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    Quote from Assasin4558

    So..... is this for mc 1.5.2?

    WorldEdit should be compatible for any version of Minecraft, if you have a compatible program to run it. For single player, this is Single Player Commands, which is for 1.5.2.
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    Quote from gltchmstr

    I HAVE A FIX!!! Go into the .minecraft folder>mods>spc>worldedit, and change the profile to say true (profile=true). It worked for me. I also changed "allow-extra-data-values" to true before this, but changed it back when i changed the profile. But when I changed "allow-extra-data-values" to true, /setspeed worked.

    I tried changing both of those to true, and it worked. Thanks for the fix.
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    Quote from X_angelz_X

    This is a really nice machine you have here, kudos on building it, but would you like to maybe add in a schematic and or a map for people who don't wish to actually download it, also one last thing, I believe this should be in the show your creations area, and not the discussion area, unless I miss read something?

    I'll begin working on the schematic. This thread is where it is because, from my experiance, anything involving snapshots goes here.

    Why would it be in the "show your creations area"? I don't think he necessarily posted this thread with the intention of showing off his exercise machine for the horses lol.

    I see it as the beginnings of a comprehensive run through of the differing speeds and such of horses. I'm still waiting for someone to post what features steeds can have in terms of speed, jump height and health.

    The fastest speed I've found so far is a rating of 10 (4 seconds, 12.5 m/s). The slowest is 17 (6.8 seconds, 7.35 m/s). The highest jumping is 4.5 meters, the lowest is 1.5. Health I've seen between 9 and 13, but I've heard it can go up to 15.
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    As many have already found out, horses have different jumping heights, health bars, and speed. The first two are easy to figure out, but the last requires a bit of redstone:

    The horse starts at the bottom right corner of the picture, where it steps on pressure plates that open up a pair of doors. The rider rides the horse to the end of the track (marked with red and white wool), stopping a piston timer, which gives the time of the horse. After a delay (which can be adjusted easily) equivalent to 7 full repeaters, the signal from the beginning of the track activates the below mechanism:

    A block, placed against the front of the piston closest to the bottom of the image, travels along as each piston pushes it in succesion, until the horse reaches the finish, where it activates the bottom pistons, stopping the block at a location along the mechanism. Using the numbers above each piston (on the other side, it goes 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc.), the time of the horse can be calculated by (7 + x) * 0.4, where 0.4 is the time, in seconds, of each repeater. The track pictured above is 50 meters; dividing that by the time gives the speed in m/s, multiplying that by 2.237 gives the speed in MPH.

    The bottom pistons can be wired as such (all should activate together):

    Horse speeds tend to be within 4-8 seconds (12.5 - 6.25 m/s), which can be increased or decreased with potions. It seems that the faster horses have worse jumping and armor, but that could be a result of the small sample size of fast horses.

    I am doing more testing on horses, and will report new information. If you have anything to add to this, please post it.
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    Quote from Spaceboot1

    It is an old thread, but newly relevant since a daylight detector is being added.

    My suggestion for the daylight detector was that that block should simply be called a lens, and then you can do other things with it.

    For example, you could get the same functionality out of it if a redstone lamp would accept lens input, and then output the same light level.

    In other words, one block, "The Lens" does the whole light detection thing, plus adding up adjacent light sources (I'd vote for including torches, since limiting it to lava is too restrictive) to output a redstone signal. But, if you place a redstone lamp next to a Lens, the redstone lamp outputs the light level that was taken in by the lens. If you place lenses adjacent to each other in a row, you can maintain the same light level indefinitely. But, the lenses by themselves don't output visible light; you still need a redstone lamp for that.

    I'm not sure if I understand exactly what you are describing, so correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like you're saying that daylight detectors would become lenses, and that they would function as they do currently (outputting a redstone signal based on light level) unless a redstone lamp was placed next to the lens, in which case the redstone lamp lights up based on the light level.

    When you say "adding up adjacent sources", and "outputting the light level", do you mean in the sense I described in the OP (a system separate from the normal light levels, based off of number of sources, so a single block of glowstone is level 1) or the normal light levels (based off the distance to sources, so a block of glowstone is level 15)? And are you talking about outputting as lens blocks would (as a beam), or as a normal light source does? In the latter cases, I don't see much use for that system over what is currently available, few of the uses mentioned in the OP would be possible. In the former, is there any specific benefit for using that system over lens blocks? Lens blocks would be less complicated to use, and useful in more ways.
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    Quote from bmh62

    i support this and think it should be added

    btw lighting already is colored
    torches: red tinted light
    moon: blue tinted light
    don't believe me? look for yourself

    so really it wouldnt be that hard for some stained glass colors to be added if you think about it

    At the time the OP was written, colored light didn't exist. I haven't changed it yet because the colored light through stained glass might require more memory (and thus slow down Minecraft) than just a few colors, depending on how those few colors are coded in. However, the colored light does demonstrate that it would be possible.
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    I did a few tests with fireworks. To create a firework, first create a firework star. This is gunpowder, 1 or more dyes, and certain ingredients with special properties. Glowstone makes the rocket sparkle, diamond leaves a trail behind the colored particles, and both can be used with any other ingredient. There are shape modifiers too (note that only one works per star): gold nuggets create star shapes, fire charges create large spheres, and heads (of any kind) create creeper face shapes.

