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    Hello, I am new.I have a lot of experience with forums,so I am not I noob.I come from a game called Incredibots,which has recently made a rule where spam is no longer spam because of all the whiny users.I am really big on grammar (Google chromes spell check helps :tongue.gif:) and being polite.When I first heard of this,I made a castle,what else.I hear of a survival mode,and I am willing to support this game to get it.Please be patient while I(most likely) will be asking for help and tips from people.I noticed we can have pictures in our signatures.We did not have this on IB.How old is this game?

    The possibility's of this game seem endless.I have a feeling I will enjoy this a lot more than Incredibots.I do not expect to be a great level maker,I just want to have fun.

    Also,I am a PC gamer.I noticed there are more people like me,while searching for this thread.
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