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    posted a message on NetherX v.1.3 - Dead for now. But not forever.
    love this mod I check this forum every day for any news <3

    I do have a request to be added as items where can I submit my request here?
    or is there an official place?
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    posted a message on Water & Sun Proof Endermen Mod
    for my mod pack im doing *its private one*
    I wanted enderman to be day proof but still be water damaged and be lava proof :o can you add a config for this maybe?
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    posted a message on Quartz Plus - Version 0.9.0 - Updated July 17
    is there a config to control how often they spawn?

    I want them to spawn WAYYYY less then in the nether for my mod pack and also we are at a 50, 50 stand off on the poll for quartz tools and stuff I voted yes haha :D
    ill get my friend to vote yes since he wants the tools to :D
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    posted a message on [1.7.2]VNM - Villagers Need Emeralds![Updated]
    love this mod :D so simple so sleek :D maybe you should make a different villager mod that adds new structures or add a new villager like have villagers be able to unjoin there arms so they can actually do "jobs" and etc

    if you did this add:

    Villager teachers (little villagers must learn? :D)
    Butcher Shop with a stand for sales
    Alchamist sells potions at high prices
    Chemist sells potion ingredient's cheap
    Herb/farmer sells and buys crops and plants
    Officer "villager police they might spawn golems to help them fight you if you attack another villager"
    and so on :D
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    posted a message on Gany's End - Miscellaneous ender themed additions!
    when this gets 1.7.2 can I use this in a 1.7.2 mod pack?
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    posted a message on Dungeon Mobs (reference to new thread in last post)
    May I get permission to use this mod in a mod pack.

    its for 1.7.2 (when this mods updated)

    its a Ungodly Hardcore Survival Mod Pack.
    and im beta testing it on youtube and

    twitch 12 hours every day there :)
    I have your mod listed on the pack even though I don't have a 1.7.2 for this mod yet but im hoping we get a yes on the mod pack permisisons since this mod is cool and difficult :)
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    posted a message on ImpossiCraft - Extreme Hardcore Mod 1.4.7 (Version 1.7.1)
    Quote from K1NGS73Y

    Blue has been having a hard time coding updates to the mod. He's been working on trying to get an updated version out but it's been a bit of a challenge for him recently. He'll have one out soon enough though. Just hold tight.

    hey it says 1.7.1 do you guys no if 1.7.1 works for 1.7.2?
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Quote from mDiyo

    1.7.2 is not supported because of unfixable issues like these: http://www.hostingpi...40510005742.png

    The version of Minecraft is the problem. Forge being very unstable is less of a concern.

    I haven't had this happen with that?
    or any issues with your mod in 1.7 <3

    idk then again Im using a new forge they just released 2 weeks ago 1.7.2 *something something..79

    and this forge seems to have fixed like 9 major entitie and block conflicts and fix ups.
    maybe I sound crazy but when I first used forge 1.7.2 with my 140 mod pack I had natura issues and they said that it was 1.7 and most modders said the same I did have issues with this mod back towards then but now it seems more stable? idk

    eitherway im happy :D
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    posted a message on Genesis Mod - Prehistoric Dimension
    love this mod so far :) I wish to make a mod review immediately when its complete :)

    but I would also like to include it in a mod pack sometime in the future :)

    when will public download be released? :)
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    posted a message on The Lord of the Rings Mod: Bringing Middle-earth to Minecraft - Update 34.3
    May I get permission for using this mod in a 1.7.2 mod pack :)

    if you need info about our mod pack I can imbox you
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    posted a message on HybridCraft: Refused~ Adding hybrid blocks, items, and more!
    Cool mod I mad hd faithful textures for the blocks for my texture pack.
    I do need to ask though if this has any combat issues.
    And if my friend craft kid can use this mod in his mod pack known as;
    "The craft pack"
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    posted a message on M-Ore 8.1
    Greetings from LEO build team :)

    We love the mod we even wish to do a series with it and mod showcase are only problem is we want a way to turn off some items and swap some recipes to be more customized and harder or easier If we wish.

    The main thing is we have ic2 and Greg tech add steel and copper and tin and stainless steel but u both have u r own ores for it and recipes I would either like some mod combat implemented or a way to use your steal and copper for ic2 things or vice versa.

    The man who owns lbo is craft kid he is the man who plans to use this mod he can be found here below;



    Thank you for your time and consideration sincerely craft and lbo
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    posted a message on Problem with Morph Mod for 1.7.2
    Yeah there's no morph mod yet for 1..7.2
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    posted a message on [FORGE][1.7.2] Length of flow for Liquids
    Idk but when u find out tell me to I want to change it to for my mod pack
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    I would love to have this with think since tinker has a 1.7.2

    When will 1.7.2 v
    Verison come out?
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