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    posted a message on Join the new MCPE building team AltoBuilds

    MCPE username: LegitfulJay

    Age:(must be at least 11 years old): 15

    How long have you been playing MCPE: 3 years

    Why you want to join: I have just been looking for a group of people to become friends with and hang with.

    Building specialties:(redstone,interior,all,etc.) All execept Redstone.

    Link to one of your builds:Included in attachments.


    Timezone: Central US & Canada

    How often do you play:Two to three days a week for about thirty minuets to and hour each.

    MCPE version: 1.2.2

    Gender: Male

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    posted a message on [Need Friends For a YT Lets Play Survival Series]

    1. Gamertag: LegitfulJay

    2. Age: 15

    3. Device you are using: Screen Capture Software

    4. A solid reason why you would like to join: I would like to join a survival world and make some acquaintances.

    5. Timezone: Central Standard Time US and Canada.

    6. Availability: This changes depending on whats going on but usually i an available 3 to 4 days a week.

    8. Years Playing Minecraft [I will NOT judge your exp]: Since 2011

    9. Your contribution to the world [skills blah blah etc]: I feel as if i am an okay builder.

    10. DISCORD REQUIRED: LegitfulJay#6771

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    posted a message on Come and join us!

    IGN LegitfulJay

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    posted a message on Lost SMP (In major need of new and experienced players!)

    IGN: LegitfulJay


    Discord (Username AND 4 DIGIT NUMBER. WE NEED THIS NUMBER):LegitfulJay#6771

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    posted a message on Looking for new players on my realm!

    Hello VapCool,

    I have a little interest in this and was wondering if I may join your realm.



    P.S. My in-game name is: LegitfulJay

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