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    posted a message on The Pangaea Planet OOC
    Hi, I'm interested in applying to this RP, and I was wondering if you're still accepting apps. I haven't roleplayed much since "Viral Beasts" died, but I would really like to join this one. I didn't see anything on either of the threads about whether or not you're still accepting, so I just wanted to ask. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Terrible rules in your school? (Or terrible rules that were in your school)
    Hmm, well, let's see. I go to a pretty up-tight private school, so there are lots of unreasonable rules. The dress code is insanely strict, guys have to wear collared shirts all the time, and they can't have their hair touching the back of the collar of their shirt.
    Girls' dress code is the worst, though. We can't wear shorts or skirts that are any shorter than the knee, shirts cannot show more than the collarbone, and "extremes in makeup" will get you detention.
    Then there are the general rules for both genders, like "no faded, frayed, or tattered clothing; oversized clothing; fatigues; caps or headgear of any type; dyed or bleached hair outside of your natural hair color range; and no facial piercings other than earrings." Oh, and guys have to wear clean sneakers or other covered shoes, and girls have to wear either sneakers of sandals with heel-straps.
    The one good dress-code rule is that Crocs are prohibited.

    And then there are the things that will get you expelled:
    Cheating (and they count people working together on homework as cheating)
    Use of fireworks
    Questioning or being disrespectful towards an adult
    Involvement in sexual activities
    Promotion, possession, use, or being under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, or any other legal or illegal drugs either on or off campus
    Computer hacking

    There are way more rules than just this, but this is all that I feel like posting right now. But the teachers are all pretty nice, and the classes are fun, so I guess it's worth it.
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    posted a message on worst things you have ever gotten into trouble for
    Hmm, well, I'm not a bad kid but I'm not really a good kid either.
    One of the more minor things I did was when I was 9 and I poured a bottle of soda onto a guy's head because he said a really racist joke and I got super ticked off. Some adults were there, including his parents, and so I was grounded for several weeks.
    Probably the worst thing was when I was 11 I snuck into an abandoned house with some of my friends. We were walking along the street of our neighborhood late at night, and we decided to go into the one vacant house in our neighborhood. We managed to get in through an unlocked window and we hung out there for an hour or two. My parents didn't find out until several months later, but they didn't really punish me.
    So yeah. Not a bad kid, but I've done some moderately-naughty things.
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    posted a message on Style
    I don't usually care about what I wear, but I often find myself wearing a graphic T-shirt from Hot Topic with dark jeans. Another one of my basic outfits is a plain black T-shirt with a long flowing skirt. And almost all the time, I'm wearing my black Converse high-tops. I wear a lot of black. . . . .
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    posted a message on ~Forsaken Soil~ [ACCEPTING!]
    ((Sorry guys, but I simply don't have enough time to actually RP anymore. I know that this is pathetic, considering I haven't even made a first-post yet, but school and my social life are taking up all of my time. Right now I'm swamped with school-work, not to mention that pretty soon I'll have to be going to four hour dressrehearsals for the Spring Musical for two weeks. I'm just too busy to have time to RP here. I'm sorry. I might lurk a bit, and I'll definitely follow this RP, but I don't have the time to do this anymore.))
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    posted a message on Your Fav Pickup Lines
    Of course I would choose all of the creepy pick-up lines.

    "Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform?"
    "Excuse me, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too."
    "Do you think I could borrow that dress sometime?"
    "I'm a necrophiliac, so why don't you drop dead and then we can have some fun!"
    "Hello, little girl."

    Nah, but I would be sort of freaked out if any guy said something like these to me. Or I'd laugh at them. I dunno. . . . .
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    posted a message on Favorite TV show
    I've never been big on watching TV, but I have Netflix so I do watch several shows. Currently I'm really into Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the spin-off of it called Angel.
    I'll also succumb to modern culture occasionally and watch Glee.
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    posted a message on Depressing Poetry
    Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! I'll probably post some more if I manage to find any of my poems. . . .
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    posted a message on Depressing Poetry
    I have gone through some really hard times throughout my life, and venting through poetry is one of my best methods of coping with stress. These poems often end up sounding just as depressed as I do most of the time, and the results are often meh-ish. Here are a few:

    I have scars.
    Marks from my past,
    both emotional
    and physical.

