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    1) Don't underestimate your gear. - Sure, wood swords are the weakest weapons in the game, but they do an impressive amount of damage to someone who has no armor. And if used with enough skill, you can end up winning, and getting better gear!

    2) Don't get cocky. - One of the worst things you can do is to get cocky, especially with diamond armor. If you start battling someone with iron armor, don't let them attack you for a while and then attack back. Getting hit disorients you aim, and knocks you back, so they might end up having the upper hand.

    3) Protect yourself! - Unfortunately, there are no shields in Minecraft, but there is armor! Even if you only have a small amount of armor, that still reduces damage. Even if the armor didn't protect you well, and you ended up with half a heart, you can live to mine another day.

    4) Watch your flanks. - A big amount of deaths in Minecraft is getting sneak-attacked. Always look behind you and to your sides to see if someone is following you. Doing so may give you enough time to run, or to prepare for battle.

    5) Always have a sword at hand. No matter where you are, whether it's just out for a stroll, or mining, always have a sword in your hotbar for quick access. A good tip is to have your sword in the first slot in your hotbar. That way, you can just press 1 and know your sword is there.

    I can keep going, but I think that the forums will not allow me.
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    I really want this mod, but I don't think you should make people pay to download the mod. I think it should be optional. I'm saying it because people can get really upset. And that way, it feels more like a donation than a buy.
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