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    posted a message on Teleporting with Command Blocks

    Put this command in the command block the player activates.

    /tp @p # # #

    For the #s, go to the point you want them to teleport, open your F3 screen, and look for the X Y and Z coordinates.

    Replace the #s with X Y and Z coords in that order.

    Let's say I want to teleport the person who steps on the pressure plate connected to my command block to point 275 X, 64 Y, and -72 Z. I would simply put this in the command block:

    /tp @p 275 64 -72

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    posted a message on Need staff! Builders,mods,admins and helpers

    More information would be nice. People may want to know how much they are paying for the server. Is it $5 a month? $30? $60? What do you need your mods to do? Your admins? Helpers? What are the requirements for a staff position? Is this a vanilla server? You may want to answer some of these questions.

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    posted a message on Please click on thread - Need developer.

    I could pop in and do a few command block things for you. If you need anything done with plugins, I have minimal experience. I prefer doing things the vanilla way.

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    posted a message on /gamerule disableCommandBlocks

    Great suggestion. For now, you can still save those words. Get a server jar, generate a server, replace the world folder with the server folder called "world" and rename it to be world, don't change the config, get in the world, and break the command blocks that messed up. You can't change them, you can only break them with command blocks disabled.

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    posted a message on New Dragons?

    There's a mod already that looks like it might be what you're going for. Here's a link.

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    posted a message on Sandstone Tools

    Sandstone crafting bench for 4 sandstone?

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    posted a message on Building My Own Small Dedicated Server!

    You said you didn't want to rent a server, but it's going to be ridiculously expensive to buy the computer/internet you need to support that many players at once. I suggest try renting again, maybe you weren't looking in the right place.

    I also stumbled upon many difficulties when trying to host a server, and finally settled upon this site as the best one around. https://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/game/

    Pick the MC-32 option, it's the best for Minecraft, and can support a LOT of players, especially if you use spigot, and even more if it's just a minigame server.

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    posted a message on new mob: the simurgh

    The Simurgh? This reminded me of something, and then I remembered: Worm had the Simurgh. Here's a description.

    The Simurgh appears as a fifteen-foot tall woman, waif-thin and unclothed. Her hair is almost as long as she is tall and is, like the rest of her form, platinum-white. She has a variety of asymmetrically and apparently randomly placed feather wings, which appear excessively large compared to her body. Parts of her are described as being hollow, or made from carefully placed wings, which serve as replicas of the absent body part. Her eyes are a solid gray, described by Krouse as seeming cold.

    She wraps her three largest wings around her, nominally to preserve her modesty, although Krouse doubts, after coming close to her, that she has a sense of modesty at all.

    The Simurgh possesses a psychic 'scream' - a type of psychic echolocation that allows her to scan her surroundings while exerting psychic pressure to alter behavior, implant messages, or create compulsions. Her "hibernation" state in orbit serves to allow her to make low-intensity scans of the planet with this sense.

    She has precognition, perfect awareness of the immediate future, and the more she sings/scans the further it reaches. She sees the past in a similar manner, and can focus on a single target for faster information, but is blind in the present. Future-viewers obscured possibilities from her sight, as did Eidolon and Scion, and certain other powers. She could see things that were otherwise obscured by looking at people's perceptions of them, or otherwise observing their consequences, as well as by predicting their most likely course. To victims, it is a ceaseless scream in the back of their minds, changing in pitch and tone with every minute.

    She uses these scans to make long-term predictions of behavior and activity (in the order of months and years) to turn human beings into rube-goldberg devices, with whole streams or strings of horrific events occurring in areas she's been active. She can influence machines as well as people. Her scan allows her to borrow and copy techniques and mental powers - including Tinker powers - and then telekinetically pulling together a macro-scale version of their devices from the surrounding materials. Unlike Leviathan, her macro-level control can also be finer, such as controlling falling snow into a decoy to escape Scion. With enough knowledge of a subject, she can evoke memories subconsciously through her posture and actions. By placing a target in a stressful environment, this can be used to cause hallucinations.

    The Simurgh is also a powerful telekinetic capable of tossing buildings and flight. Like all Endbringers, she is immensely durable and strong.

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    posted a message on Minecraft JSON Text Editor (WYSIWYG)

    Nice! I've been using this https://www.minecraftjson.com, which is pretty much the same thing, also a wysiwyg, but has a cleaner interface and allows exporting/importing commands. Add some features and clean it up and I'm sure it'll eventually be a rival to the original. :)

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    posted a message on City, spawn, and dungeon builders needed.

    Models of each race that the players will see at spawn. P.S to builders, you will need to include space/pedestals for them.

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    posted a message on City, spawn, and dungeon builders needed.

