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    I think its happening because the crafting table isn't a transparant block. I've tried to make textures for my pack in progress with gaps in them and the same thing happens.

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    posted a message on I found the source of the extreme lag in Minecraft 1.8 - it is the water physics due to the addition of the underwater temples.
    I've still been looking for the lag source myself and after reading the theory on water as the cause I too made a no water world. Bam. It is the cause! I was flying around fast with no issues up until I found a village. At this village I saw some farms (which have water even with oceans set to sea level 1) and took a swim. My game nearly ground to a halt. After I got out and flew out of sight of the village, the lag ended completly. I even had distance set to ten, which runs badly on older (1.7.10 and less) versions. I therefore think that if this issue with water was fixed, 1.8 may be lag free. It's a stretch but at least our laggy enemy now has a face.
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