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    Quote from Portadiam
    As I said on a Reddit comment there: "The only place where I've ever seen furry hate is in anecdotes at places like this.". I personally have never 'come out' as being a furry because I was never hiding it in the first place. I've never told anyone that I'm furry but they've all see my desktop and phone wallpapers and the art I've browsed. I'm not sure if it is a result of me not making a big deal about being furry or not but I've never received any kind of hate about it. I've been bullied many times but being a furry has never been one of the reasons. I can see how some people can be rejected for being a furry but that would probably hardly ever happen so I don't quite see what all the 'no one must ever know' fuss is all about.

    This sounds a lot like me. I don't really indentify as a furry but hey, that's mostly the sort of stuff I like to draw and spend a decent amount of time browsing art of. I just really like anthro characters, I have a bit of trouble interacting with people but I do pretty well with animals, so animal people, why not?
    As for bullies, if they want to bully you, they will find a reason. Too fat, too thin, too tall or short, ginger, furry, brony, nerd, whatever.

    Quote from Genclone1
    The only people I've met that actually know what a furry is ARE Furries and when I explain what a furry is to other people they really don't care that much. While I admit I've never gone to a public place wearing a furry t-shirt or partial fursuit I can't imagine any one taking offense to it if I did. I once wore a patriots shirt to a school completely for the broncos and not one person said a thing. I feel people are more tolerant and understanding these days and anyone else is really just ignorant or mis-informed.

    I'm not sure if it's tolerance or that they just don't care all that much. It might be one and the same at this point. I went to high school with a few people that would wear tails and ears and they never got much trouble for it (aside from teachers who were uppity about dress code stuff in general). I can see it being a problem if you're running around making animal noises and your shirt has suggestive furry artwork on it or something, but I have only seen people do that a handful of times in my entire life, and I think in a couple cases it was being done in an ironic or satirical fashion.

    Quote from Afrodens
    Only if you take it to a weird level or are demanding attention as a furry is when you might get some negative reactions, but that's normal. People that take things to a weird level are generally shunned and same with the ones that demand attention.

    I find those sort of people to be unbearable myself. You want a medal for being a furry? Where's my medal for being a cartoon artist?
    That might just be Special Snowflake Syndrome in general, though, I find those sort of people also tend to be very stubborn and opinionated on other subjects as well.

    Quote from funky3000
    Heh, been a while since I last came here. I'm noticing a trend. Before I "officially" became a furry by joining FA, I made like 1 or 2 furry pieces a month if that. Now it's basically only furries that I draw, maybe a spaceship or gun here and there, my stack is piling nicely. I've been hanging around the FA forums for a solid couple months and I can say I really like the community.

    I remember a long time ago someone on another forum said I wasn't a furry because I only drew art, and didn't have a fursuit. I could easily deny that now, because most furries do not have a suit in the sense that either they don't want one, are too expensive, or maybe are against it. Heh, I'd love to come back in his face now and tell him I'm a furry, and see if he still denies it. Then I'll break it to him: for me, a suit has become a serious consideration, to the point where when I'm living on my own I set a little money aside specifically towards a suit.

    I've been without a computer for some time because I'm grounded, but I know one of the first things I'm gonna do is jump onto Paint.NET and start turning my stack of sketches into digital pieces. I not only have pictures, but also some writing! I've been writing stories since I was a kid, silly at first but now are becoming more serious. In fact I'd almost consider my latest story, The Legend of Maggi, to be a novel out of my bunch, with many chapters and a few parts. I'd go as far as calling it my magnum opus. Just came to spout off furry stuff. I love what it is and I love what it has. I love it's many communities and personalities. I truly believe that the furry fandom is the best thing that happened to my personal life.

    Funny "you aren't a real furry" experiences I've had: I've been told I can't be a furry because I don't like the NSFW stuff. Just doesn't interest me. I don't show massive amounts of pride in having a fetish, either. The funniest one was someone telling me I can't be a furry because I DO draw, and I don't commission popular artists and repost the work to my gallery. What?
    Oh, and the whole "you don't go to cons" and "you don't fursuit" ones come up too. I think those are honestly really funny.

    Also, sketch-artists-that-do-digital-versions-with-PDN, REPRESENT!

