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    posted a message on THE MINECRAFT SERVERS ARE DOWN!
    Ahaha... That would be funny, the villagers are taking over the servers! x3
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    posted a message on Minecraft Movie?
    What I really want to know is who Steve really is...
    I don't know if it would be better to never let people know or if there should be some sort of story about him.
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    posted a message on Minecraft News - Name Changing, and Plushie Ocelots?
    Well I can't watch the vid because of limited internet usage buuuut...
    Name changing!! Finally! I have regretted my name for ages, especially the lowercase L when my dad typed in my username for me when I first signed up... -_-
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    posted a message on Its Just A Dream - A Minecraft Journal

    I open my eyes and look around, i'm back... Back in my own world! I was getting worried, it was starting to feel like it would never end. And of course like every other time I have woken up from it I remember everything... Who I am, where I live, all those things. But the dream...
    The dream... It was different to the last times I have had it... Somehow.
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    posted a message on Its Just A Dream - A Minecraft Journal

    I find myself laying there with my eyes closed, on what feels like... Grass?
    I slowly open my eyes and look around a bit, ugh... Everything's spinning... It stops after about a minute and I get a chance to look around properly, oh no... Its this dream again... When I have it I don't remember anything else besides its a dream I have been having for a long time, since I was young. I don't remember anything else other then that... I never stay for long, I should wake up by sunset, I hope...
    I sigh and slowly stand up, I appear to be in some sort of forest.

    This dream is always so realistic... Almost to realistic. And everything, everything... Is made of blocks. Including me... And I know that every time I have this dream, there are never any other people... Not once have I met one, its just me. Just me and some animals... And those... Those things that come out at night. I realized that while i'm here I just have to survive, I just have to stay alive until I wake up. I have never died in this dream yet... And I don't want to know what happens if I do.
    I start to look around, forest... Lots of forest... Then I spot some sort of animal!

    I start to walk closer, it seems harmless so far... As I get closer I realize its a sheep, there are quiet a few of them around.

    I decide it shouldn't hurt to kill a few of them... I could use some food anyway. I start punching one of the sheep, when it dies it drops a small white block, it appears to be floating of the ground... As I get near to it, it automatically comes towards me and into my pockets, ah this world is so strange... I reach into my pockets to see what it is, its soft and fluffy, must be the wool of the sheep I just killed, it could be useful! I look around to see where the sheep is that I just killed, I can't see it anywhere... How very strange. I decide to kill a few more of them until I have three blocks of wool, the two other sheep disappeared into thin air after I killed them, how strange...
    After killing those last two sheep I spotted another type of animal, it appeared to be a pig, hopefully it would drop some sort of food, I knew I would be hungry before night fell.

    The pigs also disappeared in a puff of smoke like the sheep did after I killed them, hm, well I at least they gave me some meat.

    I take a few steps through the forest before spotting a new area, it looked white... Like snow, maybe it was.

    I slowly walk towards it, and as soon as I step onto the snow everything around me becomes cold, like winter... And as soon as I step off it again its warm like spring. Could this world get any stranger I wonder?

    I decide to head the other way, no way am I staying in a cold wintry land... After walking for a little while the opposite way I spot something tall poking out from above the tree tops!

    I decide to climb up into the trees to see what it is, when I get up there I see a view quite breathtaking... A large mountain surrounded by a desert a forest and a lake! It is quite pretty...

    I decide to head towards the mountain, who knows, there could be somewhere I could take shelter if night comes before I wake up... Though I hope not.

    As I near the mountain I spot yet another animal, it seems to be a few cows, I decide not to kill them, I have enough food for now...

    When I get close to the mountain I spot some black stuff in the side of it, I don't want to bother to find out what it is at the moment, I just need to make a shelter...

    Near to the black stuff I spot some gravel, it looks easy enough to dig into, I decide to try and dig it out and make a quick shelter in the side of the mountain.

    After digging out a few blocks of it I find the gravel stuff drops two different things, a small floating block of gravel, and a sharp sort of stone... I take both, who knows what I will need.

