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    posted a message on ░▒▓⌠ The End of Halcyon Days⌡▓▒░ (RPG- Post-Apoca w/ tech as "magic")

    Here is the pretty version:


    Now, the long version.

    (Our server just survived an "owner-gone-MIA-without-paying-server-bills". The players and admin using the Ventrilo knew the new IP, but we lost alot of our player base. Starting over was tough on us.)

    So, here we are. We need fresh blood. Oh, no, not for the zombie hordes, though they ARE getting hungry... I mean, I don't THINK the gods will blame you for the sins of our ancestors... You see, the ScarredLands is where we need modern-decay type buildings. That land was destroyed 200 years ago in the Godwars. Most everything was leveled. If you know how the ancestors built those type of cloud piercing structures, please show us those lost magics! Though iron structures with a switch on them tend to draw the gods' lightening to you. Just warning ya. ;D

    Our modern people mostly live on the Peaceful Halcyon map. The Benevolent Goddess AravanFox has set that map to "Creative" to see who will lead us into a future of grand rebuilding! Goddess Aravan understands that we never intentionally put economy before religion, and has encouraged the building of cities and nations. Of course, a church/synagouge/mosque in each town may please the gods too. Just letting you know. ;D The gods like adoration and are kind. Zombie viruses aside, I mean. We brought that upon ourselves!


    Large custom map
    Scarredlands intergrated to main map
    Planetoids becoming Skylands
    Spout enabled
    More games
    Multiverse adventure maps

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    posted a message on i need a server
    Quote from minercraft19101

    i looking for server and have not found any that i like so far so if you know a server just reply.
    i need a server that has:
    grief protection (when i put a block down nobody can destroy it)
    chest protection (nobody but me can enter my chest)
    friendly no swearing community
    FREE server no charges to play
    server needs to be pure awesome
    friendly staff
    lots of things to do (activities)
    no whitelist
    and plenty of plug ins
    if you could help me that would be great :Notch: √√√

    A list of our 57 plugins: http://minestatus.ne...of-halcyon-days

    We have Towny (claim an area to build a town that is protected) and logblock (I can rollback any damage), and LWC for chest protection. We have six maps, one peaceful, one pvp hard mode, nether, end-space theme, end-planetoids, and normal planetoids.
    i don't tolerate swearing, and the admin are friendly. Though I must warn ya, as an RPG server, half the "gods" are wicked, in the form of mischief. I have nothing to do with pink sheep in your house... :D
    Most of our players are Danish, since I inherited a Danish server. They speak English fine and tend to build BIG.

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    posted a message on Looking for a server to join
    Wish you had posted what kind of server you are looking for, so we don't have to spam stuff at you:)
    Here's my spiel:


    More than 200 years after the Collapse, the Halcyon Lands has recovered from the Godwars. Technology is no longer understood, and treated like magic. Commerce has returned and the abandoned ScarredLands, with is skyscraping towers of secrets, have adventurers rushing in. Join them as they stake their claims against other would-be-kings of the old world. Or enjoy the safety of the peaceful nations of the new world. But avoid the Infected... the curse of the Godwars has returned, too...

    PVP, Peaceful, and Planetoid maps.
    Vote 4 Diamonds
    and all the must-haves, such as MCBans, LWC, LogBlock, and MobArena
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    posted a message on ► MUST READ: Bumping, duplicate thread spam and off topic posting
    ok, i made a thread LAST WEEKEND and it won't let make a new one. Seriously? 14400 minutes is TEN DAYS! Ok, three days, I might see that but over a week? You might as well title the forum as "Big Server Playground" My players are too busy playing to bump (and you know thats what's happening) threads on the forum. This really needs to be rethought.
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    posted a message on need someone to make plugins folder for my server!
    safe zone, war zones can also be Towny, where town mayors can choose to be peaceful.

    as for making a plugins folder?? Right click, create new folder, name "plugins"

    then go to bukkit.org and shop for plugins to add!!
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    posted a message on Need Area Protection Plugin
    "towny", but that requires the making of towns. Basically, they can claim the chunk as theirs
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    posted a message on file zilla
    ah, its been a while, since i set up mine, and i saved the settings. If i remember correctly:

    host: thats your server's IP
    username: thats you
    pw: i can't recall if i used my minecraft pw, or my server host password for this
    port: mine is 21, pretty sure its ALWAYS 21
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    posted a message on Citizens keep disappearing please help
    i have vault and this still happens, They are still talking though, so they are technically there
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    posted a message on How can i set up a mall on my server?
    i seem to remember that "/region define" has parent/child permissions. Meaning, the "parent" owner can allow "child" renters to have certain sub-lots on a larger lot. I can't tell you details, as i haven't finished building my own market yet.
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    posted a message on Players joining after certain date not keeping rank (GroupManager?)
    I don't know if a new plugin is conflicting, but suddenly players in the "HalcyonLands" map lose their rank when they log out. They start firstspawn there, but are moved to ScarredLands to do their tutorial and rankup. From their, they can go anywhere. I allow essentials to control spawning at "normal." What other info should I provide?

