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    posted a message on [Better Than Wolves] BTWTweak v1.1a (05 Jun 2018)

    An ignorant question but, is this harder than the latest version of BTW?

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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!

    My first thread comment and I decided to post it here just to say that this mod is absolutely fantastic. My craving for hardcore survival with a twist of complex creativity and design has been satiated thanks to this mod! I have really enjoyed playing this mod and every expectations I had were met with surprises that made me laugh and despair, in a positive way. I have so many questions but here I am learning them the hard way because, its FUN! And this mod is FUN! Now if only I can satisfy my curiosity to this mod's own forums then that would be wonderful, but for now this comment of appreciation is all I can give! Thank you FlowerChild.

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