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    my daughter is playing minecraft pc on windows 10 - 64 bit- new minecraft interface. We just learned how to download mods by watching videos, we know how to download forge and different versions of it. We went to download mods from the minecraft site, when we did that her pc wanted her to update java, so we did. We know how to make the new folder for mods and to place the downloaded mods into it. We were successful in downloaded several versions of forge and several mods. We know to run the game before trying to play. HOWEVER- when we download the mods, they come down/open up as a notebook page and their icon does not have the java symbol on it. We try to open it with java and that does not work. We uninstalled all java and reinstalled with latest and still nothing. We cannot get the mods to enter the game . We are following all of the direction from various videos that all show he same directions. I am guessing it's a java problem?! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (The mods downloaded look like a notepad icon and when they open they look like data on a notebook page and will not extract or whatever they are supposed to do) also we restart pc when we reinstall java, and have the latest version, and try to right click and open in java and it doesn't work. Mods are in mod folder. We see forge installed in minecraft and know how to change profile/version etc. problem seems to be with java.

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