    Quote from Afrodens
    Well, glad to hear it! I will be looking forward to what you may put out. I, myself, am thinking about joining FA, but I'm not so sure about it. I don't exactly consider myself a furry... I don't know... it feels more complicated for me :unsure: . Also, did everyone just go in lurk mode there? I know I did. It was kinda sad to see the thread on the second page in my content. In other news... More player models updated to 1.7 ...It doesn't work too well with my new skin...

    I'd rather not start a flamewar, but hey, it's something that we might be able to discuss. When I was looking for alternatives to DeviantArt because I wanted to spread out a bit (DA is sorta like Youtube, it's not perfect but it's the biggest site and the one everyone knows when it comes to art) I seriously considered FA. Many of my friends recommended it. But after looking into it, how outdated it is and how poorly it's run and how there's always some sort of drama going, I realized there's no way I could make myself start an account there. Probably a good decision, things went insane over there recently I hear because of some staffing decisions and stuff. Meh. If it works for you, more power to ya.

    You might also want to check out Weasyl. It's still in beta, still doesn't have too many active users, but it's really picking up and I really like it so far.

    Of course, if you aren't on DA yet, that's a good place to have an account. It has a bad rap at times but that's really only if you get involved with drama and fanart and massive circlejerks. It's also got a far better variety of things to look at since it's for all sorts of art. I love looking at photography, especially landscapes, trees, mushrooms, aquatic life and cityscapes.

    And, before I forget, tree #2 looks the best to me as well.

    Quote from Genclone1
    It was strange we had our most active day in a long time but then no one posted anything, I didn't want to double post so I couldn't really say anything. Not that I have much to contribute to the conversation though...

    Lurk mode, more like "I fell out of the check MCF frequently" habit a while back. Sorry about that. Between real-life stuff, making art and browsing art, kinda been neglecting many of the sites I used to check.
    I should check more often so I don't go all textwall on everyone once a week...
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    About Minecraft mod stuff: Having played since Alpha, I know modding is a pain. Then I found Magic Launcher a while back (freaking LOVE it), and all I really use is Optifine anyways. For whatever reason, Magic Launcher didn't like Forge a few versions ago but this is going off-topic so I'll stop rambling about that stuff.

    The issue with the more player models thing would be getting people to install it so everyone could see the anthro models properly. From what I understand there's no server-side version, and for various reasons people can't run/figure out Forge, or can't be bothered to install mods for whatever reason.
    It would be nice if, in the future, they would support more model types natively.

    Quote from ArcticFox42
    *Out if nowhere* I'M BACK after a little over two years ^-^ And I can't believe you're still here Lord_Dominic. Anyways, I just came back to this thread because I wanted to pinpoint the day I personally decided to be a part of the Furry Fandom.~

    Yep, I'm still here... kinda... lurking... I need to either get active here or get a life.

    Quote from Afrodens
    And that my friends, was minecraft_master78 with the random video post. All applaud, his first post ever, right above this one. Made an account, and for his grand entrance; that. Anyways, emoclew, minecraft_master, and I feel bad for it, but I have to say, that is a very unoriginal name. A bit messed up that your first post was to promote your new channel. I mean, how many social network accounts did you make just now to promote your first video?? And if you wanted to pull more people from the furry fandom, you could have gone to an actual furry forum like furnation or something, and you couold have put a description or at least something like, 'Hey guys, I'm new here, but I made this video you might like...' But, emoclew to the thread, and good luck with that channel. I left a like to show support (because I am so supportive <_< ) Also, welcome back, Arcticfox, I believe I have not had the pleasure to meet you here.

    "Emoclew" sounds like it should be a furry name. Like for a really bad Warrior Cats furry or something. Like "Emoclaw" but messed up. This could make a good joke character now that I think about it...

    And yeah, people making accounts to promote things and they don't even bother to type up any sort of intro or anything. I get that enough on DeviantArt, so by default I just ignore any unexplained link dropped somewhere. Sorry, guy.

    Quote from Genclone1
    Anyway that said, I have a question: I'm struggling to understand a rough concept I've seen games with just Anthro characters receive negativity, I've also seen games with Anthro characters and Humans get mild to immense negativity, and seen games with no Anthro characters receive the mild remark but rarely negativity in general as they typically fail to attract attention from other Furries. My Question is how you guys (and girls) view games that include Humans and Anthro Characters vrs games that include just Anthro Characters. This information is helpful to me as a approach a critical decision in development of my game which I wan't to have Anthro Characters in it but I don't wan't to drive away the general public for sake of not having Humans in the game.