    I stop digging for a second to check the position of the sun to see what time it is, it seems to be only a little bit after midday... Good, I have a bit of time to collect some wood.

    I go over the the edge of the forest and start punching a few trees... It seems almost like you get powers in this world, you can kill animals and punch down trees with your fists! And another thing I found out in past dreams is that there seems to be almost no gravity... All blocks float, all besides sand and gravel, I find that pretty strange... Like mos things in this world I guess.

    After punching down a few trees I stop when I see an apple and a mini tree both floating on the ground, I walk over to them and they get transported to my pocket.

    I take out the apple and it it, I was starving... And still am pretty hungry, I will have to find a way to cook this meat I collected later.

    I realize the mini tree must be a tree sapling, I use it and some others that I found to replant the trees I cut down, because I may as well right?

    I decide I should have enough wood and start walking back to finish digging out my shelter, I come across a strange rock and dirt formation next to the lake... See what I mean about the no gravity thing? And that formation almost looks like a statue... A decide to leave it alone for now though and get back to finishing my shelter.

    I feel pretty proud of myself when I finish digging out most of the gravel, its small, but it will keep me safe... At least I hope it will.

    I go back outside to take a quick look to see where the sun is. Ugh, its nearly night... Hopefully I wake up soon...

    But just in case I don't I go back inside my shelter and decide make a small workbench to make things on... I remember using and making one before in past dreams, they seem almost magical, I just have to use the right things and put them into the right place and they merge together to make something new. Firstly I make some wooden planks out of the logs I collected, I pretty much just have to think of them and the logs turn into planks...

    After I have four planks I arrange them on the floor in a bigger square and they merge together to form a small workbench! I place the work bench down underneath the hard stone part that is to hard to dig away.

    Well good, that's all done... I decide to go outside once more to check the time, and to my horror the sun has nearly set!

    I rush back inside to make a door, I need at least something to keep those... Things, out of here, and I don't want to block up the entrance completely, so, I quickly make some more wooden planks and put them in place of the workbench, it makes a nice and pretty strong looking door, I quickly place it in the door entrance and rush back inside.

    Well... I feel at least a tiny bit safer now, its dark in here, but at least safe... I hope... I decide to make a container to put my stuff in, I make a few more planks and them arrange them on the workbench. They merge into a chest! I place it down by the door.

    After that I decide to make a small area with the wool I collected from the sheep to lay on for tonight, who knows whether I will be able to sleep though... And I might wake up from this crazy world soon...

    After that I open the chest and find there are lots of different slots to put my items in... well, at least they wont all get jumbled together I guess. I put all my left over stuff in and close the chest.

    I take a quick look outside before I go to try and sleep. It looks like there is nothing out there... Yet... I have only seen these monsters once, and I don't know if I saw all of them. This dream never usually lasts this long... I hope I wake up soon.

    After that I slowly walk over to the wool and lay down, its not the comfiest thing ever, but it will have to do...

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft dying?
    Why do so many people ask this question? At least once or twice a month it is asked now.

    No, minecraft is not dying, I think if anything minecraft is growing. Like every update some people where being silly and crying over nothing when they could just downgrade...
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    posted a message on How long does it take you to find your first diamonds?
    Whenever I end up feeling like it... I don't see the rush, even in my world where I have put like 100 hours into i'm not even sure I have actually mined any diamonds yet. xD Just found a diamond pick in a jungle temple ages ago.
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    posted a message on What type of player is the worst in Minecraft?
    Quote from Titan1010

    Noobs such as Steve's 5 year old stupid pre k kids I hate them it's not much work to get a skin.

    Really?... You hate them because they don't know how to get a skin? That's just silly... Just leave them and let them play the game. :/
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w04a Ready for Testing!
    Villagers actually do stuff now?? O_O

    I might actually have to try this snapshot... x3
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    posted a message on To Slay a Dragon: My First Journal (No Mods, Pictures!)
    Wow, this is very well written, i'm surprised! :o
    But I loved it, you actually make it sound like a story, I like that. ^-^

    I can't wait for the next one, I will bookmark this!
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