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    Hello Developers and Players,

    I am in need of a Developer who has good experience in Coding Plugins and Charge's at decent prices. We are a small community that is willing to grow with Time and patience. The old Volcanic Prison was good but not good enough. It was well ran and made good profit. We got around 5-10 players daily, that may seem small to you but those players stayed and enjoyed the server. After about 2-3 months of the server being ran, We closed it due to updates but never got time to finish them. For that matter, The staff and I came together and started building, planning, etc..... So when we get the new Volcanic Prison 2.0 running we would like to have a brand new feeling of excitment and fun to the server. So we are searching for a Developer that is willing to grow and learn with us. We are willing to pay for the plugin that is developed for us. Im going to give you a few plugins that are in our area. We are not in need of major ones right now, but just simple ones to make the server a little more exciting. Also since it's a prison server, it's going to be more prison type plugins.

    Plugins- Crates, Prison Gangs, Token shops etc....

    We would not like to list anymore of the plugin ideas becuase we think they will be unique and would like to keep them private. So if you think you can/will be able to provide these type of plugins for our server, Please write me a email at [email protected]

    Information and Prices will be told and discussed with you once we recieve a email from you.

    Thank you for your time for reading this long Post.

    Hope to here from you soon,

    Joey Duarte
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    posted a message on 24/7 Prison Server Looking for staff
    Hello and I am in need of some staff for my server. I need a Admin who is good at setting up World Guard and etc. Then im going to need some mods that play a lot of minecraft who can watch the server while im gone.
    This is a Prison PVP server, We will add factions, the walls, and, mini games, if the server gets more popular. Thank you and if u could leave your minecraft name below that will be a lot of help. I will message you if you are going to be a admin or mod on the server. Please Leave what you want to be and Why. That will be great. So hope to see you on my server.

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