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    The server has been updated, and is no longer completely vanilla. However
    the objective has remained unchanged. Although a few simple plugins
    have been installed to help with server moderation,
    gameplay itself is still 99% vanilla.

    Leo's Hardcore Survival Server
    Server IP:

    Welcome to LHC-Survival! The goal of this server is simple; Provide an original environment to play Minecraft the way it was meant to be played. Although not completely vanilla (a few plugins are installed to make moderating the server easier), it is our goal to keep the gameplay itself as close to single player as possible.

    The server can support up to 20 players at any given time, and with PvP enabled, the resulting environment forces players to be consantly on guard. Make friends and share resources to further your own in-game lifestyle.

    Note that these rules can change without notice,
    and it's the players' responsibility to check them regularly.

    1.There is a house at spawn. It's purpose is to provide shelter in the event someone shows up at night. While PvP is on everywhere, be courteous to your fellow players near spawn.

    2. No hacks or mods (this includes xray). First offense is a kick, second is an IP ban.

    3. Do not ask admins or mods for items. While it's not a bannable offense, you may be muted, which will make it difficult for us to help you if a real problem happens.

    4. PvP and stealing are both allowed. Settle far from spawn, hide your things, and set traps.

    5. Griefing is allowed to an extent. Massive destruction is not acceptable (spreading fire/lava, extensive tnt, etc.) If you have to question yourself whether it's allowed, assume it's not.

    6. Avoid excessive swearing in chat. We're all mature enough to handle the occasional slip up but spamming obscenities will get you kicked on the first and second offenses, and banned on the third.

    7. Do not ask to become OP/Mod. If I feel you will make a good mod. I will come to you.

    In order to ensure a more pleasant experience for all of
    our members, a whitelist is in effect on this server.

    If you wish to apply for the whitelist, visit our website and look at the "Contact Us" page.
    There you will find the admin email address and instructions on how to apply. Please
    note that the whitelist application has a specific format, as demonstrated below.

    What is your IGN?: Necessary for the whitelist.

    Have you ever been banned from a server, and why?: Honesty is the best policy. If you have been banned before it may not be an issue, but if you lie your application will automatically be denied.

    Why do you want to be on the server?: Why this server? What do you like about what you see or have heard?

    Why do we want you to be on the server?: Use your imagination.

    What is your favorite animal?: Is the answer relevant to your approval? Maybe.

    Do you have a vent client and/or mic?: In case such an upgrade becomes available for our community.

    What do you think the most important of the server's rules is?: Server rules are listed here.
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