    - NetherLands
    - ScarredLands_the_end
    - HalcyonLands
    - HalcyonLands_the_end
    - Heaven

    # Set this to lowest, if you want Multiverse to handle the respawning
    # Set this to normal, if you want EssentialsSpawn to handle the respawning
    # Set this to highest, if you want to force EssentialsSpawn to handle the respawning
    respawn-listener-priority: normal

    MagicCarpet 2.1.4, SignRank 1.2.3, GroupManager 1.9 (2.9.1) (Phoenix), KittySmite 0.5, Vault 1.2.15-b172, SignLift 1.22, Multiverse-Core 2.4-b527, Lava Forge 1.0.0, TeslaCoil 2.5.5, GravelClay 1.3.5, RetractableBridge 1.3.13, DragonTravel 3.0, Permissions 3.1.6, OpenInv 1.8.4, Votifier 1.7, Infected 1.96, MobDisguise 1.81, LagMeter 1.8, Citizens 1.2, CartDispense 0.1, Towny, Multiverse-Inventories 2.4-b126, Multiverse-NetherPortals 2.4-b529, Spout 1098, Questioner 0.6, MineBackup 5.9.3, iConomy 7.0, ComPassionate 2.5.3, HeroSpawn 2.0, BookWorm 1.13, SecretSwitch 1.3, TimeLock 0.3, BKCommonLib 1.2, mcbans 3.7.1, Essentials Pre2.9.2.2, SnoGro 1.2.1 [1.2.3-R0.1], Multiverse-Portals 2.4-b546, Multiverse-SignPortals 2.4-b523, dynmap 0.37-1120, Register 1.8, EssentialsChat Pre2.9.2.2, Dynmap-Towny 0.17, mcMMO 1.3.04-b576, MobArena, TownyChat 0.29, WorldEdit 5.3, EssentialsProtect Pre2.9.2.2, EssentialsSpawn Pre2.9.2.2, EssentialsGeoIP Pre2.9.2.2, VanishNoPacket 3.7, LogBlock 1.52, LWC 4.2.1 (b700-git-MANUAL) (May 20, 2012), WorldGuard 601-e673043, WorldBorder 1.5.4, SpoutEssentials 3.9.3, Honeypot 1.3, ChestShop 3.39
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    posted a message on looking for a decent server
    I do believe my server doesnt require authorization, but you'd have to try to see, honestly. I don't erase maps, i make another multiverse.
    As for the list, I have the following:
    • Essentials
    • Factions - Towny, sorta similiar
    • iConomy
    • LogBlock
    • LWC
    • mcMMO
    • MultiVerse
    • PermissionsEx - Groupmanager, Similiar
    • SpamGuard - Towny has a spam detector
    • Votifer
    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard
    We also have Planetoids, a fun thing thrown in. It's after my danish player's bedtime, so you can sneak in while its quiet tonight. :)
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    posted a message on Yo Dawg, I heard you like Planetoids and RPG Servers :)
    what's with the "14400 minutes before another thread" thing? I created this over 24 hours ago and had to use my browsers history to find it!
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    posted a message on Yo Dawg, I heard you like Planetoids and RPG Servers :)
    and then the little signature banner:

    thats what it looks like, tipso
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    posted a message on Yo Dawg, I heard you like Planetoids and RPG Servers :)
    oops, forgot the fancy banner thingie.

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    posted a message on Yo Dawg, I heard you like Planetoids and RPG Servers :)
    Just added a fifth map to our server. You'll find that the End is full of floating asteroids, waiting to be mined. Since it IS an rpg server, you'll still have to go through our tutorial spawn. Just walk past Notch, through the virus scanner. Read the books, and spawn is done in 5 minutes, then off to Planetoids!!

    Oh, for those not familiar with the server, it is post-apocalypse restoration themed. The main map is peaceful, the secondary is pvp. With Towny and Citizens, you can make nations, at peace or at war!

    The End of Halcyon Days; Godwars
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