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    posted a message on ★XternityPixelmon★Hiring Staff★Admins★Builders★Developers★&More!★Apply Now!★

    Name: Logan

    IGN: Slendervision12

    Discord Name w/ Number: Logan07022001#4489
    Time Zone: UTC: Eastern
    Which position are you most interested in?:I'm Most interested in gym leader and admin

    What past experience do you have in this position?: I do have past experience in pixelmon staff but I do know be staff in regular servers I have experience in the other servers

    What could you do to improve XternityPixelmon?: I can improve other staff members that need to be trained I also have experience in certain plugins and I have been playing pixelmon for awhile

    Anything else?: IF more questions on discord I will answer those

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    posted a message on ✨✨☄️ Myraid Network | New Network | Looking For Staff ☄️✨✨


    Name: Logan Bosworth

    What is your Minecraft username? Slendervision12

    How old are you? 16

    What is your timezone? UTC-6/ Eastern

    What language(s) do you speak? English, I understand spanish but don't Speak it

    I do have discord. Logan07022001#4489

    How much time do you have to dedicate to being staff? two hours a day on a week

    Why do you think you would be a good Moderator? I think I can be a good moderator because on the experience I have with other servers and having my own server and How good I'm with other staff and players+ I know how to deal with players if things get out of hand.

    Tell us why you believe you are eligible for staff? I love to play games, and one of my favorite games to play just happens to be Minecraft. When playing Minecraft I really enjoy playing multiplayer. It's just something in interacting with people that I love! On the most servers I've played on, the staff members have been very friendly and nice to me. And I wish to be one of those staff members that everyone likes. But I also think that being a staff member is a serious job that requires a lot of maturity and responsibility. And I feel like I can handle that responsibility and that I am mature enough.

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    posted a message on Beyond Infinite Server NEED STAFF!!!!!!! Apply below

    I am currently looking for staff members on my server, The application Recommended format is below!

    Currently we have a Role play Server, and are planning to add Prison, Factions, and Creative!

    IP : Bi.servegame.com Discord Invite link : https://discord.gg/frveNsb

    Two Moderator/ Admin seniors two&four Regular Admins/Two helper Application Recommended Format :

    - In Game Name:
    - Timezone:
    - Discord :
    - Past Experience(if you have any):
    - Strengths & Weakness:
    - What will you do if you seen someone breaking a rule. Please state in a way to deal with the user(List out rules and way you deal with them):
    - Anything else you'd wish to add?

    Builder Application Recommended Format.

    - In Game Name:
    - Timezone:
    - Discord:
    - Past Experience:
    - List of themes you are capable to work with:
    - What is your abilities in a teamwork based environment?
    - (List Past Builds if possible)
    - Anything else you'd wish to add?

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    posted a message on Beyond Infinity | Factions | Roleplay | Looking for staff! | Admins | Moderators | Helper | Builders | Apply NOW!

    In Game Name: Slendervision12
    - Timezone: Eastern

    - Discord : LMalloyB

    - Past Experience(if you have any): 2 years of owner ship of a server, developer for plugins and admin for flame network and co owner of my friends server Leanardo.io.com

    - Strengths & Weakness: Most of my strengths is being hardworking person, good at making punishment for player who break the rules and have passed experience in admin and developer. The weakness of me in general

    - What will you do if you seen someone breaking a rule. Please state in a way to deal with the user(List out rules and way you deal with them)
    No asking for items and services from staff.
    Asking for minor help or minor assistance is permitted, but please be respectful of server staff’s time.
    No hacking or x-raying.
    Hacking is the use of any outside modifications or third-party clients to obtain abnormal benefits that players using a vanilla Minecraft client would not have. Use of any modifications is not permitted.
    X-raying is the use of a modification or resource pack that is used to find ores, bases, mob spawners, or anything you normally wouldn't be able to see. If you mine in irregular patterns (e.g. in the dark, random tunnels, etc.), staff will reserve the right to ban you for potentially using x-ray.
    Hacking is one of the greatest problems with semi-vanilla servers, and as a result, we take it seriously. If you claim to use hacks (even if you are joking or aren't actually using them), we will believe you and you could be banned for using hacks.
    No spawn killing.
    Spawn killing is defined by any PvP within a radius of 800 blocks from x: 0, z: 0, with the only exception being the PvP Arena.
    Additionally, repetitively killing someone at a spawnpoint in either the Nether or The End is not permitted. The player must be given an opportunity to teleport away to spawn – if they continue to fight, then it is not spawn-killing.
    Spamming the chat is not permitted.
    Repetitive messages consist of any similar message sent multiple times in a short period. Once you have sent a message, you do not need to resend it, regardless of whether or not you change a few characters.
    No advertising other servers.
    Explicit Advertising: If you log on the server to intentional advertise the server, this is not permitted in any form. Do not post any IPs in the main chat.
    Conversational Advertising: Sometimes mentioning other servers happen, but the main server chat is not the place to discuss other servers. If you want to talk about another server privately with a friend, please do so in private (spamming random players and advertising still counts as advertising).
    No causing drama.
    Causing drama consists of any actions or behavior that would be considered unruly, disruptive, or negative by other players or server staff. This includes things such as harassing other players, insulting others, name calling, etc.
    No abusing any glitches in the game.
    Taking advantage of any known glitches or abusive actions that staff would otherwise not condone can result in a temporary or permanent ban. If you know of a way to get around something, consult staff immediately and do not continually abuse it. We will find out.
    No excessive profanity or obscenity.
    Any type of excessive profanity or obscenity is not appropriate for chat. Anything sexually, racially or ethnically inappropriate is not suitable for chat and will result in instant punishment. Keep in mind that while we do allow cursing, please do not abuse this privilege – if staff believes your profanity is disrupting the harmony of the server, we will reserve the right to mute you without warning.
    This also includes obscene or inappropriate skins (at a staff member's own discretion).
    Always be respectful of server staff.
    Server staff have willingly volunteered their time to help manage the server, and they are here to help. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions, and we don’t always want to punish players. But when staff has to make decisions, you as the player must respect the decision, and if you have an issue with that decision,
    Using alternative accounts to evade punishments is prohibited.
    Using any alternative account to evade a ban, mute, or other punishment is prohibited and will result in the same or doubled punishment on both the original account and the alternative account.
    those are the rules from my old server and mostly the rules for punishment would be a warning for swearing, if they do it again mute, and after there mute a ban, for hacking is a ban temporally but if your rules are different most likely permanent
    Same for the other the reasons

