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    If you Check Help Page

    - Authentication service
    This service is down! We are doing our very best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    I think problem with that but i want have answer from support here, please

    They answered over Twitter - We're experiencing some issues with the session/auth servers & are working to resolve them. For service statuses see help page

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    Same here! But i did 'LOG OUT' and now a cant enter to Game, to Website over my log and etc...

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    posted a message on What would you like to see as future language packs?
    I want ask)) In future will be muiti languages chat in game? With translate all ok) But i cant use my language in chat I use english letters)))) And i dont want use not licence mc with this function.
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    Hello dear Players!
    I started this game first time in my life. I decided not play single game and selected Emerald survival server.

    And i finished my Lighthouse today)))) It is near Emerald Harbor with Big Ship.
    67 blocks up and its very nice viev)))

    SunDay viev

    Night Viev

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    posted a message on »» ✔ The Emeralds 1.5.2 ✔ «« Survival PvE! | Grief Protection | Mature 18+ Only | 99.9% Uptime + No Lag | Economy | Open 2+ Year
    Minecraft Username: LeesSavinN
    How did you find us?: found you server on this forum.
    Why do you like our server?: i dont know))) Its my first time here i neve play in MC before.
    Any suggestions based upon your first impressions?: Not at the moment, everything is good.
    Have you read our rules?: Yes, I have.
    What command should be used if you need a mod, would like to report griefing, or suggest something?: /modreq
    Anything else we should know about you?: Nope, that's pretty much it.
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