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    posted a message on 1.12 Random Server Title // Discord // Vanilla+ // NEWMAP // Hermitlike

    Xpost from reddit

    IGN: Lawlyxs

    Age: 32

    Time Zone: CST

    Gender: F

    Type of player: Builder

    Microphone: Absolutely

    How long have you played Minecraft?: On and off for about 7 years

    Are you okay with the server settings & rules?: Yes.

    How does RST handle donations?: Sounds like they're optional but welcome

    How often do you plan to play?: Some weeks I play way too much every
    day, some weeks I have to skip a day or only play for an hour some days.

    Any examples of your work: Not that I can show you. I do enjoy
    working on elaborate underground caverns but I have no screenshots to
    give you.

    Anything extra you would like to add: I would really love a social
    community. I like to chit chat while I build so I won't be up in others
    players space but I'd love to hear from them, chat, and shoot the ****
    while I do my thing which is why your post stuck out to me. IGN for discord is Lawlyss

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    posted a message on closed
    In-game name: Lawlyss
    Age: 30
    What got you interested in the server: Looking anywhere and everywhere. Want to get back into the game.
    Questions or comments about server: None yet
    Solo/Group: Usually a solo builder, social though
    PvP/Non-PvP: Not much into pvp but will partake for shits and gigs
    Leader/Follower: Depends
    Giving/Reciving: Like to help out don't like taking help myself

    About me: Wisconsin based. Just moved and am back on my search for a server that fits. Play nightly cst, like to chit chat while I do my thing, like to build underground.
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    posted a message on OrionSMP [1.8] [Vanilla SMP] [24/7 No Lag] [Looking For Mature Members]
    Youtube channel (if you have one) and if you plan to record: N/A
    Minecraft username: Lawlyss
    Your age: 30
    How often do you get on Minecraft?: On average, nightly
    Why do you want to join this server?: Have been playing solo and it's getting boring. Would like some witty conversation while I dig.
    Tell me a little bit about yourself: Mom of two. Maturity level of my 11 year old. I like to build underground and enjoy game progression without "help" or handouts.
    What is your favorite thing to do in an SMP community?: Build and chat. Get bored and visit/help other folks.
    Have you read the rules and do you agree to them?: Affirmative
    Do you have TeamSpeak and are you willing to use it?: Yes and yes.
    What is your Skype?:
    Do you have any questions for me about the community or the server?: Yes, are there world borders? And does "mature server" mean No Swearing or Swearing is Allowed?
    What would you do for a Klondike Bar?: Oh, I suppose I'd go take a stroll over to the freezer and grab one up. Though I prefer Drumsticks, myself. (please don't hate me)
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    posted a message on looking for good, SIMPLE pvp server
    This is exactly what I'm looking for as well though I'm in the US. Have you found any good ones?
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    posted a message on [256x,128x,64x] Cyberghostde's HD Scifantasy pack [1.16.2 v1]
    Just wanted to say I'm running your other texture pack at the moment because this one isn't updated to 1.4 yet. I'm really excited to try this one but I also fell in love with your other one as well. You've done a great job on both of them. Thanks.
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