    Self-inflicted ones
    cover my legs.
    If I could take back
    the harm
    I put on myself,
    I would.
    I regret taking the blade
    whenever life was too much
    or not enough.

    Emotional scars;
    they form jagged lines
    on my heart:
    When he rejected me,
    when their words dug too deep,
    when I let myself fall in love again.
    I should’ve known
    that things would go badly,
    if I ever fell again.
    But now
    I can never judge you,
    only love you.

    You rejected me,
    and I’m still scarred,
    but I’m healing.
    But you’re the one
    who made me
    put down the blade,
    and for that
    I thank you.

    I believe
    that a person’s eyes
    can tell you everything.
    How they feel,
    what they believe in,
    and if they’re telling the truth.
    Honest eyes,
    kind eyes,
    the mean everything to me.

    His brown eyes,
    deep, and pure
    made me fall.
    I was so in love,
    but he showed none
    of the same feelings.
    We grew closer,
    until we were best friends.
    We told each other everything.
    Then, there was one day
    that is forever
    etched into my mind.
    He told me he loved me,
    not in words, but with a song.
    He sang to me
    as I sat next to him,
    and I felt that everything
    was perfect.
    His voice still echos in my mind,
    singing sweetly.
    But that bliss couldn’t last.
    he somehow changed his mind.
    One minute he was singing to me,
    the next he was asking her out.
    We were still friends,
    until recently,
    but he’s the reason
    for my scars.

    And even after him,
    I managed to fall for you.
    Your eyes, green and innocent,
    almost child-like,
    drew me towards you.
    A year of silently falling.
    I told no one,
    holding it to myself like a secret,
    and stayed silent.
    You barely knew me,
    but I took every chance I could
    to speak to you.
    Your voice, your eyes,
    what was it that made me fall?
    Again, it was for a singer,
    with amazing eyes.
    Do you see a pattern?
    Then, our unfamiliarity was broken.
    We became friends
    as we laughed around that tree,
    and I realized
    how in love with you I really am.

    I write tons of poetry, and this isn't any of my best poetry, but it's all I could find for now. Most of my poetry is written on random sheets of paper throughout my room, and searching for all of them would be like searching through my brain for a small piece sanity. . .
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    posted a message on What are you listening to right now?
    As of right now, it's Taylor Swift's song "."
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    posted a message on Why i will never eat a taco bell again!
    I never eat at fast-food places, due to both my general disgust towards them and my vegetarianism .
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    posted a message on ~Forsaken Soil~ [ACCEPTING!]
    ((Meh, my app isn't all that great, but it's finals-week and I've been insanely tired lately. I also know that it’s a big responsibility to RP as a character who has severe disorders, but I’m fairly confident that I will be able to accurately portray Emily and her disorders based on my own experiences with these problems.))

    Name: Emily Payne

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Emily is a very frail young woman, appearing young and fragile. She is fairly short, standing just 5’2”, and weighing only 86 lbs, due to her anorexia nervosa. Her ribs jut out from her chest, and she appears very bony throughout her whole body. Self-inflicted scars, bruises, and cuts cover her arms and legs, but many of them are hidden by her clothing. She has extremely pale skin that once had a healthy glow to it, but it now appears almost translucent.

    Her natural hair is a light brown, with hints of auburn in it, but since her early teens she has been dyeing it a deep shade of black. Her dark hair is waist-length and styled into a long, layered look with side-swept bangs that cover much of her face. Her eyes would be her most distinctive feature, being a shocking shade of bright emerald green, but she both wears black colored-contacts and keeps her eyes behind her long bangs. Her attire is fairly uniform; she wears a black shirt with ¾ length sleeves that come to just below her elbows, and always wears either baggy black jeans or a long flowing skirt that is of a dark hue.

