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    Quote from Quaksen

    SirSengir (author of the Forestry mod) posted the following in his thread, after looking at the ModLoader log file:
    "There is your problem. The NullPointerException masks the block id conflict that occurs before. If you fix the block id conflict, I wager that the problem with the ore dictionary will vanish as well."
    It was a block ID conflict that was hidden by the NullPointerException - after solving the block ID conflict, Loren Larsa got it working :smile.gif:

    Yep, just wish Notch and that there would be a nice common error report :tongue.gif: sometimes the Minecraft crash log shows a block conflict and sometimes the Modloader.txt
    But anyways it is a better system than a simple screen saying: "An error has occurred and Minecraft must be shut down." because those are of no help.
    Thanks to both authors, there are some mod authors here I have on my "shitlist" who I consider having a really bad attitude...
    BUT! CovertJaguar and SirSengir (Author of the forrestry mod) are NOT on that list, I put them in the box of the most helpful and good authors out there, keep up the good work and thank you for tracking down the issue...
    Finally minecarts might not be obsolete technology anymore :tongue.gif:

    Now to help out the authors, NO this mod is not compatible with Minecraft 1.0
    The reason is that MCP (Minecraft Coder Pack) and Forge ain't updated.
    I guess Forge is a bit sketchy, Eloraam is updating it? Or is it abandoned?
    But these are prerequesites for the mod to work...
    Blame Notch for not prioritizing properly and giving them a proper mod interface from the get go and rather focus on stupid dragons :biggrin.gif:
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    Excellent mod, finally we can get rid of the crappy **** Notch put in, if I wanted hunger I would stick with real life.
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