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Welcome to the profile of the leader of Leaf-Army!

My Maps

1.Leafcraft Brawl (PvP)

2.Me and Bacon (Parkour & Adventure)

3. Plain Parkour (Parkour)

4.Leafcraft Brawl X (PvP)

So I only have 3 good maps but the Leafcraft Brawl maps are my best maps.

That's about all of me I also have a youtube channel if you wanna check it out here and subscribe if you want and I do have Steam so we can voice chat and play with each other if you want but yeah thx for reading and I'll see you later people. :)
Games, warriors, mythology, pizza, skythekidRS, Facebook, skype, building maps.
Location In Green Forest

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Minecraft Leafman01 Xbox Leafman. Steam leafman_01

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