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    posted a message on LogicalCraft (formerly Logical Drops) (1.12.2 - 1.7.10)

    Needs an option in the config file to choose what creepers drop - TNT or gunpowder. A lot of other mods have recipes that use gunpowder, so I'd really like to disable the TNT drop as I can just craft it myself if I need it.

    Edit: Seems I'm getting gunpowder again. Nvm.

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    posted a message on Animals Plus ★ v1.8 - Kiwis, camels and more! 🐫 🐢 (Updated 5/8/2016)

    Will we see a 1.9.4 version soon? Not begging, just asking. :)

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    posted a message on [1.8] Clienthax's ChocoCraft 2 - happiness distilled into avian form
    Quote from Voidbringer»

    Try to contact him on twitter @clienthax. It seems he is working on a mod, Pixelmon.

    Did just that and just got this reply back:

    "We already have a 1.9 port :P, just fixing bugs q_q"

    :D I'm excited to just to know it's still being worked on. I can be patient until they get the bugs worked out.
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    posted a message on Ars Magica 2 - Version (Updated February 8, 2016)

    People can disagree all they want. Doesn't make either opinion fact or correct. I wouldn't say it's my favorite mod but, for me, Ars Magica is what magic in Minecraft should be. The others just get a bit too technical in a sense that the magic aspect is kind of lost in the between everything else. With this, I feel like an actual mage or wizard within the game. That's exactly how it should feel. But that's all my opinion.

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    posted a message on Davincis Vessels (Previously Archimedes Ships Plus) - Move Your World | 1.12 Released!
    Quote from Smitje1991»

    Small question. Do the ballons come in all 16 wool colours? Clicking on ballon in the wiki doesn't do anything.

    They do. :)
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    posted a message on [1.10.2] Backpacks v. 3.0.1

    I disagree with most people saying to do 1.7.10 first. I think it's functional enough, and things are starting to move ahead at a steadier pace with Minecraft again on all fronts. I get there's several things that have not been and maybe will never be updated to 1.8 and on, but a majority of larger mods have it seems. Not to mention we already have a lot of 1.9 versions coming out, and we can expect snapshots for 1.10 in as little as 2-3 weeks (even though that's no real indication of when 1.10 will release, of course). I just think 1.7.10 is going to have to be moved on from at some point,and sooner better than later, but that's my opinion. I still have a modded 1.7.10 installation but have thoroughly been enjoying a rich 1.8.9 modded experience as well. My only problem is lack of backpacks for when I'm out exploring. Inventory gets full in an instant. @[email protected] lol

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    posted a message on [Launcher] Magic Launcher 1.3.4 (mods, options, profiles, news)
    Quote from Landau_TST

    Did this stop working for anyone else as of 1.2.4? I get an error anytime I try to run Minecraft with it.

    Nevermind, got it...
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    posted a message on Lots of problems since 1.2 update (loading issues, Nether lag, etc)
    I'm pretty sure some of these have been mentioned before, but I have yet to see any real explanation or fix to what is going on.

    Since 1.2, I've been having all kinds of loading problems. I won't even explore now because of it. I keep running into things that won't load and COSNTANTLY have to disconnect and re-enter the world for it to load and see what I'm running into. Any time I find somewhere new, it's just a mess and like I said, I won't even explore now because of it. Otherwise I would have to keep exiting and re-entering the world constantly. I've tried a bunch of things. Mainly moved my server to a separate computer. But I really don't know what to try.

    It used to run fine when it was just 1.1. No loading problems, great frame rate. Now it's become a big mess. It's also taking the max amount of memory allotted to it very quickly (1gb) and before I never saw it go past 600 some megs. The Nether also lags terribly, even if I turn my settings down. Which I never had to even touch my settings before, but it doesn't work anyways, so I just don't go there either.

    It just seems if I go anywhere besides the areas I've uncovered pre-1.2, it just becomes a nightmare to deal with. I've tried updating my video drivers, re-installing java, moving the server to a separate computer, deleting the .mca files to rebuild it properly in single player (which I wasn't sure was even necessary, but it didn't work anyways as it didn't ask me to update and just loaded the same world back to the same way as when we first started in it), etc.

    I really don't know what to do but it's quickly becoming a huge bummer because I can't go anywhere new nor even go back to the Nether.

    Any help would be super appreciated.
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