    - Anything else you'd wish to add? When you msg me for discord, it can't be on mic it will have to msgs cause my mic is being replaced right now

    Role- admin

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    posted a message on Zoxell craft needs staff urgently!!!! VERY HIGH CHANCE OF BEING ACCEPTED!!!!

    Admin Application(Will need more detail than Head-Mod):
    Maturity Level(0/10):7
    Past Experience: been owner of two servers and been admin 1 time
    Why Should you be Admin?: The reason Why I want to be admin because I think it would be my new goal to accomplish on Minecraft and I think it would be good for the sever because My skills are good for being admin and I fit in that one position. Its my duty to help the server in a way that could inspire a lot of people in getting this opportunity
    Why do you want to be Admin?: its in question above
    What would you do if you saw a player flying but you didn't know if he was hacking or lagging?: take a screen shot of the game or if hes lagging ask him to take a screen shot of his screen but if he left that meant he was hacking basically
    What Would you do if a player offered you In real life money not to ban him?: Still ban him
    What would you do if a Mod or helper was breaking rules? Ban him right away
    How would you solve a dispute between 2 other staff members?: Tell them to stop fighting or you get muted because of your behavior and plus were a team we don't fight like come on its common sense

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    posted a message on Minecraft Yandere High School Roleplay Recruitment

    Ign- Slendervision12

    Skype: loganbosworth


    Minecraft nick- Logan or Slender

    What kind of my charcter is he: My Charcter is a bully but can be nice to people like his family or his friend that like but he is really dumb sometimes in school. He is very athletic too!


    Nick for The role play: Any name is ok for the role play

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    posted a message on Need Staff for Zuithius like Builder, Youtubers, Developers

    Still in need of more staff! Please Apply Dont be afraid you never know if you will get the job!

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    posted a message on Need Staff for Zuithius like Builder, Youtubers, Developers

    Still in need of staff like builders and youtubers and mabye 2 more devs

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    posted a message on Need Staff for Zuithius like Builder, Youtubers, Developers

    Skype me at loganbosworth. I dont see your skype.

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    posted a message on Need Staff for Zuithius like Builder, Youtubers, Developers

    Need staff still

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    posted a message on Need Staff for Zuithius like Builder, Youtubers, Developers

    Still need staff

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    posted a message on Need Staff for Zuithius like Builder, Youtubers, Developers

    Hi my name Is Slendervision12. We are in need of staff like builder, Developer, and Youtuber. This server is a greek fraction server.

    My skype is loganbosworth

    Here is the app for builder. --------------





    *Why you think you are good for this position:


    *Experience on Building:



    *How long have you been playing minecraft:

    *Do you know how to use the plugin //wand if dont dont mention it on the forum:

    *How long or how many days will you come on the server for:

    Here is the app for youtuber --------------





    *Youtube link (FOR YOUR REAL CHANNEL)

    *Do you do voice videos:

    *How long have you been making videos:

    Skype for easy contact or dont have too:

    Proof that it is your real youtube Channel(Screen shot):

    Here is Developer -------------





    *Why do you think you can deal with that kind of things for developer:

    *What plugins do you think will be good for the server:

    *How long will you be playing on the sever or helping:


    Skype me for easier contact or help at loganbosworth

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    Age: 14

    Skype: loganbosworth

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    posted a message on FirecraftMC - Recruiting Builders, Moderators, Developers, GFX Artists, Twitch Streamers, and Youtubers!

    Application: Builder

    Real name: Logan Bosworth

    Age: 14



    Reason Why I think I fit this job:
    I think I fit this position is because What I like is others to do, is for a builder to have creations and get people to like them and get other ideas from what I build. I would appeal others to like my creations and sometimes it can be good for the server to get voted and popular like all of those other servers. Ex: Hivemc, Who do you think made those creation? Answer: The builders. So what I am trying to say is that it would be good for my creation or experience to make a good for the server and get it popular. Thats the reason why I think I fit the server.

    Experience: four to five years of building and owning my own server.

    Specialty: mid evil time cites,futuristic cities, pixel art, bridges and hide, seek maps and prison

    Proof: You might not like it but Skype me on loganbosworth to find out because I'm on the phone filling out the app.

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    My app

    ign: Slendervision12

    name:Logan Bosworth
    personaity: funny,
    easy going. He is lying and causing problems. He is athletic and some what like a nerd but hes can be really stupid.He love all food. He likes to fight and bully kids. He says bru all the time or dude

    appearings:blue eyes and a brunette, Red shirt and jeans.

    other looks:none

    Gender: Male

    Bio: Always says bru or dude your a idiot

    I am a gamer and athletic

    The reason why I fit this role is because, I have seen people do role play on youtube and In my reall highschool I do role play there for a class so i think Its easier to do it on minecraft too.

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