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    posted a message on INDUSTRIAL - Escape from Neo-Chernobyl!(subtitle not canon)

    Hello everyone!

    For the last year or so, I've been working on a adventure/parkour map set in a distant dystopian future of authoritarian robot rule and industrial decay.

    Aptly named INDUSTRIAL, the map centers around how you traverse the industrial labor camp that's held you hostage for years in the wake of a freak nuclear catastrophe- or so it seems! You will scale the many obstacles posed by your mechanized prison, all the while fending off warden androids and, (if you so wish) unraveling the mystery of what drives a society backwards.


    (note that I haven't spoiled much)

    So here's the thing; I'm about 95% done with it, but I've run into a MAJOR roadblock.

    For some reason, entities in particular are exceedingly laggy... To the point that it's difficult to fight them because you aren't even certain as to where they actually are. I've tried to minimize the lag(which is presumably resultant from the command blocks) by consolidating the high speed clocks, un-tracking commands, and just taking out mechanics as a whole. Even so, the mobs are still just as laggy! If anyone is good at de-lagging command block machines or has any idea of what might be causing entity lag, let me know! I've been going at this as a one man team, so I think that perhaps a fresh pair of eyes could help shed a bit of light on the situation.

    Also, if you want to help and would like me to film the lag in action, send you the command contraption, etc., I'm willing. Just let me know.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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    posted a message on Equinox - Falling leaves, frightful nights, and HQM! What could go wrong?

    The Shadows' awakening

    The summer had been good to you, good to your land. Its golden glow guided you through an easy life of roaming freely, living off the land. It, like all good things, however, was not to last. The wind began to blow colder, carrying whispers of corruption. The trees began to fade into the brilliant colors of their creeping deaths. Even the shadows of night took on a darker hue than before. There was just something unnatural about it.


    Equinox is configured to bring you into a creepy, autumnal world; defined by a landscape of forests of flaming colors, eerily decayed marshes, forebodingly dark woods, mystifying groves, all dotted with ruins of pasts untold. You may even come across a frontier village here and there, but they are few and far between.

    No matter where you are, however, at night the world takes on a much darker aesthetic with hardcore darkness, dynamic lights, and the amnesia sanity system. Early game, you will see no further than a few feet in front of you and hear all manner of strange noises emanting from either the darkness or the depths of your fear.


    Equinox uses HQM to guide you through your gameplay. It's highly recommended that you follow the quest book. That said, you shouldn't expect to be instructed on everything(especially later on in the game). The questing book is an outline and an aid to your gameplay; not an instruction booklet.

    I will note that most magic and mob armor stuff is not used until the the last questline, so I would refrain from starting with it until that is unlocked.(You do get additional rewards for starting with those mods in The Accursed One questline)


    Monsters can be quite a bit more dangerous in Equinox, with more types and infernals. Additionally, skeletons, zombies, and fallen knights now wear pumpkins on their heads.


    (This is the first of 3 quest lines!)

    Getting it:

    You can get it through the Technic Launcher. Here's the page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/euqinox.757274

    Whether you decided to try out my modpack or not, thank you for stopping by! Additionally, I really appreciate feedback, so comments and suggestions are welcome. Oh, and have a happy Halloween!

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    posted a message on Halloween Modpack!(What do YOU want to see?)

    Halloween is on its way, thus I realized what a novel concept it would be to make a modpack for the occasion!

    So far, I've made some adjustments to mobs(Skeletons, Zombies, and Fallen Knights all wear pumpkins or jack o' lanterns), made the world only generate spooky or autumnal biomes o' plenty biomes as well as ruins and graveyards to set the proper scene, and added a couple of mods like hardcore darkness and dynamic lights to set the mood.

    The only problem is that all those aren't really enough to make it a modpack worthy of playing. There's always some kind of goal, but with this theme, all I could find was witchery.

    So my question is this; what mods would you like to see in a Halloween themed modpack?

