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    Some tips for people who want to play. WARNING: WALL OF TEXT APPROACHING. SHIELD YOUR EYES!

    1. Find an area and stick with it. When on the surface, make a monster free zone so you can work in comfort. Particuarlly, make it around a staircase to the cave. When you're underground, don't rush... EVER! (Unless you have a plan.) I died 3 times because I ran out and got crowded by mobs.

    2. The shovel is your friend. Aside from all of the sand I collected, the shovel is your friend simply because it can make a mob free zone. Something I did during my last playthrough really helped. To avoid any surprises in the dungeon, I dug out all of the dirt around the stairs. Then, I often dug out a path to where ever I went. (I dug a path between my staircases. I made a path to the cloud stairs, and dug out an area around my farm.) I even did this on the lower floors too. By the time I finished the game, I had about 500 blocks of dirt. This helped more on the lower floors, which held water and even later, lava. (Most of my paths were 2 block wide.)

    This also is a good way to survive when you've ran out ahead. And, it helps as a landmark.

    3. Prioritize light over defence. In many videos of this game, when people get cornered in the underground, they often carry a lantern, but they stick with flailing their sword in the dark. Predictibly, they died shortly. If you ever run ahead (which I did whenever I got tired of looking for stairs the slow way...) and you feel the need to stop, place your lantern down FIRST. If you have a few moments of silence, feel free to dig up the dirt around you. (I really do love the shovel...)

    4. Lanterns galore! I had made about 20-30 lanterns when I had finished. If any of you had played Terraria, you should know how utterly important light is. You can't fight in the dark very well.

    5. Pow gloves are for carrying your items... I feel that this is an important thing to know.

    6. Cloth is worthless. Weird...

    7. Clouds are worthless too? And what about those white crystals? Maybe Notch was going to add another floor and weapon tier....

    8. Expect chaos on the clouds. When I got to the clouds, I had placed a bunch of ovens and furnaces up there to try and keep the mobs out. (About 15, and I still had over 999 stone.) Granted... I don't think it worked super well but... I did see fewer mobs after. (Of course... I was also lucky to have a 2nd cloud staircase in sight of my first one, so zombies also could not shotgun me at the same staircase.)

    9. Heal during the silent bits. I had about 35 bread when I made it to the cloud. I used about 10 of them when I killed the wizard. Anyway, about bread, I find that it is a pretty helpful item, since you can grow wheat underground. (Granted, since patches of wheat don't always guarantee a seed drop, you might run out of seeds to grow more with...) But, it still can be planted deep down there. So it helps.

    10. Take your time... I had played for 3 hours and 4 minutes on my last run through, but total, I probrably topped off on 7 hours.
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    I beat it! Took me 4 deaths too, along with 3 rage quits. My 8th attempt ended with, Time: 3 Hours, 4 Minutes. Score: 94935. Take that you dumb wizard.... Now what says my character... .-.
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