    Oddly enough, I don't think games get panned just for having anthros in them. I mean, even if you're not a furry, anthros are still just basic fantasy and cartoon stuff and they don't bother people. You might have seen negativity directed towards games that are obviously geared towards furries (like those weird MMOs) and of course people aren't going to want anything to do with that sort of stuff unless it actually interests them (tl;dr no mass appeal, too niche).

    I'd say include anthros and humans. Lots of fantasy games/shows/whatever do this, it really does work. A mixed party of anthro and human might help too, or the option to select races. Think about giving various races different abilities and stuff, when I think about that sort of stuff I generally want humans to be more versatile and have broader variety of skills (and maybe better intelligence stats or require less xp/skill points/whatever for some skills) to compensate for some anthro races being stronger physically, or faster, or having sharper senses, or whatever.

    Also, as Portadiam said, start small. You can always expand later, or make a sort of demo/beta thing for practice before going all in.

    Quote from Portadiam
    Also guys you may want to read this: http://redd.it/1xc4j9 (Sums up my view on several things about the fandom)

    That post. All my THIS.
    I'm totally up for a discussion on the topic if anyone else is. It seems like a lot of the problems that furries have now do come from the way they act and it creates a sort of vicious cycle. They just take something that's supposed to be fun WAAAAY too seriously.
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    Time to stop lurking and contribue again!
    Quote from Genclone1
    Hello my name is genclone and I'm relatively new to this thread :3, well not entirely new as I've known about it for quite awhile now and been sort of lurking. I haven't really found the incentive to post anything as I really didn't have much to contribute to the conversation. I've been looking to get more involved in the Furry Community and considering some recent and rather unsettling events I figureed it was finally an opportune time to actually post something, Or in others words, Haiii :3.

    Hi, welcome! There's not really any rules or anything about what to contribute so long as it's furry-related and safe for work. I think. Art, discussion, whatever. I know exactly what you mean about lurking though, unless there's an actual topic going or something, I don't know what to talk about usually.

    Quote from Genclone1
    I'm eagerly awaiting the layout changes so I can make my labcoat look really nice and it becomes some much easier to stay true to my Anthro Fox Heritage (Haven't been able to add the tail as it really conflicts with detail D=)

    The new skins are really going to help with things like tails, I agree. They'll actually appear somewhat distinct from the body, it's gonna be cool. There's always that More Player Models mod that has actual anthro/furry models in it, but modding MC is a pain in the ass nowadays, not to mention that other players need to have the mod to be able to see the custom models.

    Quote from Afrodens
    :Attention all! A glimpse my dark(er)/emo side: Even if it may not be the same for you, I know the feeling, Seth, all too well. I trust no one, and scarcely, even myself. I have no friends. No one to lean on, or hold onto, or laugh with. I've never had anyone. Never.

    I know that feeling too. Social anxiety combined with lots of bad experiences with people through the years makes it really difficult to talk to people, even online. I guess a forum situation is relatively easy because it's got a lot of other people chatting and it's easier to mingle and stuff, but personal interaction is really hard.

    Oh, I forgot to post art. I don't really have all that much worth sharing lately, been kinda art blocked the past couple weeks.
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    (Multiquoting derps all over the formatting of posts for some reason so I cut some stuff out, sorry!)
    Quote from Galactic_Muffin
    haha the first one is pretty funny; you should color it! o.o Nice work, Lord_Dominic! :3

    Thanks! I should color that sometime, now that you mention it.

    So far, the Ratboy Genius picture looks pretty good! I've never seen it myself but I think I have heard it mentioned once or twice before in offhand discussion.

    Quote from Afrodens
    Oh and I see you changed your profile Dominic, really nice.
    Anyways, I made a new skin for minecraft, what do you think?? Will I get too criticised on youtube?

    Thanks! I'm glad you like them! The banner is actually one I made for my Weasyl page, but since I'm way more active on DA (and I've been there for a couple years so I have most of my stuff there already) I have it link to my DA page still.

