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    This mod was funner before the extra greenery was taken out. Leaf piles, poison ivy, thornbushes - they made minecraft more lifelike. Now it just feels... boring and effortless, as if someone just started making a new mod from scratch but only adding new tree colors. I'm not going to tell you how to update your mod, but the 1.16.4 leaves a lot to be desired. Also, as a southerner, I should tell you that your bayou could use work. Trees should be slightly more abundant and create something of a forest scene. Think of a swamp mixed with a moderately thick forest of slim trees, and you've got a bayou down pretty well. Also I'd recommend bringing back quicksand - really good for setting up a thick muck hazard for swamps.

    Food for thought, not telling you how to make your mod or anything. Just saying that some of the content that you've taken out as of late would have been better left in.

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