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    Ok... so I need some helpers for the Underwater Base behind our Main Base. I need a lot of picks and a lot of men.
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    How old are you: 16
    Where are you from: Arizona, US
    Tell me about yourself: I love minecraft and i'm a pretty good builder. I love to make main bases... i have big plans
    Are you a good builder and why: I am. I have a good knowledge of 3D imagery. I can plan things out well and can do architecture well.
    What is the basic goal of this clan: To gain power and other rescources from our enemies.
    Are flint and steel allowed: yes.
    Can you attack enemies inside their territory (cause damage to them): Yeah. just be sure not to be defeated.
    Would you be willing to guard our home base while everyone else raids: Yessir! I'll do anything you need me to. and if you want me to build the base I will no it the best.
    Why do you think I'm not having us use diamond swords: too valuable and a waste of diamonds.
    How do you do a critical hit: I beleive you crouch and attack, or sprint and attack.
    How many hunger bars do you need to refill your hearts: Full.
    What else would you like to add: I'm willing to do anything you need me to do.
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    1. IGN: Last_Memory (remember the underscore)
    2. Why do you want to join?: I love to build things and thought this would be a good place to start.
    3. How old are you?: 16
    4. Have you ever griefed? (Be honest): AW HELL NAW. XD seriously though... I've never griefed. If I wanted to destroy something I would just build something and then destroy it.
    5. Will you be a good example, have fun, and be a good person?: Of course. I absolutely love to help people.
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