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    Server is still currently up and running. Message: ProphicTurtle for invite

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    Turtle's All Around Server

    A potential welcome to perhaps the most interesting server on Minecraft Xbox One Edition! We've got the craziest shiznet possible on an xbox one server and we are here to share it with you all. Join now and be the first to make a $1,000,000!!!

    How To Play:

    - You begin in a peaceful spawn area where you will pick up a starter kit containing the tools to become a billionaire.

    - Spawn is a Non-PvP area where you cannot place or mine blocks.

    - Spawn contains several customized shops where you can trade resources for money and money for awesome shiznet.

    - After collecting your starter kit, you will need to collect food and drop into the wilderness/PvP-Enabled Zone.

    - Here you can battle other players for their items but you still cannot build or place until you reach outside the "Big Square" indicated on your map.

    - After traveling outside of the "Big Square" you can build a base, mine/chop resources, farm, and pvp.

    - You can then take these gathered resources back to spawn where you can sell them for profit.

    - Once you've aquired some wealth "Minimum $5" you can enter the Casino and gamble in-game currency for more.

    - There are several custom items that are highly expensive for when you become rich such as "Plot Land" in the "Corporate World".

    - The Goal is to become the richest person on the server.

    - Donations are also an option to give you in-game perks and privileges*

    - Come check out all of the other awesome features of this epic mf server!!

    Requirements to Play:

    1. Must Have a Mic

    2. Must Have an Intelligence Level Greater Than That of a Cow

    3. Must Be Calm and Collected/Mature

    4. Must Comment on This Post with the Following then Add/Message: ProphicTurtle

    - Gamertag

    - Age

    - Your Favorite Quote

    *This server will typically fill quickly, if when you try to join it is full, you will be put on a waiting list and I will message you your number in line to join*

    *The server is relatively new so join quick to get a head start against the other players*

    My Gamertag: ProphicTurtle

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    Turtle's Factions

    This server features some seriously off the wall shiznet. If you're prepared to stop playing boring old survival and actually have a fulfilling minecraft experience, come join my server.

    My requirements are as follows:

    1. Must have a Mic

    2. Must at least have an intelligence greater than that of a cow

    3. Must be willing to play the server according to the in game rules, intelligent people will be responsible for upholding the server.

    4. Comment your gamertag, age, and favorite quote

    After commenting send a friend request and message to: ProphicTurtle

    *Spots are limited and this server tends to stay full so a waiting list will be implemented. I will notify you if the capacity is full and tell you your number in line*

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    Hello, Although this is a brief description the world is worth it. The Rules will be in game. Message ProphicTurtle for an invite

    GT: ProphicTurtle Must have mic

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