    By placing paper, one to three gunpowder (more gunpowder means the rocket flies up higher and farther off to the side), and one or more fireworks stars, one creates a firework. Each star acts in rapid succession, starting with the top left, going across and then down, according to the way the stars were placed in the crafting window. Each of these stars can be of different color, shape, and properties, to make some interesting displays (each rocket, for example, can contain 56 colors, although some would be repeats). Fireworks can be shot out of dispensers as well as by placing them on the ground. There may be even more information I haven't discovered yet, such as other ingrediants.
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    Quote from draconic_cat

    Also, what about a basilisk? That would fit with the nether theme better too. The problems with that? A. There is a LOT of controversy about what a basilisk looks like, there would be no way to satisfy everyone. B. the animations. Coding would likely be insane. C. Again, people might not like mythology in minecraft.
    Just throwing out some ideas here ;)

    I think a basilisk would be better except for the amount of coding required and the general idea, both from older mythology and newer media of a basilisk killing and/or paralyzing. From what I've seen, the mythology, or the changes to it, would be well received by the overall community. Nobody complained about the skeletons, or dragon, or dozens of other creatures featured in Minecraft as well as many other games.

    I imagine the basilisk as a giant snake with wings. However, a snake larger than a block would be very hard to code to look like it slithers up and down blocks (rather than hopping). It is possible, I'm sure, and would probably be done with an advanced version of the pathfinding used for other mobs, with an added tendency to oscillate (if possible) over flat surfaces and all the sections of the serpent trailing the path the head makes. A few extra features would preferably be added to it, such as the head being raised a small distance by a few sections from the ground as it looks forward or to the player, and some code that allows each section to "flow" over different heights instead of bouncing up or down. Wings add an extra dimension to coding that could be left off, or the basilisk could be simplified into a much smaller entity that floats in place using wings and takes up little more space than a person or Wither.

    In summary, the basilisk is a good possibility but would require a lot of new code. The Medusa mob uses "proven" principles, such as the recognition by the game of looking at something (enderman) and human-like models for mobs (villagers). For that reason, I'll stick with Medusa, for now.
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    Quote from Doom Lich

    Spawnpoint meander, as you call it, is actually just you spawning randomly within a map's predetermined spawn zone. The current spawning system designates a 21x21 zone your spawn area, and when you respawn it places you in a random horizontal spot on the highest solid block at that X,Z coordinate.

    That's good to know. It's a rather large area, but it is manageable to cover it in some block such as cobblestone. When a spawnpoint is set with the command, the player always spawns at that point, rather than over an area, which would explain why I didn't encounter the problem until I went with the naturally generated spawn zone.
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    Quote from Koadmaster

    I have been playing with this seed and preset:

    Seed: -5272438407547458639
    Preset: 1;0;1;stronghold,village(size=5 distance=10)

    I like it because it puts new villages in viewing distance, but they are all distinctly different villages, and I like the seed because it will (with this preset) spawn you on top of a house... Not in the void, and the village that you start in has all the survival supplies.
    I will post some pictures of my progress soon :)

    I can't say I've been as successful with spawning in that village. I've tried it on three worlds and on none of them have I spawned first thing on a building. After falling into the void a few times, my spawnpoint meandered onto a rooftop. It seems to be semi-random, but always around the same general area (I always spawn in or around the village). I've noticed that the spawnpoint seems to change after every death, not just from "invalid" spawns over the void, and many times from a good spot to open air. The village itself has good supplies, on top of the iron and saplings it has 7 obsidian which can be used with the lava to create a portal.

    I still prefer the other seed, however, because I enjoy the challenge of villages separated by hundreds of blocks and the skyblock-like scarcity of materials such as dirt, diamond, and iron, rather than being able to raid large numbers of materials by hopping from village to village. I will still include the seed, of course, as I'm sure there are many people who prefer closer villages. My personal ideal seed would be one that automatically lands the player in a regularly sized village with saplings and iron and other villages around half the usual distance as regular void village superflat.
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    I built my first connection to another village. It doesn't take too long to build one, but still takes a couple of log stacks converted into planks and some time. For the seed I've been using, 4297380440792278100, I made a map of the villages within around 500 blocks (second largest map size) of the starting village. I would recommend not going East until later, because there are no close villages that way, but if you don't want to have to find them all yourself, here's a picture:

    As you can see, there is at least one village in every direction that can be seen by traveling in a straight path from the center of the village. The south one (slightly to the west, and only a pixel of it can be seen on the edge of the map) is the farthest away, but has the best resources (12 obsidian and three iron, among other things).

