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    posted a message on [1.12.2] [1.4.4] Ore Shrubs - Everyone loves ore shrubs!

    I always answered it here: Click me

    I should write a little description for all the blocks and put it in the thread here. I will do that!

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] [1.4.4] Ore Shrubs - Everyone loves ore shrubs!

    This isn't a issue thread...
    Anyway, you have to take care of the forge version. Above is listed which minimum version my mod needs.

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] [1.4.4] Ore Shrubs - Everyone loves ore shrubs!

    If you use one of the latest updates of my mod you can use the "Shrub Ferilizer".

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] [1.4.4] Ore Shrubs - Everyone loves ore shrubs!
    Ore Shrubs
    Everyone love ore shrubs!

    Maybe you remember these shrubs, that let berries grow with properties of normal ore nuggets.
    People thought they are gone from this world, but no! They are back!
    In deep caves, deeper in the hell or high above in the End, there they grow.
    Only true adventures are brave enough to collect them...
    ..or you just to lazy to go mining.
    Don't waste time whith mining, sit back and watch them grow!

    Now you can make custom shrubs!


    • Various ore shrubs that spawn in the overworld, nether and the end. (See supported Mods/Ores)
    • Ore Berries can be crafted to the corresponding nuggets or ingots.
    • A shrub trap that can be enchanted and cause mobs to drop additional experience.
    • Loot Bags with random chest loot! Can be crafted from random berries.
    • Forgotten Shrines will be generated in the world. Inside of them grow a Random shrub.

    Whats inside this mod?

    If you are not sure how to craft something in my mod, you can use JEI to figure it out. I don't think you just play with my mod. :P

    Ore Shrub Block

    These are the actual ore shrubs you can find in the world. The common ores are supported by default (see list below), all others can be added by json file (see also below) or by using the API of my mod.

    Normal ores that generate in the overworld have ore shrubs that also spawn in the overworld. If a ore generate naturally in the Nether or the End the shrub will generate there too.

    The default ore shrubs only can grow if the light level is below 10, if the light level is higher they will start shrinking.
    They naturally generate on stone, but once you harvest them you can replace them on every solid block.

    Ore Berries

    That are the berries you can harvest from the ore shrub blocks if they are fully grown.

    You can craft them to the material out of the shrub is. For example a gold berries can crafted to a gold nugget.

    If a nugget type of a ore are not avaiable you can craft directly nine berries to a ingot.

    There are even more recipes. Take a look in JEI to find that out!

    You can also configure recipes in the configs, if you don't like some of them.

    Compressed Ore Berries

    Some times the berries can take to much space in your chests, then you can craft four of them to a compressed one.

    Compressed experience berries can also be consumed, you will get tha same amount of experience as out of four single ore berries.

    Forgotten Shrines, Random Shrubs & Random Berries

    While you explore your world you will notice some strange looking shrines with a single shrub on a obsidian block.

    These random shrubs are special shrubs and different to normal shrubs. This shrub only grow if it has at least a light level of 13! Otherwise it will start shrink and will turn in a withered shrub.

    Random berries are the harvest from the shrub. These are hard to get, because the random shrub will only grow slowly.

    These berries can be used to craft loot bags, a shrub trap or you right click them to get a random berry from all availables.

    Withered Shrub

    It's exactly what it is. It's nearly useless, but you can craft a wither trap out of it or the shrub fertilizer.

    Shrub Trap

    The shrub trap will kill mobs easly for you and the best thing is, you can enchant them!
    With a Damage enchanting, Looting and Fire Damge. If the trap has at least Looting I it will also drop experience from every killed mob.

    You can craft it to a 'Wither Proofed' variant, while it will take no damage from the wither!

    Shrub Fertilizer

    The shrub fertilizer can be used to speed up the growth process of the ore shrubs, but once they have thier full size the effect is less effective. The random shrub can not be speed up for getting the berries faster
    You craft it out of a empty bag, four bone meal and either four berries or four withered shrubs.

    Empty Bag

    The empty bag is just a crafting compontent.

    Default Supported Mods / Ores

    • Copper
    • Tin
    • Lead
    • Silver
    • Aluminum
    • Uranium
    • Experience
    • Cobalt (Nether)
    • Ardite (Nether)


    • Iron (Overworld)
    • Gold (Overworld)
    • Quartz (Nether)
    • Glowstone (Nether)
    • Emerald (Overworld)

    How do make custom shrubs?

    After the first start of Minecraft oreshrubs generate in the config sub folder 'shrubs'. In there will be all registered ore shrubs. Just take a look at them to see how the file must be structured.
    If you are not sure what you can use do define a custom shrub, have a look at this file:

    Settings for custom shrubs

    HERE you get a table of all settings you can use to make a custom shrub via JSON-File.


    If you are a mod maker and want to add completely own implementations, you can use my API.

    You can get the API from the GitHub Page.


    There is not much here. I think the name really describe what the mod does!

    More shrubs!



    • Minecraft Forge (at least version


    • Minecraft Forge (at least version


    • Minecraft Forge (at least version

    Can I help you?

    If you want to help me, you can translate my mod.

    You can do a pull-request on GitHub or you contact me with the changes.


    Visit the project side on Curse or download it directly from here:


    You can use this mod in any modpack.

    But it would be nice if you give credits to me and show a link pointing to this side or the Curse Project Side of this mod. :)

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