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    posted a message on Something really strange happened this morning
    So, I woke up this morning, walked down the stairs and saw this. Wasn’t there yesterday and I have no idea how it got there. It’s like a hole in the stairs.
    And I have no idea why or how the stairs are made out of stone.
    But yeah. Decided to take a picture of it.

    And I took pictures of the other strange things I found lying around.

    And yesterday my friands and I went cooking with Steve. It went great:

    And also, just 2:41 PM I went to play video games and saw something very wierd:

    Anyway, I left my camera on while I got food, came back to the camera laying on the floor with these pictures on the memory card:

    I’ve been wondering why the cookies keep disappearing for a while, but I think I might have a slight idea of what could be the issue now:

    What the heck. Today and yesterday were surely the strangest parts in my life!
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