    I don't think you should have much trouble with that skin outside of the usual "lol furry" trolling that you'd get regardless. The skin looks really good, better than anything I've ever managed to make.
    Speaking of, is anyone looking forward to the new skin layout? That should make things like tails and wings work just a bit better, I'm looking forward to updating my skin collection once that hits.
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    Quote from NItrousOxide97

    Also random question for the thread ( I've asked this before a while back but I thought I'd mention it again ) : If you were given the chance to become your fursona permanently, and you wouldn't gain any special / magical abilities if they had any, would you take it?

    But if they were abilities the animal has by default (such as skunks being able to shoot noxious chemicals at predators), would that still work? Either way, my "fursona" is kinda just a guy that looks like me (but wearing some accessories) at this point. I could become him with a trip to a crafts supply store and a few days to work on crafting the accessories.
    Humorous related image:

    Quote from NItrousOxide97
    Well charsmud , here it is. ( hope you don't mind the fact that I left it as a sketch )
    And, to answer my own question, I would absolutely love to be my fursona, I haven't mentioned any details about him yet, but he is only four and a half inches tall.

    Yay, pocket-sized furry critters. He could borrow outfits and props from action figures!

    Quote from ragdollOMG

    it's good to see the furry thread still alive... sorta but i guess there aren't that many furries on this website anyway probably less then back in 2012

    I mostly just lurk nowadays, I don't have much to contribute to the discussion most of the time, and I don't feel like derailing things just to post art or something.

    Well, I guess I will post a couple of my pictures now. Because it came up.
    I've been practicing more lately.
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    (Just a note here, MCF somehow really derped my multiquote and vomited everything up as one block of text with codes and everything rather than the "usual" way with spacing and images as images. Any mistakes with quotes and stuff are due to that.)
    Quote from Haze_the_Wolf
    Thats what I was thinking when I heard that phrase. Now we need someone to make a sheet version.

    I tried.
    It's a lot cuter when you take into account that there is a little fox child under there that can barely see where she is going and is motivated solely by the desire for free candy.

    Quote from Seth_Knight
    So, I spent the entire day, seven hours straight, working on this: -cut for space-
    I'm rather proud, and this is my first time digitalizing a drawn piece that I made. I don't usually this about my own things ever, but - I think it looks pretty awesome. EDIT - Used a single program: paint.net.

    Looks pretty good! Outlines seem a bit shaky, though. How did you do them? You'll get a far better result with the line/curve tool than the paintbrush and mouse. It's also quite the time-saver, in my opinon.

    Paint.NET is what I use too. Awesome program.

    Quote from NItrousOxide97
    Finally, it's been a while since I've last posted some of my art hasn't it? I've been sketching a lot, trying new ideas and such, and now I am pretty sure I've got a fursona design that will last me longer than a week. :unsure: I've also decided to start posting sketches to my DeviantArt, and Digital drawings to both DeviantArt and my FA account. But enough talk, here they are!
    -Also cut for space-
    Tell me what you think!

    I like shorter characters too, they just look cuter for whatever reason. I think it is the cartoony appearance that just makes them seem more fun and unique.
    Fursona designs lasting more than a week? Yeah, I wish... kinda the problem with being creative, I'm always making new characters and thinking of things I want to try.

    Quote from Afrodens
    So... no filters were run? You actually used the program to recreate it over the base? *Sigh*... Well, see I'm trying to keep from doing that, and keep as much hand done as possible; the most that would be done in a program is the text (so it's less intrusive on the art and I don't have to worry about having to make room for it), and filters, for sharpening and solidifying the colour (problem is I don't know how to do that).

    I do all of my digital work as a tracing of an existing sketch or drawing using the line/curve tool. It works pretty well in my opinion.
    I suppose if you wanted to do just hand-drawn with digital coloring, you could (very neatly) ink a drawing in black, and then import it to your art program. Set that layer to "multiply", put a layer beneath it to color on, and that should work. I don't really know how to use filters and effects to simply enhance a picture, I figure if I'm gonna go through that much work I might as well just make a nice fully digital pic.
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    Quote from KaBling

    I still expect a ghost furry from you guys.

    Does this count?
    Yeah, a bit late for Halloween, but I drew this at the end of September so it evens out I guess.
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    You know, it's not so much that I willingly neglect this thread as that I keep forgetting Minecraft Forum is a thing. Seems like things really picked up the past few days though, so why not jump back in?

