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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Trying to Create an Enchantment for 1.8

    In your main mod class initialize it with

    public static Enchantment bloodless;

    public void Initiate(FMLInitializationEvent Event)
    new Enchantments();
    bloodless = new EnchantmentBloodless(65, new ResourceLocation("bloodless"), 5);

    then add this to your enchantment class

    public EnchantmentBloodless(int id, ResourceLocation resource, int rarity){
    super(id, resource, rarity, EnumEnchantmentType.ARMOR);

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    posted a message on More Enchantments version 1.3- Now for 1.8

    is that the most recent 1.7.10 version? coz i tested aoe stuff before release?

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    More Enchantments Mod

    Hey guys this is the More Enchantments Mod aka ME. ME adds 30+ new enchantments to Minecraft.

    A detailed list of whats added can be found below and ME will have its own website shortly. Downloads will be moving to Curseforge and possible mirrors on Mediafire.

    Don't forget to back up you worlds. I'm not responsible if you break it

    Also check out the Magical Library Mod I'm also in the progress of making here

    List of Effects

    A list of all the effects can currently be found here
    Link here


    A link to the source can be found here
    Link Here -Currently waiting on account reinstatement


    If you like my work support me by clicking on my adfly links. Its only 5 seconds of your time and it helps.

    Direct 1.8 LINK
    Adfly 1.8 LINK
    Direct 1.7 Link
    Adfly 1.7 Link
    Old Versions Link
    ChangeLog Link

    Mirrors threw mediafire found here
    Direct 1.8 Mirror
    Direct 1.7 Mirror
    [Link to mirrors] -WIP

    [Step 1]Install Forge
    [Step 2]Put the MoreEnchantments.jar into the Mods folder

    Showing Support

    If you guys feel i need a patreon page suggest some goal thingys :)

    Donate if you want to show your appreciation

    [Made by Cyanidex]

    Freyja ,Darkhax and Lclc98
    CoolAlias for event help

    And countless others. For a full list see my github readme

    Also sponsored by Cognitive Forge

    Contacting Me
    I hang out in #MoreEnchantments on irc.Esper.net if you wanna chat or have
    some suggestions.

    If you find bugs report them on the new github issues page

    This mod is intellectual property of James Hessell and Anthony Liew.
    Mirroring or stealing credit for the work, may cause us to express our
    grievances in the form of legal action.Having said that, media coverage and
    videos are fine, and are encouragedConcerning Mod packs, They are allowed
    providing a link is sent to me or posted in the forum and that you don't make
    any money by any means or claim any undue credit for More
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    posted a message on Magical Library Mod
    So I was looking threw the Requests/Ideas Thread and I found this. The magical library mod. So i set about seeing what i could do.
    What I've come up with is seriously WIP and as yet there are no download links.

    So far i have created

    The book of the harvest
    When right clicked it spawns a 6x6 around you of farmland with random vanilla crops and a water block below you if there isn't one already

    The book of the eclipse
    When right clicked it turns day to night for a soon to be configurable amount of time

    The book of withering
    When right clicked it destroys all plant life in a 6x6, turns grass to dirt and inflicts a wither potion effect on all mobs in the area.

    So on the list of things to do is :

    Take screen shots for this forum.
    Get new book textures
    Work out how the player will obtain these books.
    Work out how the player won't abuse these effects.(They are currently Insta-cast, with no cooldown)
    Make new books. (I already have some ideas)
    Get an awesome banner. :)
    Put the source code on Github
    and other things i probably have no idea about yet.

    Post comments and ideas below.

    Also thanks to Black_Saturn for the idea
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    OK so its finally my weekend again so its time to get coding. Ill start tomorrow with fixing that bug ^^ (already coded), Fixing the forum post with a decent list of what everything does, potentially making a website for my mods, potentially releasing a wip page for a new mod idea I've been working on and adding some new enchantments and fixing some bugs i've noticed since the other day. :) Good luck to me lol
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    posted a message on Forge 1.8
    its alright atm, more enchantments is now 1.8 and it wasn't 2 hard. do a search for updating your mod to 1.8 and there are heaps of tutorials
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    i do it like this :)
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    posted a message on More Enchantments version 1.3- Now for 1.8
    Sorry about the delay on things guys. Its been a pretty sucky holiday period. Had my appendix explode and now i can't do basically anything for a few weeks. spent a week and a half in hospital and whatnot but ill try get some stuff done while I'm off work, Just finding it a little hard to concentrate atm lol
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    Sorry for not being around much guys, i am still alive just been taking a break. Some other modders and me took a crack at some 1.8 stuff yesterday and i can safely say this port has been way easier than the last one. Same few culprits making it hard though so might be looking for some 1.8 testers soon. I can say now i think i have 6 enchantments that don't work/ i haven't tested.

    In other news i like the idea of a climb and multi jump enchantment its just working out how to implement them which is why i took a break. My brain was starting to hurt from it last time :)
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    posted a message on Zelda Sword Skills: 1.8.9 v3.4 and 1.7.10 v2.5.1 (03/08/2017)
    I wonder how i broke things this time. I'll look into the more enchantments mod thing hopefully in the middle of this week sometime.
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