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    Wouldn't people just generate a ton of diamond ores?

    If they want to, yes. I can't stop them from creating designs containing tons of diamond ores just like I can't stop them using InvEdit to give themselves whatever they want, or MCEdit to turn an entire mountain into diamond ore, or any number of the tools available to enrich ore deposits to ridiculous levels.

    This tool's really about assisting the creative process. If people want to give themselves a ton of diamond then there are WAY easier ways to do it than this.
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    Hello folks,

    I've had a long-running thread about my application, the Minecraft Structure Planner over on the general discussion forum for quite a few months now without realising that there's actually a forum dedicated to tools!

    Just to introduce you to the Structure Planner, it allows you to design all kinds of pre-fabricated, parameterised structures, freeform structures, and pixel art using the standard Minecraft blocks, but outside of the game. The application presents each design in three main displays:

      [*:2axym5n3] The Height Map - Shows the heights of each row/column in your design so that you get an idea of the top-down plan view of your structure. Allows you to track your building progress by clicking on completed cells.
      [*:2axym5n3] The Layer View - The primary display for all of your designs. This view shows a layer-by-layer breakdown of your structure, and also includes a semi-transparent view of the blocks from the lower layer to aid in ground-up construction and alignment.
      [*:2axym5n3] The 3D Projection View - allows you to see your current design in 3D so that you can get a much better idea of what it will look like in-game. You can of course rotate/translate/zoom the view to see your structure from all angles.

    The application itself supports loading/saving/printing of your structures, as well as exporting them to NBT/schematics files for import into your world via MCEdit. You can also import schematics allowing you to modify structures extracted from your (or someone else's) Minecraft world, as well as being able to import Binvox model files, or structure templates from the Ruins Minecraft mod (if you want to include random ruins in your world, but don't want to install a mod to do it.)

    The application has been in development for coming up to six months now, so is pretty well established (I've tracked just short of 20,000 unique visitors to the download page, so there's a large and active user base constantly offering suggestions.) If you're interested in learning more about the Minecraft Structure Planner, please stop by at the Minecraft Structure Planner website and have a look around. There are plenty of screenshots of the various views, forums providing discussion and technical support, and my development blog detailing current releases and future ideas/additions.

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    Hello all,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I've released a free to use Java application for designing and building domes/spheres/bridges/etc. in Minecraft. I originally posted about the application on Reddit in this thread, but someone there mentioned that I should probably also post about it in this forum too.

    If you'd like to see the dome I designed and built using the software last night, I've posted an image gallery here. The first couple of images are a 3D render of the dome and a snapshot of one of the construction levels for it. The rest of the images are the finished product.

    I hope you find my little application useful.


    Edit: Application now updated to include free-form 3D layered design using the standard Minecraft building blocks. You can get all the information in the original Reddit thread, or here.

    Here's an example layer from a simple building design:

    Here's the 3D projection of the ten layer design:
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