    So short catch-up reply time:
    No comment on the Falvie thing, besides that neglecting to finish work you have been paid to complete is unprofessional, but popular artists seem to get way more leeway with that sort of thing than they should (although I can understand getting swamped, too, and that might be a factor). Hopefully that all gets straightened out and people get their art soon.

    Someone thinks brain damage causes furry? Well, given that many furries seem to be brain damaged, I can see where they get that impression. I meant that last sentence half-jokingly, but in all seriousness, it's kinda screwed up to get angry at someone just because they identify as a furry, unless they start acting like a total tool about it.

    Acting like furry is a "race" or something is weird, in my opinion. I think a some of the friction with those outside the fandom comes from people within the fandom taking it so seriously.

    Lots of awesome art here, as usual. I'll have to check out some of the linked DA galleries, I've been more active there lately and I'm actually looking for more artists to watch.

    And, finally, obligatory art post time. In my absence from Minecraft (forum and game) I have managed to improve my artwork a bit more.
    That middle one (the donkey) is a commissioned piece, I am planning to properly open up for commissions soon. The only reason I'm not open already is my regular customer had commissioned 5-6 things and I want to get them wrapped up first.
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    Damn, I had typed up a reply but I closed the tab by mistake! Take two!
    Quote from AJtheAwesome

    aaaaaaa! Thank you! :)

    And here it is!
    I hope you like it!

    Quote from 4captainpixel

    Oh, by the way; Notches to you Lord_Dominic: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove:
    I tried what you said today, and blending with brown got the colour I wanted :D

    Now, just in anyone's opinion, what colour do you think would go good as a secondary with a black primary, and a red two tone?

    Yay! Notches! What do they eat?
    I'm glad you were able to get the color you wanted. As for what works with black and red, gonna have to agree with Nitrous, a grey color would probably work best as it won't clash too much with the black or the red.

    Quote from NItrousOxide97

    So I ended up redesigning my fursona again, but I think I'm finally starting to slow down when it comes to making changes.
    I've changed my mind on having a female version and gotten rid of it.

    I'm not quite sure how to explain the changes I've made, I haven't changed much in the way of patterns or colors and such, but I have changed up his personality a little and his physical appearance a lot. Lets just say he is much shorter and he now looks like something that would belongs in a pool .

    I find myself redesigning or creating completely new fursonas quite frequently myself, so don't feel too bad about it. I envy those that can stick to one character design for more than a few months. Unless my human character with the costume tail and ears and snout counts as a "fursona", I connect with him pretty well because he is the exact sort of dork I would be if I were a cartoon. Are human fursonas a thing?

    Anyways, looking forward to seeing this new design!
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    Sorry for not posting here lately...
    Quote from KaBling

    In other news, I drew a fursona.

    I feel bad. Disappointed.

    Probably something wrong with the head... spent half an hour on it, and it still doesn't work.

    You shouldn't feel too bad, but it's actually a good thing that you want to improve it. That's how you get better at art, that desire to keep improving and to try new things.
    The head would be pretty easy to fix-just make it larger and add a bit of "scruffiness" to it. Given the level of detail in the rest of the drawing, the head looks rather bland and undetailed by comparison and that makes it look worse than it is.

    Quote from Travuersa

    Why do you want to use Photoshop then?

    There is this mentality in the digital art world that you absolutely MUST use Photoshop or SAI, which is far from the case. In fact, one of my friends who uses SAI was a bit jealous when I mentioned that Paint.NET has a gradient tool (which apparently SAI lacks, unless he didn't look in the right spot, I don't use that one myself so I can't tell).
    If the goal is simply to enhance photographs, GIMP is fine for that, and that was already explained.

    However, if you really, and I mean REALLY care about the quality of your traditional work when posted online, you need to get a scanner. It's a must. While scanners also sometimes have issues with the quality of the scan, the result is still immensely superior to using a camera.

    Quote from 4captainpixel

    Does anyone know how to make a dark vibrant red; I already tried blending it with black and grey (separately), and it got a violet tinge...

    I never had much luck with blending colored pencils myself, but I would suggest trying maroon, violet, purple, or brown (I'm assuming you have a rather basic brand and not something as expensive but varied as Prismacolor). As Wry explained, grey and black are not good for blending.