    Emily is very reserved, and she almost never displays any emotion. On the outside it appears that years of building up her walls have made her cold and calculating, and her face almost never displays her feelings, but on the inside she is very different. Her inner personality is timid and shy, and if you were to befriend her (which no one has since that fateful day when she was twelve) then you might catch a glimpse of who she really is. She is still fairly innocent, and is slightly child-like in her naivety . While she appears cold on the outside, she will not hesitate to save a person in need, no matter the harm that could possibly befall her.

    Fatal flaw:
    Emily will do anything to save another person, even if it means sacrificing herself.

    Emily is (obviously) very skilled with a knife, and she can punch surprisingly hard for someone so frail. Her melee skills are fairly good, and she has learned basic self-defense over the years. However, her anorexia nervosa and frequent fainting spells prevent her from having good endurance, and simply jogging a mile is nearly impossible for her.

    Emily was born and raised in a large city, and has lived most of her life in an urban environment. Her family was perfect, and Emily didn’t have a single problem in her little world. She achieved straight A’s in school, played piano exceptionally well, and took ballet lessons at the studio near her house. She excelled in everything she did, and was perfectly well-mannered. However, all of that changed when she was nine. On the drive to school, her car was hit by a drunk driver who had run a red light. Her parents, her older sister, and her older brother were killed in the crash. Emily was barely wounded by the crash, but her whole family had been killed. Without them, she was nothing. She began to sink into depression, and with no living relatives to take care of her, she was thrust into the foster-care system.

    Emily drifted from family to family, sinking even lower into her depression. There was nothing that could make her happy, or even make her feel anything. When she was ten, she stopped eating all together just in an attempt to feel hunger, or anything else. She was simply numb from her emotional pain, and wanted the intense hunger to simply distract her from her aching heart. After three days of eating nothing, her current foster-family finally noticed and had her hospitalized. She stayed in rehabilitation for several months, until her doctors decided that she was stable. However, she soon returned to her anorexic ways, being more careful so that her new foster-family wouldn’t notice her habit.

    After several more months of switching from family to family, she was finally adopted by a kind couple. Life became slightly better for Emily, and she soon began to come out of her immense depression. She began to recover from her anorexia, and she adjusted to life. Her grades in school raised, and she grew to love her new family very much. However, when she was thirteen her new mother died. Her new father and she both began to sink back into depression. Emily took up anorexia again, and her father started drinking. He was constantly drinking, and began beating her whenever he was even slightly drunk.

    He went on physically abusing her, and Emily also took to self-harm in addition to this. She was immensely depressed again, and harmed herself so as to escape the emotional pain that she could only escape through physical pain. After two years of this, she ran away when she was seventeen. She has been living in various motels around the city since then, and taking whatever jobs she can find them. She is currently working in an electronics store, and saw the news broadcast about the "cannibal" as she was getting off of her shift at work.

    Emily has no fear of death.

    Emily Payne, the self-harming anorexic.

    ((WALL OF TEXT))
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    posted a message on ~Forsaken Soil~ [ACCEPTING!]
    ((Hey Feo! This sounds pretty interesting, and I'll try to edit this post into an app as soon as I can. However, school has been a major timesuck lately, and it's finals week, so I might not have an app for a while. . . . And also, expect my character to be very dark/emo.))
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    posted a message on Google your Username
    Meh, mine were all about the musical and the original comic-strip. I guess this is what I get for naming my account because I was Annie in a production of it around the same time that I made my account. . . .
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    posted a message on More than friends...
    Well, I've been completely head-over-heels for him for ages, so I would be ecstatic. However, he thinks of me like a sister and has already rejected me because of that, so the chance of him ever saying something like this is incredibly low. In addition to the immense joy, I would also slightly shocked. I mean, he's made it perfectly clear that I'm like a sister to him, so he would never say something like this to me. If he really meant it, then I would tell him I love him too, throw my arms around him, and finally kiss him.
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