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    i think we should have (and i know we are getting) new crafting items and some weapons and such. please contribute your ideas too and if i like them i may include them on my first page. and if you like mine please feel free to use them if u have a page like this (just credit me and ill credit you)

    Crafting suggestions:

    Elevator- type thing. it runs along a track like a mine cart but goes up and down with red dust when you flip a switch/ pressure plate. useful for those damn trips up a long mine shaft

    trap door- i mean a legit trap door not just a door you use but a door that like 4 x4 and opens like double doors when tripped. (like a sideways door so you dont go forward back but up and down)
    [] [] []
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:

    wheel barrow - used to transport wood chopped or other things dug up. good for long trips across land. like a mobile chest.

    Leather pouch- another use for leather besides armor store a small amount of items in it on the go (like wheel barrow but less items.
    :Orange: [] :Orange: [ :Orange: = leather]
    :Orange: [] :Orange:
    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:

    WEAPONS suggestions:

    Lance: longer reach than sword but has a draw back. EITHER it wears out faster or it has a longer delay between uses
    [] :Iron: []
    [] :Iron: []
    [] :Iron: []
    And then combine that with a sword like stacking them (most costly)

    Whip- Used to corral enemies. once used it holds on to the monster and you can pull it ie. away from bases or important items or into a trap. maybe even a cactus whip to hurt as long as their hold onto. and another use for leather
    [] :Orange: :Orange:
    [] :Orange: []
    :Orange: :Orange: []

    Bows- either stronger bows or stronger arrows 5 shots for a creeper is annoying as hell.

    BLOCKS suggestions:

    Aluminum- armor? fast moving like leather and strong as iron (obviously it will be rarer than iron)

    Cloth- ability to break it down into string
    1 :Blue: = 4 strings
    Jade- decoration or used in special armor types

    Ruby- decoration or in special armor types


    i dont think these are completely unrealistic what are your thoughts everyone?
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    posted a message on a few crafting/ weapon/ block suggestions
    oops ill take it there i forgot haha ill ask for this to be closed then.
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    posted a message on a few crafting/ weapon/ block suggestions
    Moved here guys:

    ill ask mod to not delete this thread but to lock it. please and thank you :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [TAKING REQs]|123zc's Skins | RE-OPENED FOR BUSINESS!
    Think you can help me out :smile.gif: i dont know if you do armors or not haha but if you do can you take a look at this thread?

    Much appreciated
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    lol i knew that haha i was just curious if any knew like what it was made of or will be made of. cant be iron since thats being used so maybe a new metal? maybe silver or like aluminum. but thanks for the info about the wiki page :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [REQUEST] Armors
    hello all I'm hoping i can get some help from the community on this. i was hoping i could get some armors to re-skin iron and diamond. i have a gold and leather armor set i like CREDITS TO ZERA. (those are amazing iron and diamond sets but i just don't love the way they look on my skin. but i'm hoping to get and iron set that looks a bit more sleek and shiny . and a diamond set that looks imposing. kinda like i'm invincible since its the best in game so far.

    i was thinking maybe a sleek war machine esque look

    or even this kinda thing

    maybe this kinda thing but without the brown on the shoulders i like the colors to flow together
    this pictures to big so i just URL'd it
    http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/ima ... uge-dk.jpg

    Side note: anyone know what chain armor is? i came across it in my .jar file under armor is it new?
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