    I would post some art here but I am lacking much worth sharing, since the past couple weeks I was working on a couple commissions, some requests/gifts, and some random goofy stuff that I wouldn't really want to share here anyways. This is the best I can do:

    Also, AJ, I was going to draw you something as a birthday gift (I saw that notification in my messages on DA) but what I was working on got messed up and I will have to start over. Might be a day or two late because of that.
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    It's been a little while since I last posted here...

    Quote from KageMitsukai

    I'm relatively new here, but I do draw a little bit ^^'', like the avatar I'm currently using. I don't consider myself very good but maybe I could learn a few things from you guys.


    Quote from AJtheAwesome

    Another tablet test.

    BTW I got the laptop because it's required for engineering school.


    Would it be possible to add the mask now? I'm not sure of your process but it doesn't seem like it would be too much trouble to simply edit it in.
    Otherwise, very nice work, looks really good!

    Quote from NItrousOxide97

    I'm hesitating on putting up the Reference sheets that I made of my fursona, so I'll put them up and spoiler them before I convince myself that I shouldn't.

    I can already guess the criticism I'm going to be getting from that second ref. .-.

    The male form looks really good! I really think you'd benefit from using a scanner, even if you don't own one it might be possible to use one at a friend or relative's house, school, or library. The additional hassle would be worth it to have the drawings scanned cleanly, they would be much easier to look at and look much crisper and cleaner. Of course, scanners have a habit of screwing up drawings, but nowhere near as bad as cameras.
    The other option would be to take them into your favorite digital art program that supports layers (Paint.NET, GIMP, Photoshop, whatever that isn't MS Paint) and trace over them. I don't have a tablet, I rely on a mouse and the line/curve tool when I do digital work, which I trace from hand-drawn sketches.

    Now the female form... I think you're going to keep getting those sorts of criticisms. Even if you have a good reason for the exaggeration, the average viewer might not know that. Nobody reads the artist description on DeviantArt or any other art site anyways. What we see is a furry lady with really big boobs and not much else. I can't force you to change the design but I can recommend it. I think just trying to give her more modest, realistic proportions (even if still somewhat exaggerated) will result in a far better character design overall.

    Oh, right, time to post some arts.
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    When it comes to commissions, have you considered checking out lesser-known artists or hobbyists? A lot of the well-known people charge a lot (I understand that some of them are career or professional artists and they charge accordingly but it's out of the price range of many) but I have seen various hobbyists who will draw something for cheap because they just do it for fun and want to make a little cash on the side or something.

    Also, has anyone considered making a DA group for the artists of this thread? There is an MCF Bronies group, why not an MCF Furries one too? Would anyone be interested in something like that?

    Quote from 4captainpixel

    It's understandable that you feel this way because, that is how people are these days. But here's some advice.

    How many people see and appreciate your work is important yes; but here is your mistake. You have given your audience too much power over you. Remind your self why you started in the first place, and get back on track; do this for your self and don't let other people change how you do things, when that is really what you want. Unless your sole true purpose in why you got into art was to make things for others for their pleasure, you need to stop giving all you got to others ,and give your self some joy in what you do; once you start doing some small things for your self every now and then, your work gets even better because, you feel good and you take pride in what you do, and you find joy in it again. What you make for your self, some people will not like, but their will always be others that love your work; I mean, come on, all of humanity can not be bound to the same mind because then we would lose what it means to be an individual. Try harder, and you will get better; the form your work may take from their will lose you some fans, but you will carry on to new and greater heights. If your creation means something to you, other people pick up on that and they will feel just the same.

    If you don't agree, or are offended, I'm sorry, that's just my mentality, I'm cynical and self-righteous.

    By the way, nice pic.

    Good advice.
    I think the reason that I get discouraged is because I actually care about my characters and stuff. As for losing watchers because I want to do my own thing, well, that hasn't stopped me from drawing what I want to yet. If they are only interested in me for the offhand fetish fuel, their opinion does not matter to me at all.
    I'm with AJ, I don't like drawing one niche or one subject matter, and I like to draw all sorts of things.

    Also, the compliment is appreciated, thanks!