    Note that directly below the starting village, there is the stronghold that generates if strongholds are enabled, which contains an empty map and enough paper to expand that map to full size, although full size doesn't show villages (so use 2nd largest), as well as 8 iron. I prefer generating without strongholds, but it's a matter of personal preference.

    Quote from Topazure

    I tried the current best seed, and I am doing quite well. In creative mode, I flew to a small wooden hut in the middle of the village. In
    Survival Mode, I then made a small road to few other huts, one house with a yard, three farms, one church, and I am about to reach the blacksmith. I gave myself a bed to make things slightly easier for the sake of the villagers. I have trapped two in the same house, however, since the villager AI was improved, I don't think it's necessary as long as you keep away zombies, which isn't a problem with the torches around the village. The villagers avoid the void (see what I did there? lol). Anyways, I have a renewable supply of carrots, potatoes, and bread to keep my hunger bar full.

    I've seen villagers falling in 1.4, even during the day, but not up close, so I'm not sure what caused them to fall. The path-finding might occasionally glitch and lead them to their death, or one might bump against another and push it off. I seal off every occupied house to avoid their deaths as much as possible, keep them organized for trading purposes, and keep them from getting in my way on the relatively narrow paths throughout the village, although just one or two houses sealed would work as well.
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    Quote from FGHIK

    About Village Size, according to the wiki 0 is default size and 1 is superflat size.

    Where does it say this? I've looked through the page and it just seems to indicate that superflat has a larger maximum number of each building, and a lower minimum number, as listed under the "Structures" section, along with probabilities to match the range. It also doesn't mention being able to change the size and distance.
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    Quote from Koadmaster

    Do you know if it is possible to adjust the size of the mineshafts? Because they are way to big.

    When I type in mineshaft(size=1 distance=1) in the appropriate position, then create the world, there does not seem to be any effect on mineshaft size, but if I copy the world, the "mineshaft(size=1 distance=1)" is still there. Anything else, parentheses or not, disappears upon closing out of the template window then opening it again, or copying the world. Other features (like strongholds) exhibit the same properties, and seem to not respond to changes in size and distance.

    So it seems that it was built into the code to be able to modify the size and distance of other structures, but either it was not properly implemented and thus only works with villages, or was put in as a placeholder for creating such a system later.

    EDIT: I tested "type=2" to see if it would also stay. It did, and even was put into the middle of size and distance. After this produced no distinguishable results, I tried something that is obviously not part of the code, "fluffyness=1". It appears that anything in that format (string=num sting=num string=num...) will simply rearrange itself into alphabetical order, and so far only distance and size have worked, and only for villages. This might be a placeholder as I noted above, but it might even be unintentional. I don't really know anything about Java (so correct me if I'm wrong), but by typing it in like that, it might be modifying some variables within the village generation function that were put in place for other reasons. In that case, there might be some words that will also work, I just don't know which ones...
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    Doesn't work for me!

    Are you sure you typed it in correctly? You just add the parenthesis to "village" in the template and size=1 and distance=1 inside them, and between those one space. For regular superflat:
    2;7,2x3,2;1;village(size=1 distance=1)

    and for void villages:
    2;0;1;village(size=1 distance=1)

    Of course, those numbers can be changed.
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    Quote from rodabon

    This is pretty cool.

    We really need to get a comprehensive list of superflat preset codes on the wiki. What is there right now is pretty bare bones. I know you guys have figured out the codes for all biomes which isn't even on the wiki superflat page (as far as I can tell). I also need a better explanation of the syntax.

    oh, biome codes must be the same as the biome ID's under data values:

    0 Ocean
    1 Plains
    2 Desert
    3 Extreme Hills
    4 Forest
    5 Taiga
    6 Swampland
    7 River
    8 Hell
    9 Sky
    10 Frozen Ocean
    11 Frozen River
    12 Ice Plains
    13 Ice Mountains
    14 Mushroom Island
    15 Mushroom Island Shore
    16 Beach
    17 Desert Hills
    18 Forest Hills
    19 Taiga Hills
    20 Extreme Hills Edge
    21 Jungle
    22 Jungle Hills

    Good idea. I'll post a short explanation of superflat customization, including syntax and this list. I might also post some information purely on villages and how they operate, because the Wiki seems out of date.
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