    A friend and I are going to make an RPG server. However, he can't play much, and as I cannot build, that is a bit of a problem. You will be able to use creative, commands, and structure blocks as you see fit. I am using a temporary server that isn't very powerful right now since just the builders will be joining. If you are interested, reply below and I'll PM you the IP. Right now, I need this:

    -A large spawn with plenty of spaces for portals, players, and future additions

    -Three large cities. All cities should have a market place somewhere within the central city area inside the walls with lots of room for custom villagers. All cities should also have a large capitol building or related in the center, with something that looks like a huge crystal in the middle, which can be seen from the outside. the center building will also need to have a beacon beam above/seemingly emanating from the crystal.

    • Wood elves city, needs to have structures built of wood/stone, blend in with surroundings, look natural Needs a marketplace. Around the city needs to be a wall, it can be made of mossy/cracked brick or whatever else would look natural, with a gate/gateway. Around the city needs to be a forest of large custom made trees, the leaves should mostly cover the sky, but there should be plenty of space to move between them, with a few scattered clearings. There should also be some ruins such as foundations, crumbling watchtowers, and so on. These should all look as if they have been taken back by nature. These artifacts should be in a fairly large radius around the city.
    • Night elves city, Should have a general theme of shadows/magic, same format with mostly buildings/the marketplace inside the walls, and outside surrounding land forms that go with the theme, with more abandoned magic ruins, again in a radius around the city.
    • Blood elves city. For this one, you have the most freedom. Follow the same basic format, city inside the walls with a market, and structures or landmarks outside walls in a radius to follow the theme.

    -After cities are built, there will need to be customized land between the three cities. They should all be at least a few thousand blocks apart, with areas looking more and more evil looking towards the central point between them. There should be stuff like dungeons, swamps, plains, and so on. The more evil looking parts can have the ground made entirely of endstone, netherrack, or obsidian, for example.

    -Coords: center of evil/strongest enemies is 5000 100 0, center of wood elves city is 6000 100 1000, night elves city is 4000 100 -1000, and blood elves is 6000 100 -1000. Builder tester/structure block building place is at 1000000 100 0.

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    posted a message on Detect Item by Age (Youngest)

    It works, thank you! :)

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    posted a message on Detect Item by Age (Youngest)

    How do you detect an item by its age? c= isn't working for this. I'm trying to create a system where when you die, you drop 10% of your coins as an item that transfers to anyone who gets close enough, and everything is working, except when a player dies again, the coin gets the value of the most recent player death. If I can detect the youngest coins, I'll just use that, but it isn't working. Commands for spawning the coin and reducing player coins below.

    /execute @a[score_Died_min=1,score_Coins_min=100] ~ ~ ~ /summon Item ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"Coins",CustomNameVisible:1,Tags:["Coins"],Item:{id:double_plant,Count:1,tag:{display:{Name:"Coins"}}},Age:0,Health:100,PickupDelay:32767}
    /scoreboard players operation @e[type=Item,tag=Coins] Coins = @a[score_Died_min=1] Coins
    scoreboard players operation @e[type=Item,tag=Coins] Coins /= 10%coins Coins
    /scoreboard players operation @a[score_Died_min=1] 10%coins = @a[score_Died_min=1] Coins
    /scoreboard players operation @a[score_Died_min=1] 10%coins /= 10%coins Coins
    /scoreboard players operation @a[score_Died_min=1,score_Coins_min=100] Coins -= @a[score_Died_min=1,score_Coins_min=100] 10%coins
    /scoreboard players set @a[score_Died_min=1] Died 0
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    posted a message on 30 New NATURALLY spawning SEED-SPECIFIC structures in Vanilla Minecraft 1.11+! Dynamo Release IP 4.2

    If you want these but dynamo is too laggy for you, and you use spigot, you can use this plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/worldschematics.2358/

    Just use worldedit to get schematic files of the structures you want. I've had to turn off dynamo myself because of lag and item frames popping out of the ground XD

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    posted a message on 8 way player facing detection system

    I refer back to this so often I've bookmarked it. So much easier than puzzling it out each time, thank you guys!


    Quote from Maxaxik»
    I'm not sure why would you want to use testfor as you can put the command directly into player selector but as I have those written down already here you go:

    @a[rym=-30,ry=30] - positive Z

    @a[rym=-120,ry=-60] - positive X

    @a[rym=150,ry=-150] - negative Z

    @a[rym=60,ry=120] - negative X

    @a[rym=120,ry=150] - negative X, negative Z

    @a[rym=-150,ry=-120] - positive X, negative Z

    @a[rym=30,ry=60] - negative X, positive Z

    @a[rym=-60,ry=-30] - positive X, positive Z < for anyone copy-pasting, this line is lacking a comma between -60 and ry. I have added it here though.

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