    Quote from AJtheAwesome

    Oh god yes, that accurately describes how I feel about the whole situation. Wanna know what my most favorited piece of artwork is on FA? This THING that's almost 2 years old and no where near my best work. The only reason it got so many likes is that a prominant artist in the babyfur community favorited it first (He also started following me for some reason even though it's the only piece of babyfur I've ever drawn). I guess I should be thankful for that favorite, but I don't want to draw just for the satisfaction of one niche. I want to draw for everyone's entertainment.

    I feel your pain. My most favorited thing (that isn't My Little Pony fanart) is also a babyfur request... Yeesh. People must think I am just another lackluster wannabe babyfur artist because all the stuff that gets favorited are old crappy drawings from years ago that I post to scraps and babyfur stuff. DeviantArt's "More Like This" thing seems to dredge up that sort of crap when I am lucky enough to get it to show any of my work at all.
    /end rant

    I actually don't mind drawing babies (I differentiate between "babies" as, well, babies and "babyfurs" as the people who are really into them), they are cute and fun to draw. I just don't want to have all my other work overshadowed by old, crappy baby/babyfur stuff.
    Cute drawing, by the way.

    On the flip side, I just realized I rarely draw elder characters, maybe I should try drawing some again later.

    And some art, why not? I've actually been productive this weekend (catching a cold nonwithstanding)...
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    Quote from Haze_the_Wolf

    Does anyone else sense that this thread is slowly dying? Or do I need to do something besides check this thread every hour or so? Must. Play. More. Borderlands 2. In the morning that is.


    Like any other thread, this one goes through bursts of activity and then long periods of inactivity.

    Quote from KaBling

    All the interesting subjects have been exhausted - it's just displaying art now. 3 out of 4 uploaders here draw their own artwork.

    And lots of complaining about art block and the lack of "RP" and stuff...
    It's not the most interesting thing in the world to come back to this thread and see 30 posts that amount to "I'm bored" either.

    I have a solution though: Furry Poll 2013 is out.
    I'm not too closely affiliated with the furry fandom but I thought it was interesting to look at some of the data they had gathered from the last few yearly surveys, and I did take this myself too.

    Also: I have seen people refer to furry characters as "furs" so does that mean humans are "skins"?

    Quote from Galactic_Muffin

    God, i cant stand modern art. -_- Some modern "art" even lacks meaning, and that's supposed to be the art of it.

    Agreed. I just don't find random paint splotches or overlapping boxes particularly artistic. They demonstrate art theory sometimes but they lack much in the way of any sort of meaning to me besides "gimme money plz".

    Quote from Haze_the_Wolf

    Anyways, getting back on topic, any more art to share?

    I haven't really bothered to draw much lately.
    I guess I could start sharing stuff though, even though I noticed there isn't that much interest in the more cartoony art styles.

    Quote from KaBling

    Speaking of RPs, someone make an actual furry RP already.

    Easier said than done. With people having different interests, it would be difficult to make something that would engage everyone. Some sort of fantasy adventure thing might not work for some, while others might find a roleplay version of "let's all wander around a village and chat" to be dull.
    (Also, most of my experience with "furry RP" is NSFW or just lots of dumb animal noises "woof woof murr murr arf arf moo" so that's kind of a deterrent for me.)

    Quote from Haze_the_Wolf

    Err, I'm kinda having problems with my fursona and proportions and junk. Can't use my dog as a model because....
    A) She's skinny
    B)She's next to the word furry in the dictionary
    C)She NEVER stands still

    I would suggest finding some reference images of animals and working from them. A simple Google search should turn up plenty of pictures of any animal you could want. It might also be a good idea to look them up on Wikipedia too.

    Quote from AJtheAwesome

    I've gotten to the point where I have no motivation or cause to draw anymore. I have several drawings that I have just straight up abandoned because they weren't turning out like I had hoped. I'm getting really frustrated at my art because I will work on a piece for a couple of hours and only end up with 6 views.

    I'm going to make a journal on FA later on asking people why they follow me and what they want to see from me. I feel like what I have been drawing is not what they want to see or I just plain suck.

    This is a problem I have too. I only have three watchers that seem to care about anything I do, the rest are just there for the offhand character in underwear or baby I draw, which they swarm because it's fetish fuel for them. There's just no reason to put effort into anything when an MS Paint blobcat or fillbucketed sparkledog or baby dog lazily sketched onto notebook paper photographed with a potato cell phone camera gets more views, positive feedback and favorites than something we work for hours on.