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    posted a message on The Betweenlands ~ A dark, hostile environment...

    Wow! This mod looks right up my alley! I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one. ;)

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    posted a message on Signature not loading?
    Quote from TheEntropy»

    When you leave and return to your profile view page, does it continue to show your signature?

    I just tried it myself and there isn't any type of confirmation message that tells you what has been updated, instead the page just reloads. I would try making a simple signature at first, then if it works I would suspect that you have too much to fit in your signature (I don't think that's the case, however. If sigs are too big, they just turn into separate little frames that can be scrolled.)

    It does continue to show my signature upon reloading the page.

    I've messed around with resizing things a few times and have yielded no positive results. I'll go ahead and try again for good measure, but I doubt it will make much of a difference.

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    posted a message on Signature not loading?

    Nope. It acts as though the signature loaded properly, even continuing to display it in the Signature box.

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    posted a message on Signature not loading?

    For some reason my signature isn't appearing. Is it just on my end? Am I doing something wrong? I'm rather certain that my images aren't too large...

    Does anyone have any idea of what's gone wrong?

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    posted a message on Fancy Tables

    Is it just me, or is all the visual media broken? :huh:

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    posted a message on What is wrong with my command?

    I'm not certain that slimes can really be made to move faster, seeing as they are constantly jumping...

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    posted a message on The Crazy Bombs mod: EVEN MORE EXPLOSIVES!

    I'm thinking you should amp up the explosion size and cost of the nukes. Maybe you should add a radioactive element ore that's required for nukes. Watch this and you'll understand why a "nuke" should be a lot bigger than what you have.

    (you can just skip to about 50 seconds in to see what I'm referring to)

    Overall, pretty cool mod. it has a lot of potential.

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    posted a message on The Mysterious East- An Asian Themed Adventure Map! [Featured by the Yogcast!] {1.6.1} [Now with Custom Music!] {48,000+ downloa
    Quote from Lmeagno»
    I played this map a little over a year ago, and I'm still thinking about it today. This is one of my all-time favorite maps (if not, MOST favorite) I had so much fun in, so much so that I'm here today downloading it so I may play it again.

    Excellent work to everyone involved in making this world. You have created an experience for me that I will cherish and enjoy and will remember for years to come.

    My thoughts exactly. It isn't very often that you find a map with such a powerful story and such a brilliant execution.

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    posted a message on Full blown magic system(akin to thaumcraft, witchery, and ars magica) *WIP*

    That's a good concept. How do you propose we go about it?

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    posted a message on Full blown magic system(akin to thaumcraft, witchery, and ars magica) *WIP*
    Hello there! I'm currently working a magic system in vanilla 1.8 somewhat akin to those featured in mods.

    Have fun trying to explain the black hole in your kitchen!

    It is planned to have various spells enacted upon the shrine(your magic table/device) by throwing in items. The properties of the item thrown in will determine what element it adds to and how strong the addition is. For instance, adding a piece of coal will give you 1 level of fire energy(already implemented), whereas adding blaze powder will give you 3. If you add too much of any element, the shrine will become unstable and overload. Overloads can range from the shrine freezing over and losing its power to opening a black hole that consumes anything and anyone near it. Sometimes overloads can be beneficial; you could set up a plasma ball in an enemy's base or construct that black hole trash can you always wanted. Of course what you're most interested in is spells. adding enough of the right elements can score you 10 minute fire resistance, an invincible snow guardian, or a nice new sword.

    Right now, it's not ready for download, but the base mechanics are implemented as well as a spell and a few overloads. I will list these below with screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

    How to construct your shrine:
    To set up your shrine you'll need 1 chiseled stone brick, 8 piles of redstone dust, and a block of lapis.

    Next, place the chiseled stone and surround it in redstone dust.

    Now, toss the lapis block on to the center of the chiseled brick and stay within 5 blocks.

    And there you have it! Your own shrine!

