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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    IGN: Liltobig

    Why should I let you in?: I believe you should let me in , because I am pledging my allegiance to the Chancellor and admit your love for our fallen deity, LunaeLux , also the fact that I am a very active player in the Minecraft world , as well as I am pretty fun to be around ,most of my friends say I'm a lovable person , but that's for you to decide if , or when , you let me in.

    What are your plans for the server?: I plan on starting my adventure admits the many people and become a lonely hobbit , then I shall provide any services needed to the great Chancellor , also , I will mine and stuff , but that's not as fun as being a slave! OT/ I plan on being the best person I can be , and contributing to community builds , as well as working on my building skills.

    Have you read and do you agree to the rules? I have read and agree to the rules above states by our Chancellor.
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    posted a message on ☀ Completely Vanilla 1.6.1 Official Minecraft [0 Plugins][24/7 Dedicated][Whitelist] ☀
    1 - Minecraft Username: Liltobig

    2 - Age: 16

    3 - What type of people do you think we are looking to have join?: People who are active and enjoy playing minecraft with others , people who are honest and have a good time and can joke around , but not take it out of hand.

    4 - Do you agree to be respectful to other members of the community and refrain from cheating (X-Ray, cheat clients, etc)? : I agree to be respectful to other members of the community and refrain from cheating.
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    posted a message on 24/7 Survival Server 1.6.2 -Dedicated Community - Whitelist-
    IGN : Liltobig

    Age : 16

    Do You Like Lions? : Based on your name , Yeah :) They're alright , I prefer mythology rather than real world but Lions as bad ass.

    What do you look for in a survival server? : I personally look for a good old fashion server. One that people know each other on well , will have fun together , and get along well , if people don't get along well , the server fails in my opinion :o
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    posted a message on Need Minecraft People
    Skype : Liltobig

    Feel free to Add me and call me up :) I'd love to play MC , But if we end up recording , FTB might get a little laggy , but oh well :)
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    posted a message on Mindcrack/HermitCraft Like Server

    Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/liltobig

    IGN: Liltobig

    Why you want to join: I want to be able to produce content with other people who also want to produce content.. I would love to be able to have a good time with the people I will record with once and a while.

    Would you be able to produce at least 1-2 videos from the server a week : I will be able to produce hopefully two videos a week , I will need to make an Intro , and ect... And on the start up , I'll be doing a lot off camera to cut out the boring parts , but overall I believe I can get at least a video if not two or more videos a week for the server.
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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 Date and Location?
    Lets go Toronto , Ontario , Canada! They can maybe even have Etho setup his own booth!? Team Canada for life! I love being canadain..
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] New SMP Vanilla Server- [Mindcrack Inspired] [Mature] [Whitelist] [24/7]
    IGN: Liltobig
    Age: 15
    Rate your Maturity level (1-10): 8.5 because I am only 15 but I have the maturity level that I can keep my cool but also have a good time.
    Region where you reside: Canada
    How often do you plan on playing: As much as I possibly can :D
    Why you want to join: Because I played with u before on "Another" Server
    Plans for Server: I plan on being active in the community and helping a lot with others,
    Have you been banned from a server before: Nope
    Skype Name (recommended): PM for Details
    How long have you been playing: Since Alpha
    Pictures of Builds (highly recommended) : Go to my house through the nether on the other server ;)
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    posted a message on New MindCrack Inspired Survival Server: [18+] [24/7] [Whitelist] [Vanilla] [Friendly Community] [See More Inside!]
    • I really love playing vanilla servers and finding one that will become a small family type server , like mindcrack and Hermitcraft is next to impossible , I'm very hopeful that this server will provide that! It's just the best of two worlds.
    • I would also really enjoy playing on the server due to the sheer fact that you have presented the server very well and kept it short , simple and sweet , Nothing to fancy but at the same time presentable so I salute you for keeping your post not like all others , keeping it clean but modern at the same time.
    • I am 15 years old
    Years of Playing Minecraft:
    • I've been playing minecraft since Alpha 1.2 , so around two years?
    How Mature Are You:
    • I believe I'm an 8 / 10 , I can keep a constant mature personality , But at the same time I can have fun with pranks and I guess you could say "Killing" Like how GenerikB is killing people on the HermitCraft server and Etho on the Mindcrack server.
    Any Specialties:
    • I am a very organized miner and I attempt as much as I can to build Organized areas inside of my Builds. ( Farms , Enchanting Room , Ect )
    • I do specialize in being a fun person and having a good time
    • I am currently working on learning how to become a better Redstoner' but I think it'll take a while until I fully understand how redstone contraptions work to a very skilled extent.
    Minecraft Username:
    • Liltobig
    Little about yourself:
    • I am a 15 year old male from Liverpool England , I currently live in Ontario , Canada and I believe and have been told that I am a very fun and enjoyable person , I am fun to be around and just apparently an all around good guy. I try my best to please people , But some people just don't deserve the right to be pleased based on their actions. But I will try my best to please everyone I can no matter what.
    • I first joined minecraft due to watching X's adventures in minecraft , They inspired me to want to play , after buying the game and playing for about a month , I wanted to explore more! I had waited and waited when the nether came out finally last year , I decided .. Lets go to the nether , but with some friends! So me and some friends enjoyed playing a lot , and started to run a server , after a while it started to take it's toll. We ended up closing the server , but I gained a lot of knowledge that helped me learn more about Minecraft , and just become closer with people!
    Anything Else?:
    • I will be able to record while playing on the server , however my microphone is currently broken so I will not be able to record voice.
    • I do have skype , so getting a hold of me if you want to do a skype call wont be to hard , I use my Iphone for skype , so You'll hear me and I'll hear you but I cannot record the sound from my end.
    • I hope to enjoy playing on the server with you and all the other players!
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    posted a message on *closed*
    How long have you been playing minecraft: Since Alpha

    Why do you want to join Ghostcraft (Please be descriptive): I would like to join Ghostcraft because I find a lot of servers that I use to play that were Mindcrack like , were just a failure , I've been searching for a new server that Will have it's ups and it's downs but In the end we'll be together! Im hoping I found that in this server!

