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This is just my texture pack story.

I am a 14 year old who is interested in computers and the game minecraft, I really like the Gerudoku texture pack and I am a avid follower of @notch on twitter. So one day I was walking home and I heard that 1.5 came out and I thought I could update Gerudoku for 1.5 because he has not made the wolf update and I made my own. So I spent about 2-3 hours designing the saplings, tracks, and also fixing the grass. I was kind of pleased with my design so I went on the post and saw that someone did the samething but I released mine anyway. Ohh man was I thrilled to see that people liked it so after awhile I made my own post called "[32x32][1.5_01] GERUDOKU Fixed For Beta 1.5_01" just to see what people said about the texture pack. I got so many good reviews and so many diamonds. :tongue.gif: I read every comment and I reply to most of them. So I started at 1.5 and now I'm at 1.8 and still going. People enjoy it and I enjoy doing it.
Interests Computers, Texture packing, and Minecraft

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