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    posted a message on The Goodwill thread- Free gift games!
    There are many not so famous 10$ games like 90% off.
    Use this website if you want to look at all games on discount at the moment. Its very handy, and I usually check on that website everyday or so.

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    posted a message on The Goodwill thread- Free gift games!

    Requesting something without offering something in return is literally the definition of begging.

    Actually, it is not. If you ask it in a proper manner and not repetitively, although you do not give something in return is not considered as begging.
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    posted a message on Gravestone mod
    Cool Mod!
    I've decided to make a mod review on this :)

    If you like it would be so helpful when you can added it to your main post.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    posted a message on [1.4/1.5+][PARKOUR] Just Jump: A 100-stage, pure parkour map. (100,000 DLs!) (As seen on Adventuere Lobbies!)
    Awesome Map!! It is very useful for people to get much better at parkour.

    Also I have decided to make a lets plays about this map. Hopefully you will enjoy it and it is very much appreciated when you can put it in your post. Currently I only have episode 1 but more are coming soon.

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    posted a message on (1.4.7) Super Epic Waterfall Crater!
    here is the video and like I said I gave u credit by posting this post in the description

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    posted a message on diamands
    No offence to be honest but

    WHO CARES???
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    posted a message on Would Gun Control even help?
    Funny to see how influenced the citizens of USA are of their goverment. When a guy kills 20 ppl and they show it on tv, ppl are crying in front of tv and start arguing about gun violence and mentall illnes. But when the US goverment kills more than 20 children in Yemen, because they are "terrorists" (Obviously this is ­) nobody doesnt pay much attention to it.
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    posted a message on Mojang, thank you for ignoring me and stealing my money.
    K so you say your 18 but then this problem is hillarious for me as you are 18 and whining cuz a game wasnt working. I mean alright if you are 9 or somwthing and spent all your pocket money just to buy mc I understand. So what you should do is instead of sitting here typing you should get a job (if you dont have one) and work for a bit. In countries like US and UK u should be able to get back ur 30$ in less than a day.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Lets play partners
    IGN: LeonKersten


    EXPERIENCE(DONT NEED ANY): I play minecraft for a year and 3 month and I make videos for about 10month.


    CAN YOU HOST A SERVER: No my internet service doesnt support servers.

    DO YOU LIVE IN THE UK: No in Singapore but we could record on a time when we both can record.

    AGE(11+): 14

    MIC(NEEDED): Yes I have one and most probaly I will buy a better one soon.

    SKYPE(NEEDED): le11on

    STEAM(THIS WOULD HELP ME ALOT): I have steam but I am not telling my username yet.
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    posted a message on Car Mod
    Hi all,

    Today I made a mod review about the car mod.
    I hope you guys enjoy.

    And did you enjoy it?
    When you did don't forget to rate comment and subscribe.
    Also feedback is appreciated.

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