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    Name:Edward Lopez[/b]

    In-Game Name: lemone_show[/b]

    Applying for: Moderator[/b]

    Why you should be chosen for this job: I feel like I should be considered and or awarded with the rank of moderator for being a really passionate person for minecraft I love playing any type of game and always willing to help with the ones I already know to further help people and therfore making the server a much better community. I really enjoy helping people out that way it makes them get what they are doing and eventually keep on playing on the server and making things much more enjoyable by other players as well. This brings my next point at their shouldn't really be that many mods but rather few ones but that really enjoy what they are doing and like helping out people.I would be a big help as I get on minecraft a lot and try new thing everyday to be able to assist other players in what they need help doing. I would not be one of those mods that say I don't know or not help the person that's why in my free time when no one needs help I constantly look for new things to try out ( new minigames etc) to further enhance my knowledge to be able to assist more players in the future.[/b]

    Past Experience: I was moderator on 2 other servers one was my cousins which i helped him with development as well and the other server was mineswine but I was an exchange student for a year and couldn't really be mod any more so I passed on the rank.[/b]

    Miscellaneous Info: [/b](Anything else you would like to tell us) I really enjoy helping people out and like to always be trying new things out that way I gain experience to be able to help others with that in the future.

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