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    Zalacoth, Dawn of the Empires will be a new server with land that hasn't been touched before.The idea for this server is that two factions will start at the spawn and build the two fortress at opposite ends of the map. These two factions must build there citys and establish their own rules/currency/lore/etc. Then when the two citys are done with creating their fortress, they may go to war and conquer each others land or create other towns to expand their kingdom. this is just an idea that is currently still in development and can be changed whenever. Im only looking for 4 or 6 people at the moment.

    Server rules:
    - no Duplicating (even when factions are being established)
    - no Griefing (unless you go to war and if your house is outside the faction zone it can be griefed)
    - no Spawn killing
    - no flint and steel
    - no forest fires
    - Difficulty will be on [HARD]
    - lore of each faction must be serious and creative
    - you can pvp outside the faction zones even if war hasnt been declared.
    - opposite factions cant go within the other factions area until war has been declared (if it is an expansion town, it is up to the towns rules).
    - 16 + age
    - mic

    War rules:
    - in order to go to war, you must meet with the other faction leader/king and declare war with their agreement (this also includes win earnings).
    -If war has been established, the factions can grief each others area/pvp until the king of which ever faction is dead (I will save the server before and reload when war is finished).
    -If the king of whatever faction is the dead, the faction with the surviving king wins and will obtain whatever the two factions agreed upon.
    - if you have read all these rules carefully, put a [:D] at the end of your application :D .
    - Wars must be included in the lore when finished
    - I will record these winnings and include them into a main lore that will explain the two factions briefly.

    - Gamertag:
    - Mic:
    - age:
    - ideas for the server (im open to any ideas):

    srry if this is really brief, I can explain more when I add you.
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    posted a message on Zalacoth, Dawn of the Empires
    application is required to be added, i will add you later, im currently thinking of ideas.
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