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    I like it! :D
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    Woh 2 years!? LOL

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    I use to play this map! It was awesome! :D

    I'm still watching and waiting for the updated version :)
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    Umm... So when I go onto the server it tells me I need a password??
    I looked over the forum post and couldn't find any password...
    Is it even on there?
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    posted a message on Agathon: The Flooded World [Fantasy][Magic][Race][MCMMO][Whitelist][RPG]
    Out of Character Details
    In-Game Name: lisha777
    Gender: Female

    Character Details
    Name: Amra
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf
    Job/Class: Hunter

    Character Appearance
    Hair: (color and style) Long straight, light brown hair
    Eye Color(s): Medium Light Green
    Skin Tone: Medium Light
    Blemishes: A scar on the top of my right arm
    Clothes: Green shirt and pants made mostly out of natural things, like leaves and bark.
    Additional Information:

    *No stories from before, during, and 500 years after the Great Flood*
    Parents: (D)Mum: Essaerae (D)Dad: Ruven
    Siblings: None
    Other FAMILY Information: I have a pet wolf I raised from a pup. I named him Eldar.

    History: My parents died when I was 14 years old, Before that my Dad Ruven was a hunter, my Mum Essaerae, was a farmer for the village we lived in. The village was full of friendly elf's. It was in the middle of a big forest.
    All of us had different jobs to do, my Dad went hunting with some friends each day to get food for us all.
    While my Mum farmed so we could always have fresh bread, carrots and potatoes!
    My job was to look after all the animals in the village, witch I loved doing because I loved animals.
    Everyday I would go out and feed all the animals in the village.
    And every week I would clean them all.
    I loved my job...

    Everything was all normal until one night when some Dracans invaded our village!
    We had no idea how they got in... Maybe they tunneled in from underground... I will never know.
    Almost everyone in the village died that night...
    Including my parents. Only me and one of my good friends escaped.
    It was awful seeing all the dead bodies laying around...
    After escaping I found out I had I deep scratch on the top of my right arm...
    The Dracons must have done it.
    I was sad for a very long time after that. So was my friend.
    We didn't know what to do. We had never been far from the village.
    We decided to part ways, I wanted to become a Hunter like my father was.
    And live in the forest.
    He had trained me well to use a bow.

    One day about a year ago I was walking in the woods and found a wolf pup all alone.
    It was in the middle of nowhere and it looked very thin...
    It was sleeping when I found it.
    I decided to help it and raise it as my own.
    I named him Eldar.

    So that is where I am now.
    I am a Hunter exploring the lands.
    My friend is now a farmer she use to help my Mum work on the farm in the village.

    Role-Play Example:

    Hunting Example:

    Amra walks through the woods until she spots a wild fox.

    Amra very slowly takes out her bow and gets ready to fire.

    Amra commands Eldar to stay.

    Amra slowly draws her bow and fires!

    The arrow hits the fox right in the heart and kills it after the fox staggeres about a bit.

    Amra: "I'm glad I almost never miss... I hate to see animals suffer..."

    Amra Commands Eldar to fetch the the dead fox.

    Eldar goes up to the fox and sniffs it a bit.

    Eldar then picks it up and drops it at Amra's feet.

    Amra: "Good boy Eldar!"

    Amra pets Eldar on his head.

    Amra Walks of happily with her dead fox.
    Conversation Example.

    Amra see's a young kid walking through the woods alone.

    Amra walks over to the child. "Hello there! What are you doing in the woods by your self?"

    The child looks shy for a moment then speaks in a shy voice.

    Child "I went to pick flowers for my Mummy."

    Amra: "That's nice of you! I'm sure she will love that. Whats your name?"

    Child: "My name is Ella."

    Amra: "Very nice to meet you Ella! My name is Amra. Want me to show your where some very pretty flowers are?"

    Ella seems to lose all her shyness and look exited.

    Ella: Ok! Lets go!

    Amra and Ella walk of together searching for some pretty flowers for Ella's mother.

    This server looks amazing!
    I hope I get to play it! :D

    EDIT: Ok so I just spent pretty much an hour making this app then I find out that this server is shut down!!?
    ARRRRRRR! Sorry... But that is SO annoying...

    You guys should really tell people on the main page of this post that the server had shut down...
    My first app to... :(
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