About Me
Hello, guest. welcome to my apartment.

Here there are some things you should know about me but you don't Care.

  • I am a bit eccentic and sometimes may said messed up things.
  • i have aspherger syndrome (but i mostly control it) (if you don't know what it is, google it.
  • I love forum games.
  • i am not related to MLP but i hate than bronies "ponificate" other things and bash other persons for not liking My Little Pony
  • Don't try to point sarcasm made by me. it makes me feel dumber.
  • if you add a comment to my wall, don't make it offensive. i get offended easily.
  • the statement below is false.
  • the statemeny above is true.
  • If you want to contact me, try to not using PM. getting new messages scares me.
  • I will not reveal any personal information to anyone.
  • I may sometimes make grammatical errors. if i get one, please try to tell me to fix it. but don't be rude when doing so.
  • I will not join any clan or Hardcore Pvp server. deal with it.
  • I will never reveal my true form (IRL face)
  • I dislike curse.
  • The new look of the forums makes me itch.
  • my favorite number is red.
  • I dislike when people do bad grammar while they realise they are using it badly.
  • I sometimes say silly jokes.
  • I'm male.
  • open the door.
  • get on the floor.
  • everybody walk the dinosaur.
  • I am stupid.
  • stupid i am,
  • am i stupid?
  • yes i am.


this isn't really anything important, it's just a "mock up" of stats in RPGs. let's examine them:

Charm: 2/5

Intelligence: 3.4/5

sanity: 0.5/5

awesomeness: 2.7/5

Strenght: 2.3/5

speed: 5/3426402897923138798782349837898

Defense: 3/5

Magical powers: 5/5


pie: 5/5

Omnipotence: 3.4/5

EXP : 456/2323 to level up.

About me:

Hey, i just meet you and this is craz- *headshot for attempt to use meme*

Again, hello. i Haven't got anything else to say other than i'm a freaky weirdo that is socially akward. but i will tell you about me and my minecraft account.: *ahem*

Long time ago, an fellow chap not so old but not so young, decided to stop having a hole in his life and decides to get minecraft. hilarity ensues. The young "oh-so-called-Hero" expected it to be free, but when you go to walmart you realise, nothing, NOTHING is free. he got dissapointed when he played the free version, and he whined like a baby. when he decided to stop being bitchy about the matter, he bought the game. the end.

What, did you expect that the history would be filled with fire and cyborg unicorns? heck, those things are dangerous! it was a short version, the full version can be found at the secret Ebay page which you must do by pressing up up down down left right left right B A start while juggling root beer cans singing "close to you" with 12 perfectly clonated cats all named "Bob".

so feel free to examine my account as much as you wan't. but don't forget:

Interests my interests are a top secret that would blow the world if they where shown to the surface.

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Minecraft Lord_lol001

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