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    posted a message on Beeblecraft, smp vanilla, 21+

    IGN: LeFr0g
    Age: 42

    Location: Belgium
    Favourite junk food: nachos/tacos/pizza

    Reason why you want ot join: bored of playing alone and looking for some nice people to play along

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    posted a message on Tired of Starting Over... Again?Running Since 2015(No Resets/Uncluttered)(Survival/Hard)

    IGN : LeFr0g

    Age : 42

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    posted a message on Vanilla - MooCraft - Whitelist - 1.14 - Friendly

    Name: Johan
    Age: 42
    Gender (Optional): Male
    In Game Name: LeFr0g
    Referred By User (Optional):

    Time Zone (Optional): GMT+1
    Minecraft Experience (#Years/Start Date): many many years (8years or even more)
    A sentence about your minecraft playstyle (builder/explorer/etc): like to explore and build, gather materials and help out others if in need of help

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    posted a message on Looking for drama free Vanilla 1.14.4 server in mature environment


    I'm an older Minecrafter gamer (42y), looking for a vanilla 1.14.4 server to play on with a nice mature lasting community (not a server that shuts down after a week or so).

    Playing minecraft for years now (vanilla + modded)

    I love to explore, build, help out in minecraft.

    Currently only playing single player minecraft but missing the social aspect that comes along with it.

    So as i already mentioned, 42y old, GMT+1 timezone and mostly play in the evening +/- 3-4hours cause of work.

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