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    I have gone through some really hard times throughout my life, and venting through poetry is one of my best methods of coping with stress. These poems often end up sounding just as depressed as I do most of the time, and the results are often meh-ish. Here are a few:

    I have scars.
    Marks from my past,
    both emotional
    and physical.

    Self-inflicted ones
    cover my legs.
    If I could take back
    the harm
    I put on myself,
    I would.
    I regret taking the blade
    whenever life was too much
    or not enough.

    Emotional scars;
    they form jagged lines
    on my heart:
    When he rejected me,
    when their words dug too deep,
    when I let myself fall in love again.
    I should’ve known
    that things would go badly,
    if I ever fell again.
    But now
    I can never judge you,
    only love you.

    You rejected me,
    and I’m still scarred,
    but I’m healing.
    But you’re the one
    who made me
    put down the blade,
    and for that
    I thank you.

    I believe
    that a person’s eyes
    can tell you everything.
    How they feel,
    what they believe in,
    and if they’re telling the truth.
    Honest eyes,
    kind eyes,
    the mean everything to me.

    His brown eyes,
    deep, and pure
    made me fall.
    I was so in love,
    but he showed none
    of the same feelings.
    We grew closer,
    until we were best friends.
    We told each other everything.
    Then, there was one day
    that is forever
    etched into my mind.
    He told me he loved me,
    not in words, but with a song.
    He sang to me
    as I sat next to him,
    and I felt that everything
    was perfect.
    His voice still echos in my mind,
    singing sweetly.
    But that bliss couldn’t last.
    he somehow changed his mind.
    One minute he was singing to me,
    the next he was asking her out.
    We were still friends,
    until recently,
    but he’s the reason
    for my scars.

    And even after him,
    I managed to fall for you.
    Your eyes, green and innocent,
    almost child-like,
    drew me towards you.
    A year of silently falling.
    I told no one,
    holding it to myself like a secret,
    and stayed silent.
    You barely knew me,
    but I took every chance I could
    to speak to you.
    Your voice, your eyes,
    what was it that made me fall?
    Again, it was for a singer,
    with amazing eyes.
    Do you see a pattern?
    Then, our unfamiliarity was broken.
    We became friends
    as we laughed around that tree,
    and I realized
    how in love with you I really am.

    I write tons of poetry, and this isn't any of my best poetry, but it's all I could find for now. Most of my poetry is written on random sheets of paper throughout my room, and searching for all of them would be like searching through my brain for a small piece sanity. . .
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    Here's my poem about a sunset in Minecraft.

    takes away
    my breath:
    the shimmer
    shining in
    the soft
    of the
    The swirl
    of colors,
    from the
    captures things
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    Thanks Dub! I think I'll post more, either later today, or tomorrow.
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    Okay, I like the idea, but shouldn't both this and RPer's bar be in Forum Games? Neither of them have anything to do with Minecraft, as far as I can tell.
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    Oh God, another newbie trying to make an RP before participating in any. I made the same mistake when I first joined this forum, and I really regret it. This RP is not well thought out, and has no Minecraft themes. AceofTurtles, if you insist on making an RP this early, please take it to Forum Games.
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    Here it is! This is my first Minecraft-themed poem. . .

    When I
    It's like I'm
    The rain
    is like
    the tears of the sky
    The groans of
    the air.
    A flash
    of lightning
    breaks the
    A crack
    of light
    in the
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    ((Argh, anyone good ideas for a character? My creativity tank is pretty much empty (I spent all day painting, drawing, reading, and writing) so I might join later when I feel like starting a new RP))
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