    Have you ever watched Mindcrack: I watch mindcrack everyday I can :D

    What is your age (optional): 15

    What is your gender (optional): Male

    IGN: Liltobig
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    posted a message on Brand New Minecraft 1.3.2 Survival Server
    Age: 15

    In-Game Name: Liltobig

    Amount of time you've played Minecraft: Since Alpha :D

    Gender: Male

    Hobby: Playing Minecraft and Hanging out with Friends

    What are you looking for out of this server: I am looking for a vanilla server with people I can become closer with :) And be a
    Close knit community.

    Skype?: Yes

    Mic?: I use My Ipod , So Recording is impossible with commentary at the moment :)

    If yes, Skype Name: Liltobig
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [Vanilla] ]Whitelisted] Hobo's Paradise! [Whitelisted] [Vanilla] [Friendly Admins!]
    IGN: Liltobig
    Age: 15
    Why do you want to join this server?: I've been looking for a vanilla server that is just gonna be around 30 people maybe? And then we can work as a close community together! I love that about Minecraft vanilla.
    Have you read and agree to the rules?: Yes , I have read and agree to the rules!
    Any additional information?: I like Tacos? And I'm British?
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    posted a message on [1.7] -=YouCraft=- Mature Community -=Enhanced Vanilla=- Like Mindcrack
    IGN: Liltobig
    Age: 15
    Why you would like to join? I would love to join this server because I enjoy :Diamond: 's and I also enjoy playing vanilla servers. Playing on a server that has large biome's will increase the amount of people you will have around you , Which makes it a lot better to play with other people , I enjoy that :) That's why I'd love to join the server :D

    -= :Diamond: =-
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    posted a message on Just Minecraft - [1.3] [Vanilla] [Survival] [Hard] [24/7] [Mature] [Whitelisted]
    Name : Josh

    Age : 15

    Minecraft Username : Liltobig

    What I like to do in Minecraft : I enjoy building small houses above ground , then I'll have an area to go underground into a nice sized massive place like a nice sized storage place , Ect.. I enjoy learning new things with redstone , I'll enjoy being able to mine huge mines and get a lot of ores and such , I basicly enjoy just playing minecraft :)

    To break it down for ya , I just enjoy playing minecraft , with other people of course , and I prefer Vanilla servers over Modded servers for the simple fact that it's normal minecraft , I've been playing since Alpha and I enjoyed every minute of it! And with the massive amount of mods , I feel it's just not MINECRAFT anymore , It's a personal server. I enjoy vanilla servers :D

    P.S. I enjoy Tacos o.O
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    posted a message on MindShaft Server: A MindCrack Like Experience Apply Today
    • What Do You Like About The Actual MindCrack Server? I enjoy the fact that they are all a close family like group , I've always wanted that.
    • What Can You Bring To The Server? (Eg. Creative Ideas or Technical Help): I can bring Creative Ideas , and a good attitude , I am currently attempting to learn redstone.. I guess I could teach what I learn. :)
    • How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft? I've been playing minecraft since Alpha 1.2
    • What Is Your Level Of Expertise Or Experience? (1-10 How And Why) 7 , this is because , I know a lot about minecraft and how to play it , how to find good items .. ect ect.. But I lack in redstone work and finding a good place to live , I get very picky. :$
    • How Old Are You And What Is Your In Game Name? (We Are Wanting People Over The Age Of 16 But Exceptions May Be Made) My age is 15 but I'm mature for my age , and my In Game Name is : Liltobig
    • Your Youtube Or Proof Of Builds? My youtube is Liltobig , But I've sadly not uploaded a lot of videos , Recently deleted all of them because I didn't feel my channel should go that way.
    • Skype? Steam? Other? ( In Order To Contact You) Skype : Liltobig (Liltobig aka Josh Mercer) and that's about it :$ Or my email : [email protected]
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    posted a message on New Small Whitelist - Vanilla Server
    In Game Name: Liltobig

    Age: 15

    How Long You Have Had Minecraft: Since Alpha 1.2 and proud to be an alpha member :)

    Why You Want to Join: I have been looking for a small vanilla minecraft server because , finding one is hard and It's my favorite kind of minecraft , Just vanilla :) No need to worry about mods , and it helps bring the community closer and make us trust each other more :)

    What You Can Offer: I can offer some basic builds , Some basic redstone and I will hopefully be posting videos of the server (No mic atm so it'll be non-copyrighted music ) and lastly , I can offer a friendly face to the community.

    Are You Mature (This question goes by how much you can help the server rather than screw it up, remember we will still have fun and jokes are allowed... But this requires honesty, if i choose you and you lied then i will have to un-whitelist you): Yes , I may only be 15 and have a long life ahead of me but I believe I'm mature for my age , people always say "You should act younger , it'll suite u better " I say nah I like being mature.

    Anything Else You Want To Share: I like cheese... And I'm kinda like the Etho of the MindCrack server :)
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