past, he told the townspeople of his boating knowledge and about his days at the harbor in Hambeck. Soon after, a small boat was constructed so George could deliver and pick-up goods around the area.

    After bringing back a load of stone from a near-by town, a lighthouse was being built to guide captains into the small cove.

    A small farm was tilled and planted to provide more feeding options for the town.

    Using the stones from the newly dug mine, the harbor was starting to take shape.

    A long stretch of shore was reinforced to make a new dock for a boat built by George and the town's carpenter.

    After the boat was complete George heard news that Cap'n Saude and crew had escaped Dro's Keep. Although he loved the people there, he wanted to get back on the pirate ship, he would tell the people of the town that he was going to pick up some cloth from a far away town.

    As he departed from the cove, he made course for Saude's keep, although he didn't know for sure if the escapees would be there, it was the best option he had.

    As he sailed into river's mouth he gazed upon a beautiful Galleon, topped with the red flag of Saude's fleet.

    Before entering the keep he took one last glance at the massive ship, faced the door, and knocked 4 times.

    After peering through the peep-hole the door was unlocked and George was led into the captain's room, where he was examining maps.

    The captain looked at George with a stern look, and after a few moments of silence, grinned, and let out a joyful "Ahoy me boy!".
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    *This topic follows the life of redblade, a pirate in the fictional lands surrounding the Baltic sea and more. It is not completely accurate, for I do not have a great knowledge of pirates, but I probably know more then the average person, that being said, correct me on my historical mistakes, and I'll remember them next time, just don't make a fuss about it. ;) This thread was started to diversify the many topics started based in the Baltica, enjoy.

    George worked with his father in Hambeck at the shipyard, unloading and loading goods, fixing ships, and other ship related task starting at a very young age.

    When George was just 13 his father was recruited to captain Lord Occam II's ship through the Baltica, he would be gone for months, and George would continue his work and live at the shipyard. When the Lord finally came back aboard a ship George did not recognized he became worried. Did they wreck? Why would they have switched ships? These were just some of the thoughts that were running through his mind. He made his way through the crowd of overjoyed people happy that their lord had returned, but where was George's father?

    Once he made it to where the Lord was standing with two men he shed a tear, for they were the other men who had gone with the Lord on his journey, surely his father would've been standing there with him. When the Lord spotted George he frowned, turned around, and sent one of his men over to tell him the news. George was devastated, who would take care of him? He had already become sick of the men at the harbor. He couldn't handle it, all the happy people around him, all the joyful cries. He ran back to his room and started to cry.

    His sorrow turned to fury, he started blaming others for his fathers death, he then blamed himself. No one had come to comfort him, not even bring him some food. Where would he go? He couldn't stay in Ha,beck, too many memories, but where would he escape to? Then it hit him, pirate ships, he remembered how he had always admired them as a child, how they could just sail by and send fear throughout the town, and he remembered how he had once overheard his father talk to another man about how the pirates would sometimes have children aboard doing tasks such as bringing powder for the cannon form place to place. It was not an ideal lifestyle, but it would do, at least he might earn some respect. But how would he board a ship? They never came into the harbor, for if they did they'd be blown to bits, and the nearest known pirate keep was leagues away.

    Then he heard the bells, they rang 3 times, signifying a pirate's passing. George ran outside to see the ship, it was a bit small compared to some he'd seen, but it was still beautiful in his eyes. He made up his mind, and hoped into his small rowboat and snuck away from the town in the dark of the night following the ship.

    That was months ago, George had caught up with the ship at a small dock and boarded it after discussing with its captain, Saude, telling him that he'd do any job.

    George had become quite popular aboard the ship despite being a low-ranking Powder Monkey by telling stories of his times in Hambeck and the ones from his father, giving the captain his knowledge of the shipping schedules and patterns of ships, he had even gotten the nickname Peek-a-Boo, which he despised, for his tendency to pop out of no where.

    They were now dropping anchor near a jungle, where they would spend the night while a hole in the ships hull was patched.

    Captain Saude had his men setup a quick camp site where they would sleep for the night.

    The next morning George was chosen to be part of the crew that would go explore the shore in search of locals to sell off some of their goods. George was told that if he succeeded in doing this task he would be moved up in ranking on the ship. After only an hour of searching they found two fishing homes and sold off some of their provisions.

    They returned to the ship and boarded it, telling the Captain of their earnings. George was promoted to deckhand, it wasn't much, but at least he'd be out of the soggy bottom of the ship. The captain's yelled out some commands, and they we're off to the small port town of Flan.

    They restocked supplies in the town and were off to Dro's Keep, were a battle would ensue.

    By conquering Dro's Keep the pirates would have a stronger safe for their treasures and a better take off point. Once they had reached Dro's Keep they met up with their sister ship, the Baltic Adventurer, and attacked the ill-guarded fortress in the cover of the night.

    The sister ships had their advantage by attacking at night and pummeled down the fort's walls.

    But the small victory was quickly overcome when the fort's catapult hit the bow of the Baltic Adventurer.

    The ship quickly flooded and went down in a matter of minutes. As more defenders awoke the sky was lit up by flaming arrows hitting Saude's ship, the crew abandoned ship but were quickly captured by the fort's defenders.

    MOAR: erm yea sorry about the pictures switching from night to day all of a sudden. :P Anyways ill post more soon.
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    I call the items in the hotbar according to their position with golf club names. Like Driver, Putter, 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, and 9 iron. xD
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