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    (Notice: I'm not sure if saying the word "Minecraft" just once is against this forum section, so, if a mod is reading this, and if I can't say that word, please delete this post. I'll begin the post.)

    So, as nobody knows, I've been laying off of Minecraft for a while. Actually, scratch that, my privileges for playing it have been confiscated, and I can't return until something like 2018. I'm getting kind of desperate, and I've never been so long without it.

    I've tried every single alternative, I've read a book, I've done physical activity, I've played other games, and what do I get? I'm still desperate. I really need help, you guys! Post what you think I should do!

    Well, this is a very unhealthy addiction and you are showing several symptoms. You need to visit a doctor with experience in addictions IMMEDIATELY before this turns into a wider issue where you find yourself stealing your parents items & money to get access to a laptop or other device.

    Take action, now.
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    Quote from Geneo»

    I don't think it's possible either.

    The error message pretty much says it all.

    Don't be ignorant. Ofcourse it's "possible", both games use the same concept of having blocks and so on, just coded in a slightly different way between languages. I don't think there's already a tool existing to automatically do this, however it could definitely be done by hand or a batch script once you learn how saves work between the two versions.
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