    You can leave it as-is, but the shrine itself is more like an aura node from thaumcraft than a physical altar. You are free to remove and replace the stone brick and redstone with whatever you'd like, assuming there's something for your ingredients to land on.

    Heat stages/overload
    You can obtain heat elemental energy by dropping heat related items on the shrine. Currently, coal is the only functional item and adds one level per piece.

    1 heat level

    2/3 heat levels

    4 heat levels

    Water stages/overload:
    Elemental water energy can be obtained using snowballs. I have yet to implement an overload mechanic for it, but the rest of the levels are there and it is required for the only current spell.

    Level 1/2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Gotta love that mini raincloud ;)

    "Frost" stages/overload
    What I've dubbed frost isn't exactly an element, but rather the lack of one. It should really be called "cold", but that just sounds kind of lame :P

    Anyways, the process to get this "compound" element is simple; you just need to put one heat level and one null level in your shrine.(so add 1 coal and 1 ender pearl)

    From then on, you can add snowballs to increase it's strength.

    level 1/2

    Level 3

    Level 4


    The frost overload will freeze the shrine, you, and any entity in a 5 block radius. While frozen, you will have slowness and mining fatigue. It's worth noting that while you and the mobs will thaw, your shrine will not.

    Plasma stages/overload
    Plasma is very much work in progress but it is certain that redstone based items, notably redstone blocks, will be its source. The overload is also conceptually final.

    "stable" early levels


    Overloading the plasma element will result in a massive, never ending ball of plasma that will damage nearby players and mobs. It can, however, be neutralized by adding 3 levels of null to the overloaded shrine. Unfortunately, neutralizing the plasma ball will result in an electrical discharge, creating a relatively large explosion.

    Null stages/overload
    The element of null(void) is debateably the most powerful element planned thus far. It's often used to mix and nullify other elements and has perhaps the strongest overload that the system will see. Currently, you can add void levels using 1 per ender pearl.

    level 1

    Level 2/3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Level 100 (overload)

    The overload for null is the creation of a black hole. It's really kind of more like a tear in reality, given that it doesn't expand or suck in anything that's more than a few blocks away. Regardless, getting close enough to one means unavoidable death and imminent loss of items. It ignores armor and doesn't discriminate between animals and items. Of course this is really overpowered for something only costing 5 ender pearls, right? Well, that's the thing. Null dissipates easily whilst in the confines of reality, so it takes 20 times the amount of levels to overload. The only "easy" way to get that much null is by using the one and only dragon egg. Once that's been used, the only way to make a black hole is by acquiring 100 ender pearls.

    Black holes can also be closed by tossing a nether star near it's mouth. One must be careful to drop it near the black hole, not into it!


    This is the functional stuff and aim of gathering all that elemental energy.

    Steam spell:
    The steam spell is used give yourself long-lasting fire resistance.

    -To perform this spell, add at least two levels of heat and one level of water.

    Removal spell:
    The removal spell erases the shrine that it is enacted upon. All you need to do is throw any type of dye at your shrine of choice.

    And that's what I have for now! You can expect this topic to be updated as I make progress with the project

    Now I'm sure you're wondering; why have I not given you the download and why did I post this topic if I didn't plan to in the first place?

    Well, the answer is simple: it's not final, but I need help.

    Specifically, I'm not terribly fond of the working terminology(I mean, "plasma elemental energy? Come on!) and I need some suggestions on what kind of spells and elements you want to see/manipulate. If you're even mildly interested, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for dropping by!
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    posted a message on New PvP Tactics
    I support this, save the enchant part. That ends up sort of defeating the "fight smarter not harder" thing that the rest of it enforces. Besides, if you're skilled, you can fend off someone with enchants by performing clashes and strikes to your advantage regardless.
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    posted a message on The Expedition Modpack (Do you dare to rediscover minecraft as we know it?)
    Quick update: The Expedition is now running the latest version of 1.7.10 forge, so there should be no launching issues. If you were having trouble with it earlier, that should not be the case anymore.

    Happy exploring!
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