    Simply put, most furries do NOT care about art that isn't relevant to their fetish or from someone that isn't already famous.

    Quote from Galactic_Muffin

    Unfortunately, no but Ive posted enough of my work around here for you to get an idea of what i can do I feel.

    Despite what I just said, it might be worthwhile for you to make an account on DeviantArt. It's far more permanent than, say, Imgur (not to mention easier to search for) and you could easily link your gallery in your sig like many others (including myself) have.
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    Quote from NItrousOxide97

    Well, the whole female form thing IS indeed a glitch, considering that he is an AI "living" within nanotechnology.

    And the overall character does not weigh much, as he/she is just a pressurized hollow shell (sort of like a balloon). Sharp things are recommended to be kept away from him for obvious reasons (*boom*).

    I can probably have her be capable of partially stabilizing the form into a more realistic one, I'll think about that.

    And honestly, I wanted that size because I wanted to give her something that would cause problems, I didn't do it entirely out of perversion.

    Ah, so there is a reason behind it. I was afraid that it was either not knowing how to draw female anatomy (it is tough to get down, for sure) or simply "I want to draw furry chicks with huge jugs".
    The digital/nanotech aspects of these characters is really an interesting touch.

    Quote from AJtheAwesome

    Get Slapped!

    Pretty happy with this. Needed a good background piece for my art tumblr, and this is what it's going to be. The entire theme will be grayscale.

    Greyscale is good. I like the simple design this character has.
    Reminds me, I am still considering making a Tumblr account but I am just too frustrated and discouraged to draw anything new lately...

    Quote from Envy_Eos

    I put too much thought into these drawings, it's unbelievable. I've not put a single bit of it to paper, unfortunately. All my fifteen plus story ideas, characters, and my entire lore and mythology is committed to memory. One of these days, I am going to get a concussion and forget all of it. Life = ruined.

    I know this feeling all too well, I am the same way. Design a character, their personality, history, all that stuff, then draw them a bunch but forget to actually write down any of their history or backstory anywhere...
    It's good to see other people putting lots of thoughts into their characters though!

    As an aside, since the topic of a "furry server" has come up on here a few times lately, my friend has been running a server for a while now and is looking for more players. I'll just drop a link to his thread because he wants to actually have people apply (so we don't get griefers/trolls/immature idiots).
    While this isn't a "furry server" (what even IS that, anyways?) it's a friendly server and nobody is going to grief your stuff or anything just because you're a furry. I am even considering finding an area to reserve as "Furryville" if anyone is interested (we could use more towns and stuff). Just gonna leave this here, check it out if interested, no pressure.
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    Quote from NItrousOxide97

    Alright, but I think I'll spoiler it.

    When I say she's exaggerated, I mean it.[/size]']

    I realized that I've also forgotten to erase some reference lines on the head.

    Why do I get the feeling that this will be the first picture I'll have to remove from here. :unsure:

    Well, at least you're aware that she's exaggerated...
    The only real problem I see here is how exaggerated her proportions are. I'd really like to see you try to draw a female character with more modest, realistic proportions. Right now she just kinda screams "generic furry boob lady", not to mention doesn't her back hurt?
    Realistically, her breasts should only be a quarter to half that size, same goes for the hips. I think she would look a lot better if she had a more realistic body type.
    If there is some specific reason, like the whole "digital" thing you have going with your characters, this could actually work as a sort of comedic thing if used in moderation. Something glitches out and suddenly... Mega Boobs. The key to making this work would still be to normally have her with a normal body type.

    Quote from Haze_the_Wolf

    Lets just say as of right now, I'm better with a physical pencil than a virtual one.

    There is nothing wrong with traditional art whatsoever. I feel that the online community as a whole seems to focus too much on digital art, which can be discouraging for those of us that prefer a pencil and paper over a tablet or mouse.

    Quote from Envy_Eos

    Yeahhhh, N1trous, it's a good work of art. I'll give you that one. But yeah, that is REALLY exaggerated. Quite personally, I hope I don't offend anyone, but I'm not a big tittah kind of guy. Hence why all my characters are petite. But, I appreciate the artwork, well done.

    I thought I was going to offend people by saying I prefer more cartoony art to the semi-realistic and "anime" styles that seem so popular now...
    Anyways, I think I am in agreement here, I'm not huge into big boobs and all that either.
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