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    posted a message on Making a new server, need staff A LOT
    Name:user name is lil_redgeek
    Skype:no sadly I don't have skype
    What you want the server to be:I would like it to be mini games.like there could be factions survival creative then fun mini games that you can play with friends.
    Links of builds [OPTIONAL]:nope
    What you want to be:I would like to be mod.If there isn't any room can I be builder?
    YouTube Channel [OPTIONAL]:nope
    Why you want to be staff:I likento help people and show them how fun it is to play on this server.
    Experience?:I have been a mod on a server but then the server is no longer running
    -and here is a summary:Hey I would like to be staff of this newly created server.My name you asked.Well I'm Lil_redgeek some people call me "geek" but please call me red.I haven't had the time to download skype so I'm sorry I do not have skype.Uh honestly it's up to you what you want the server to be but as I said up there maybe a little bit of everything so we can have something for everyone to enjoy.Uh I'll take what I can get but I want to have mod because Inhave experience with it.If there is no room and I do get accepted I will take builder.No I do not have a YouTube channel.Ok I want to be staff because I like to help people plus I want them to enjoy them self with there friends.I really try my best to get past my limits.And lastly my experience of being a staff member is not too bad I was a mod for 4 months and a year on a server that sadly isn't running anymore.well I hope I can be A staff member on the server.But I get it if you don't need me.
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